Exercises for thighs and buttocks at home: description and implementation of complex of measures on elasticity

If you cheated supple and round booty is still absolutely no reason to be upset. To get your buttocks is possible, and, if for some reason there is no possibility to visit sports hall, also not a problem. Consider effective set of exercises that you can do at home.

Today you can find a huge number of different exercises to pump the muscles of the buttocks, but not all of them are completely effective. To get rid of cellulite, remove excess fat from the buttocks, slightly increase the volume of buttocks, giving them elasticity, these challenges will be able to handle a complex exercise that we have listed below.

How to achieve the desired effect and forms the buttocks?

The main condition during pumping the muscles of the buttocks and thighs is regular, the best option workout 4-5 times weekly, but remember that the muscles time to recover and need rest. If You fanatically come to action and you’ll do it every day, it is necessary to divide the complex for 3 days, so today to run some 3-4 exercises today, others tomorrow, and so on.

Don’t forget that when working on «ideal» booty, necessarily involves the muscles of the back, abdomen and leg muscles, so carefully study the technique of exercise, it will enable to distribute evenly the load on the muscles and prevent injury. To reduce the load on the legs, but rather on the quadriceps of the thigh, which creates a visual volume foot, you also need to follow some rules to exercise less involves the outer surface of the femur. But this applies only to those girls who have this type of shape when excess fat accumulates in the lower area of the body.

What effect will have:

  • To do less ass. Those women who chose to reduce the volume of the buttocks, is required to «drying». In this case, it is necessary to abandon the extra weight and use weights, do workout as often as possible up to 6 times a week. Exercises should be performed at 6-7 approaches, quantities of repetitions 17-25 times. Also remember about proper diet and quantity consumed per day of calories, believe me, it is also very important. Also in this case, it is imperative to alternate cardio workout with exercises for the buttocks, this will also give the opportunity to make the priest less.
  • Pump up the ass. If You decide to increase the muscle of the buttocks, make butt more eye-catching and round, then use large (given the opportunities) of weight during all kinds of squats, and the weights in the Mahi and other similar exercises. Lessons are required to be held in a week 4-5 times, and do exercises 5-6 approaches 7-12 times. For best results, classes can be supplemented with protein shakes, they can help build skeletal muscle. Do not worry if after the first lesson feel uncomfortable, there are many ways to relieve pain in the muscles after an intense workout.
  • To strengthen and tighten the ass. If you only need to tighten the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, you need to deal with in a week about 3 times, at employment it is possible to use medium weights, but in this case it is possible and to manage without them. The number of repetitions is up to 8-17 in 4-5 approaches.
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A set of exercises for buttocks

So, consider the most effective exercises for the gluteal muscles, which can be done at home.

Regular squats

These squats can be done without any additional weighting or with dumbbells or a barbell, with what results you want to achieve. So, the original position feet shoulder width apart, squat on the inhale, return to original position on the exhale.

What you need to pay attention:

  • the knees should not disperse in hand, they have to be directed straight ahead;
  • knees should not protrude over your toes;
  • in squats, you can add cardio load, sit down, and then jump up, connecting legs and producing them a clap, then land in a sitting position;
  • when doing squats, focus on the heel;
  • the back should be slightly forward and rejected smooth;
  • to exercise was most effective to constantly hold the buttocks in tension and return to original position don’t get up fully, the knees must not straighten completely;
  • you need to squat to parallel with the floor.

This exercise is probably one of the most effective. It makes work the muscles of the front of the thigh and buttock muscles, but it should be noted that if you do not need excessive pumping of the legs, it is necessary to exclude the application in this exercise, additional weighting, but also need to keep your legs slightly wider than shoulders.

«Plie» squats

Original position: feet slightly wider than shoulders, toes slightly unfolded. Taking his socks off in the same direction with the knees, slowly squat.

What you need to pay attention:

  • hold your back straight;
  • to complicate squats, hold the bottom and lift your heel off the floor;
  • if squats slightly tilt forward corps taking back the pelvis;
  • to complicate the exercise, it is also possible to stay on the bottom for a few seconds;
  • sitting is bound to be the most profound.

Lunges forward

Initial position: stand on one line back, you can use the weights in the dumbbells. Make forward one big step, the bigger the step, the better involved the muscle of the buttocks. Then return to the original state or take steps forward when space allows.

What you need to pay attention:

  • front bent leg is required to form a right angle;
  • the hind legs knee must almost touch the floor;
  • the back must be smooth.

Lunges really work the muscles front of the thigh and buttocks, that is, if You have trouble pumping your legs, this exercise is not to do very often, and it is desirable to give when it is executed from the weights.

