Exercises to remove the sides and belly at home: what exercises to do, their benefits and how many weeks

The fat on the sides and the abdomen is not a big problem, because today there are many ways to clean it up. However, keep in mind that each of them has its pros and cons. To make your body slim in these areas, not necessarily to seek the assistance of a professional fitness instructor. This can be done at home. However, to achieve the desired result, you will have to exercise maximum patience, perseverance and desire to win yourself.

First of all, you will need a sports projectile, for example, Hoop, exercise ball or dumbbells. Regularly working with them, you have a few weeks to see the first results. However, this set of exercises can be made effective if together with him regularly to practice yoga. There are useful asanas by which you will be able in a short time to remove excess fat in problem areas.

Exercises that accelerate fat burning with the belly and sides

The proposed set of exercises is universal, so they can fulfill men and women.

Thanks to them you can quickly remove fat from the abdomen and back, and you will not have to take place in a few weeks special training or a lot of equipment. These attractive exercise for weight loss makes it that they can do anytime at home.

But keep in mind that the results will be visible only under the condition that you will regularly engage and be sure to follow the correct diet.

Your effort will not be wasted if you refill exercise for weight loss at least three times a week. Special attention should be paid to the schedule of food intake: to eat at least 6 times a day, and the portions must be small. Also you need to drink water in sufficient quantities. Follow get calories from you consume food, the numbers of which should be less than your body spends per day. Then you can count on the fact that very soon they will achieve their goal.

  • for the first exercise you need to take the situation lying down, fixing his knees bent. Between them placed a towel and clamped. It firmly squeezed between my knees and begin to lift the torso. By taking this position, you need to stay at one second. This exercise should be performed at least 10 times;
  • for the following exercises you will also need to take supine position. But now the legs are pre-bent at the knees, will have to raise to 60 degrees relative to the surface. The arms must be behind the head. Fixing this situation, you have to lift the torso and to stop for a few seconds. It is recommended to secure this position for as long as possible. Then this exercise will bring the most tangible result;
  • now begin to perform the above two exercises together: first you need to take a position which is given in the first exercise, but at the time of lifting the torso, the feet should be placed at an angle of 60 degrees relative to the floor. After that, begin pulling your hands forward, making sure that the blades were off the floor.
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Homemade shells: Hoop, exercise ball, dumbbells

In addition to the above workouts, you may need to Supplement their other methods, creating stress for the muscles and problem areas of the abdomen. But be careful that your workout was regular, and a set of exercises for weight loss optimal. The following are exercises that you can do yourself at home, using your existing sports equipment. If you will be every day to devote to these exercises for 40 minutes, pretty soon you will notice how your waist gets smaller and approximately two weeks later, the stomach will begin to shrink.

  • To make it more pleasant to be engaged with a Hoop or hula-Hoop exercises can be performed anytime, anywhere. This will help you to not only remove fat, but also to cheer yourself up. Training will be most effective if you are going to do at least 40 minutes. Within this time allowed a half hour to be paid to the implementation of other exercises, therefore, work with a Hoop, it is sufficient to allocate 10 minutes. Then the workout will not be too diverse and you will not lose interest in it.
  • Useful exercise equipment is the exercise ball, with which you will be able to pull up the sides and to load the obliques. For this you need to be on the left or right side, with one hand should rest on the floor with your legs straight. In accepting this position, you need to stretch and fix a stable position. If you managed to take the correct position, the area of the body from chest to thigh will rest on the fitball.

After that, start the exercises with the upper leg: raise it to maximum height, making sure that she was straight. Good try to concentrate on this exercise to feel the full range of motion. Upon completion, you must take the initial position. This exercise for weight loss you need to 10 times on each side for 3-4 hours.

  • Use during exercise extra weight will help you to create an increased load on the muscles, causing the effect will be more. Therefore, it is recommended during training to apply, and dumbbells, so you are early to achieve the desired results. You just need to take the following position: stand shoulder-width apart, take a dumbbell. Then make the bends to left side while raising right arm up. Then the direction in which perform the tilt and raise your hand, change. This exercise should be performed 10 times on each side 3-4 approach.

