Exercises on the fitball for weight loss: description of exercises on gym ball for women after 50 years

The exercise ball also called a Swiss gymnastic ball (it was invented by a physical therapist from Switzerland Susan Kleinlogel) or ball for training fitness. At the stage of his immediate creation, the fitball was used only for rehabilitation exercises with patients who had CNS disorders or injuries of the spine.

But the doctors kept finding more and more advantages in the use of the fitball, and in a few years the Swiss ball began appearing in every health club and is very popular among women.

The effect of the use of the fitball

The results of the work with fitball have a stunning effect, in General, for whole body and for every muscle group. As exercise for weight loss with a yoga ball is a great cardio activity that referral to weight reduction.

Also the results of exercises with fitball for the body are:

  1. Ripped and uploaded press. Exercises with fitball slimming provides the opportunity to conduct a focused load on the abdominal muscles on the abdomen. As the main load during the formation of equilibrium on the ball is on the muscles of the lower back and abdomen, they bind the lower and upper body.
  2. The flexibility of the body. Exercises with fitball slimming give the opportunity to make the best quality stretch these muscles that cannot be worked well the rest of the exercises.
  3. The correct posture. To at all times maintain body balance during the exercises on the fitball, involved a huge number of muscles of the torso, which barely work for other types of sports exercises.
  4. Strong muscles «bark». This group includes the abdominal muscles and back muscles that maintain the vertical state of the body in motion.
  5. Endurance and overall muscle strength. Because the exercise ball for weight loss gives you the opportunity to work out almost all muscle groups, it allows to raise their tone to build up their endurance and strength. Classes with fitball great work for back muscles to help remove back pain and increase its elasticity and flexibility.
  6. And the actual classes on fitball for weight loss. As during any workout, exercise ball increases the metabolism (metabolic processes), which gives the possibility more actively to burn the reserves of fat.

How to choose for weight loss, fitball

In the store you can see, among the many types of balls for cardio, the ball of small diameter, resembling a fitball – it is also used for exercise, and it’s called medicine balls.

Medicine balls used by people who focus on toning the muscles of the body and muscle strength of specific groups. In other words, apply the principle of dumbbells with a target focus on the development of the muscles of the upper shoulder girdle.

Diameter medicine balls similar to the ball for basketball, but unlike him, has a very considerable weight, and absolutely no jumping. And for exercises on the fitball slimming stomach and whole body it will not work.

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Your choice should stop at the balls, which are able to organize aerobic and full body workout on a fitball. The cost of the balls relatively affordable (we bet the fitball worth the money) and starts from 25$.

But you must be careful, not all balls are of good quality and some exercise balls are pretty cheap to the touch, have a persistent bad smell, not always passing through time.

The packaging goals for weight loss should be described in its greatest diameter, a larger size ball pump theoretically does not work, it will lead to its rupture.

To use the exercise ball as efficiently as possible, you need to choose carefully. But since it is not always possible before doing this to consult with a good physiotherapist or a fitness instructor, created a General rule for optimal ball diameter for weight loss. The most popular sizes are considered to be 45, 55 and 65 inches.

To choose the right fitball for yourself, you can use this method – sit on the ball and set his feet in front of him, body weight should be distributed on both legs evenly. In this condition, the knees are required to be at or slightly lower than the pelvis. Thus, the angle between the femur and tibia should be approximately 90-100 degrees.

Exercise ball for weight loss

The Swiss ball can be used for pumping quality of the whole body. The fitball can be used for the following body parts:

  • back;
  • abdomen;
  • feet;
  • hands;
  • breast;
  • buttocks and thighs.

So when you are ready to start your first lesson and plucked up the courage, we can begin exercises for beginners on the fitball.

Squats and stretching. The first and most idle exercise ball in our exercise program.

Exercise: held before a fitball, bend your legs until your thighs are parallel with the ground.

Tense the muscles in the abdomen and slowly begin to unwrap the upper torso to the right, then when we made the maximum turn, in this state, you need to stay on the time three strong breaths, after gradually return to its original state and make the same movement to the left. Repeat to make 5-6 times in all directions.