Lift pelvis on «the bridge»

Original position: lie on the floor, hands palms down at your sides. Lignite legs at the knees, feet maximum pull up to the buttocks. Then push your pelvis up as high as possible after return to the original position, but the pelvis is not necessary to lay on the floor. During exercise, keep tension in the glutes, as if pressing.

What you need to pay attention:

  • pay attention to the knees, knees should not go;
  • also strain the abdominal muscles, it can help to prevent deflection in the lower back and locking back;
  • you can complicate the exercise, raised leg perpendicular to the floor, and in a position to perform the raising of the pelvis;
  • as a weighting, you can use a pancake from a bar or bottle of sand on the exercise keep hands in the groin area.
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The exercise involves the work not only the muscle of the buttocks, but also the hamstrings and the press, it gives the opportunity to tighten and strengthen the hamstring.

The diversion of back feet

Original position: get on all fours, focusing on knees and hands, left leg fold back. Then slowly, feeling the muscles, lift the leg to the top and come down to parallel with the ground. Make the same number of sets for each leg.

What you need to pay attention:

  • the allotted foot have to be flat, the foot is drawn to thee;
  • observe the lower back, it should not droop, it can cause injury to work only owes the leg, the back is in one position;
  • that would complicate the allocation, use ankle weights;
  • when you run there should be burning sensation in muscle tissues, if no such feeling, then the exercise is performed incorrectly.

A good exercise is pumping hamstring and gluteal muscle.

The withdrawal of the bent leg

Original position: get on all fours, focusing on knees and hands, left leg fold back to parallel with the ground, then bend it at the knee, pull the foot towards yourself. Then lift the leg as high up as possible, then come down to perpendicular with the ground, but not touching knee to the floor.

What you need to pay attention:

  • make sure that the lower back does not bend, back must be smooth;
  • during exercise you can take cuff-1 kg;
  • bent knee leg allotted on the exercise required to form a right angle;
  • keep your balance while performing the exercise try not to fall to the side.

This is a good exercise pumps the gluteal muscles and engages the muscles of the back and outer thigh. To do it you need to a strong burning sensation in muscle tissues, if this feeling is no and You feel a muscle tension, the exercise is done incorrectly.


It must be done with dumbbell weights at home you can replace the flask with sand. Original position: feet at shoulder level, toes directed straight ahead, knees slightly bent, shoulders straightened, a small deflection in the lower back, back straight. Slowly make slopes body forward, hands are required to be lowered and during tilt clearly to be parallel to the legs.

What you need to pay attention:

  • try tilting to keep a parallel with floor;
  • secure the bottom of the torso has to work only the body;
  • view point in front of you;
  • keep your knees slightly bent;
  • to complicate exercise, it is possible to do it while on one foot;
  • tense the back to avoid the strong deflection in the lower back.

Leg swings lying

Original position: lie face down, hands bend at the elbows and stretch in front of him, one hand put on the second, the chin or forehead to make an emphasis in the brush. Then, straining the muscles of the buttocks and legs, lift the leg as high as possible and lower.

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What you need to pay attention:

  • to complicate Mahi is possible by means of springs. Lift the leg and follow the 3 springs with a small amplitude, then lower leg;
  • also to complicate Mahi, you can use foot weights;
  • lower your leg, but try not to touch the floor, the foot is constantly obliged to be tense.

This exercise not only pumps the muscle of the buttocks, but also tightens the back of the thigh.

Reverse plank

Initial state: sit and stretch the legs, the hands need to rest on the floor behind him. Tighten buttock muscles and abdomen and push the pelvis upwards until the appearance of a smooth body line. The palm must focus clearly under the shoulders and the fingers should look in the direction of the heels. Legs completely smooth with emphasis on the heel. Look at the ceiling, but do not tilt the head, it is bound to become part of the smooth line of the body. Fix it for a few minutes.

What you need to pay attention:

  • strongly tense your buttock muscles, it can help maintain the smooth line of the body;
  • if you want to intensify the exercise, you can do other types of straps, for example, reverse (smaller contact area);
  • great need to pay, pay back, especially lower back it should not curve or bend;
  • in the beginning it will be difficult to adhere to the desired time, start with 25-30 seconds, slowly increasing the time;
  • feet should be together.

Performing planks will add the texture of buttocks and will keep in tone the muscles of the entire torso.

To make the exercises as effective as possible and to prevent injuries we must not forget about exercise, which can be used to warm up the muscles. After active exertion to prevent the appearance of pain in the muscles and remove tension will be able to help hitch.

Now you know how to pump up your buttocks and thighs at home. Combining cardio and strength training, which is described in this article, you will be able to achieve a stunning effect. Your buttock muscles are more ripped and tightened, and skin will gain elasticity. You will forget about such problems as cellulite and ugly shape of the buttocks.