Isolated exercises for problem areas

Regularly working with certain parts of your stomach, you will be able to connect to the specific target areas of the muscles. The following exercises for the sides will help you to quickly remove fat:

  • oblique twists;
  • lifting legs in vis;
  • the rotation of the leg raises.

Through the use of additional load you can increase the effectiveness of training, your muscles will grow faster and at the same time belly fat and sides will grow with every class less.

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The best to remove fat from the sides are exercises where the work involves the obliques.

The poses in yoga that help to remove fat on the flanks and belly

If you add to the above set of exercises of yoga, you will be able to more easily remove the accumulation of fat in the abdomen. Will help you with this special asana to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

The easiest way is to use a traditional pose of yoga. However, if you wish, you can create your own exercises based on any of the known asanas. The positive effect of yoga, which also helps remove fat, is manifested not only in giving the body a pleasing visual appearance, but also in improving the functioning of the abdominal organs, improving the blood circulation and improve the internal balance of your body.

The popularity of the exercises provided by the yoga, got thanks to the ability to eliminate many painful conditions of the gastrointestinal tract. Correctly choosing appropriate asana, you will be able to improve the performance of the peristalsis of the bowel and also cleanse the body from toxins and improve metabolism. This will help to improve you health and to get rid of excess fat deposits.

Yoga exercises from the series of asanas for a flat stomach performed only after the ten-minute warm-up. As it is possible to conduct a simple banner or a special set of exercises for the press.

To neglect the warm-up is not recommended because, without preparing your body for the workout, you run the risk of sprain and injure joints. This can be avoided if you prepare all of the joints and tendons of your body. To do this, in these zones perform a circular warm-up movements. Likewise, you need to RUB the neck, thighs and feet.

However, be careful when you’re doing these exercises for weight loss. It is sufficient to increase the load, and the next day you will be hard to even get out of bed. The correct performance of the asanas requires careful planning: what first loads you’ll be subjecting your body and what exercises will start the class.

It is recommended to perform this set of exercises two times a week. But, maintaining good physical shape, you will easily cope with these exercises.

The best asanas for abdominal muscles are the inverted position. Their peculiarity is that the head is below the level of the feet. This is stand on your head and stand upside down. However, these exercises will not all the strength. With them can handle only a person with trained hands and developed vestibular apparatus.

Salamba Sarvangasana

This exercise is one of the basic European gymnastics, which is known under the name «birch». Its use is to restore the correct operation of the internal organs located in the abdominal cavity, eliminating the painful discomfort of ulcers or gastritis, normalize digestion and cleanse the body of toxins. There is a perception that it can help to cope with cellulite.


If you try to translate the name of this pose, it literally it will sound like the «stretched position». While performing this asana one must pull your body, be sure to bend forward a little. Use is to strengthen the muscles of the back and abdomen, soothing and rejuvenating effects on the internal organs of the abdominal cavity. To perform these exercises is necessary, maintaining a symmetrical body position. In this case, the process of burning fat will happen much faster and your body will become more slender.

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Jana Sirsasana

This asana is effective primarily because it allows well to strengthen the muscles of the stomach and shape abs. Besides the positive effects of this posture is evident in the improvement of the liver and spleen. However, this poses a disadvantage is the fat burning process is slower, so you need to Supplement it with other exercises to achieve faster the desired results.

Regular performance of this pose allows you to get a six pack. It must include in the set of exercises for a flat stomach.

The Urdhva Prasarita Padasana

The benefits of performing this posture manifests itself in improving metabolism, digestion and eliminate symptoms of bloating. If you regularly take this position, you will be able to strengthen your abdominal muscles and lower back. In this case, actions similar to those performed for the exercises of the first section. During exercise you need to ensure that his legs remained perfectly straight, and the loin was constantly touching the floor surface. You need to pay attention to your breathing – breathlessness should not be, otherwise this asana will lead to less impressive results.


Any person for whom an acute problem of excess weight can get rid of it if you will regularly perform proper exercise. For this fit the most affordable sports equipment for example dumbbells. And the training will be most effective if we combine exercises from different systems. They will benefit greatly if, in addition to the basic exercises to perform special poses – asanas. They also promote weight loss, and generally have a strengthening effect on health. With such a comprehensive approach to training you will not have to wait long for positive change.