To reach and pass the ball. Also one of the easiest exercises for beginners. Exercise: lie on your back and take up the ball, then start using the abdominal muscles to lift the torso, as if you want to sit down.

Together with the upper part of the torso we raise and legs. In the upper position we slips the ball between your legs and presses.

In this state (fitball in the legs) back to its original state of «lying», and then repeat the exercise, but now the ball pass, on the contrary, in hands. Do 9-12 reps.

Balancing on a fitball

The exercise is designed to develop the body muscles and balance. Exercise: first, lie on the ball in the chest, feeling the balance, pull his hands forward, his feet resting on the floor and mixed together.

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Try, without using his hands to linger on the fitball half a minute. Do this exercise 7 times. After this, lie on the ball, the fitball was located in the pelvic region.

Try the body to straighten in a single line as you have, balance is maintained with the help of hands (earth feet do not touch).

Keep this state half a minute. Gently remove after a couple of seconds with one hand, keeping the body straight, after a change of hands. Do 6 times for one and the other hands.

Squat near the wall

Great exercise for the muscles of the thighs, hamstrings and buttocks. Exercise: in the original standing position, place the fitball between the wall and the lower part of her back.

Tightly holding the exercise ball, begin to squat until thighs are parallel to the floor, then return to the original position, the ball will move back up and down. Repeat 9-12 times.

Bridge on the ball

Also a great exercise for the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. Exercise: lie on the floor and bend at the knees, toe, heel, and place on top of the ball.

Keep your balance, stretched along the body hands. Pressing your buttocks, lift your body by pushing your hips up until the body will take a straight line.

In this position you need to stay for 3 full breaths and return to starting position. Do exercises 9-12 times.

Exercise for abdominal muscles

From this exercise it is necessary to refuse those people who have problems with abdominal muscles or back. This is a great exercise on the ball for the abdomen.

Exercise: put the fitball on the floor and stand beside him on his knees, hands put on the ball, keep your hands parallel to the floor and touch the exercise ball only in the area of the brush. Then slowly rotate the ball forward as far as you can.

In the process of movement forward and back must be relaxed, reaching the final point, strain a press of the belly and press the fitball elbows, returning to the original position. To make it 9-12 times.

Exercise for the upper body, arms and back

Exercise: lie on top of the ball (face down) to the chest. Do not roll the ball forward until it will not be your feet, and of course, to maintain the balance of the hands.

As soon as the foot reached the fitball, start moving back until you return to the initial state (the contact of the ball with the chest). Do this exercise 11-15 times.

Bench. Exercise designed for the muscles of the hands. Exercise: put an exercise ball near a wall and sits down on him, and put hands on a fitball at the hips. Then in this position, running forward a small step, to buttocks then was slightly ahead of the ball and the weight you were holding in your hands.

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Slowly bend at the elbows and descend down to thighs nearly touching the ground – then use the triceps to return to its original condition. To do this exercise you need 11-15 times.

The back extensions. Great workout back. Exercise: set the ball in front of him and kneel. After the palm connected with his head and chest lie on the fitball. Using your dorsal muscles, return to original position (on my knees). Make 11-17 times.

Push-UPS and press belly

This is a complex exercise and need to spend a certain number of classes to confidently maintain balance on the ball.

With push-UPS familiar to many, and all know how to do them. Easiest way – hands on ball, feet on the floor. Difficult variant – on the contrary, legs on ball and hands on the floor.

Also very clear the drill and paint it we will not. Here are a few options:

  1. You lie on your back, knees bent and legs in contact with the ball. The palm behind the head and from the position of «lying» you are pulled to her knees.
  2. Another option – you lie on the ball, touching the exercise ball, lower back, feet flat on the floor. The initial state start to go back down, reaching the lowest point, back to its original position.

To do this exercise should be 9-12 times.

And, in the end, the fitball can be used as a chair, in this case, you will need all the time to maintain balance on the «new chair» that will require constant work of muscles, which has a positive impact on the smartness and elegance of your figure. Practice to health, dear women!