Exercises with fitball slimming: description of exercises with the ball and expert advice

To get rid of excess weight right at home is not as difficult as it may seem. Especially if for this purpose to use special devices, such as a conventional jump rope, hula Hoop, as well as the fitball, which will be discussed.

You will learn how to correctly do exercises for weight loss with this ball, which represent the classes and also see a video on this subject.

The benefits of using a fitball

Many also call it a Swiss ball. Earlier it was used only for rehabilitation exercises in disorders of the Central nervous system or spinal injuries, but now the running as a device that is actively used for exercise to lose weight.

Now this ball can be seen in any health club and also buy it for home exercises. What will be the results of regular exercise with fitball:

  1. Your posture will be correct.
  2. Press belly will have relief.
  3. You will develop muscle strength and endurance, tighten their tone, get rid of back pain, it will become more plastic.
  4. Muscle «crust» will be stronger.
  5. The body will be more flexible.
  6. Classes with the ball will increase the metabolism, accordingly, it actively promote weight loss.

How to choose the ball

The fitball can be purchased at the sporting goods store, like other home equipment. Fitness also apply to other types of goals, in particular, medicine balls.

It is designed for those who want to build muscle and tone certain muscles groups. Medicine balls in size similar to a ball for basketball, but he is not Jumpy and weighs more. For weight loss this option is not very suitable.

For proper aerobic exercises, you need to choose exercise balls. For the price they are not too expensive, but do not choose too cheap options with a specific smell, which is not always erode.

On the packaging of the fitball is the maximum diameter, more which it is impossible to cheat. In each case, you need to pick up the ball of different sizes that will best help your specific condition to help with weight loss.

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Dimensional stability balls table looks like this:

  • If the person is below 152 cm, choose a ball with a diameter of 45 cm.
  • From 152 to 162 cm and 55 cm, respectively.
  • From 162 to 65 — 180 cm

There are large sizes for people of high growth.

Popular exercises for weight loss

On the Internet there are many videos dedicated to exercises for weight loss with the use of fitball. This ball is used for training all body parts:

  • abdomen;
  • breast;
  • back;
  • feet;
  • hands;
  • the inner and outer muscles of the thighs.

Below please find video of exercises with a fitball and a list of indicative lessons for beginners.

A simple exercise with fitball slimming

The most easy exercise with the ball. Is:

  1. Hold the exercise ball in front of him.
  2. Bend legs until thighs are positioned parallel to the floor.
  3. You should contract your stomach muscles and slowly rotate the body left after a max turn.
  4. Hold this position for three deep breaths.
  5. Gradually starting position.
  6. Rotate all the same, only in the right side.
  7. Repeat up to five times on each side.

The following exercise is also very simple:

  • Lie on the floor and take the exercise ball in your hands.
  • Through the abdominal muscles lift your torso as if you wish to sit down.
  • At the same time with the body you need to lift your feet.
  • At the limit point of the fitball push between the legs and so press it.
  • Clutching the ball, return to starting position.
  • Repeat the exercise, but the exercise ball, pass back. And so about 10 times.


To perform this exercise, lie on the ball in the chest and feel the balance. Then pull your hands together, keep feet together and rest them on the floor. Then try it without hands to hold out on the fitball to 30 seconds. And so five times.

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The lesson continues following exercise: lie on the fitball, so he was in the pelvis and straighten as much as possible, feet not touching the floor, and the balance is held by the hands. Straining press and try to survive for 30 seconds. Carefully remove one arm, then the second, and so on 5 times for each hand.

Squats against the wall. These classes will help you bring order to the buttocks, thighs and hamstrings.

Exercise to do: while standing, put an exercise ball between lower back and wall. Then, holding it tight, squat until thighs are parallel to the floor. Then returns to its original position, the ball should roll.

Bridge (glutes and thighs) and exercise for abdominal muscles

Lie on your back, then you need to bend the leg, put the heel up on the ball. Stretch the arms along the body. Squeeze the glutes, rise up, wing thigh until witnesa whole body. Stay in position for three inputs and return to the starting position. Repeat up to 10 times.

To tighten the abdominal muscles, carry out the following: put the ball on the floor and kneel down, put hands on him so they were parallel to the floor and touched on the fitball with your hands.

Slowly roll it forward as far as possible, to have it swept under the elbows and forearms. Back, relax, and stretch it to the endpoint. Tighten your abs and press elbows into ball, return to starting position and repeat the exercise 10 times.

Exercises for arms and back

Lie face down on an exercise ball at chest level. Rolling in it until its surface there will be stops, and you’re hands to keep balance. When the foot touches the ball, move back to the initial position.

Place a fitball against the wall and sit on it, putting his hands on him at the hips. Take a step forward so that the buttocks came forward and you could hands to hold the weight. Slowly bend your elbows and descend down to the hips touch the floor. In the upper position by the return force of the triceps.

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Kneel down and set yourself a goal. Somknite hands behind your head and lie on his breast. Tighten your back muscles and return to starting position.

In addition to these exercises using the fitball, you can perform pushups and abdominals. The technique here is quite different, the video from the Internet can choose what you like best.

Many people who are too lazy to perform complex exercises using the fitball as a chair for balance. And even such «lazy classes» require constant muscle work, which will add slimness and smartness.

Fitball — excellent trainer for both seasoned athletes and beginners, who want to lose weight and look fit and slim. In any case, you are disappointed they will not.