Fast walking and other types of for weight loss, reviews of practitioners and their results

Modern man works very hard and leads an active lifestyle, not everyone has the opportunity to allocate time for going to the gym. But both want to keep yourself in decent shape. There is a good alternative hall is a special walk to lose weight and keeping yourself in shape.

Today we will tell you what the features of such a walk, does it give visible results and what are the reviews on this method of «fitness.»

The results and benefits of such a walk

Judging by the reviews of those who practiced walking for a long time, the results of such practice are the following:

  • improves physical and mental condition;
  • the pressure comes to normal;
  • normal cholesterol levels;
  • improves the process of insulin production;
  • strengthens the skeletal system;
  • the risk of cardiovascular diseases is minimized;
  • increases lean muscle mass;
  • the person becomes less stressanalysis.

The results will be noticeable, if every day to do about 2 thousand steps or 2 miles. First, the walk should be fast, but over time, you need to increase the speed and time of walking.

The process of weight loss begins when the number of daily steps is around 10 thousand. Increase the numbers gradually from 100 to 200 steps a day. To measure, use a pedometer. For a quick walk, you need comfortable athletic shoes and good sneakers.

How effective is walking for weight loss?

According to reviews, within one month can be reset with regular walk of 3 to 8 pounds. Starve absolutely not, but the power should be correct. Eat a little, but 4-6 times a day. And that effect was noticeable faster, walking to follow these recommendations:

  • do walk regularly. A day give it at least 0.5 – 1 hour of time;
  • it is better to wear sneakers with shock absorption;
  • it is best to do in the morning when you haven’t even accepted in food carbohydrates, then the fat will go faster. Exercising after a light Breakfast, but not earlier than 2 hours after a meal and at least an hour before bedtime;
  • the first 30 seconds to walk slowly on your heels to make the body;
  • the second stage is more fast walking, about 6 miles per hour. At this rate, doing about half an hour or an hour;
  • the last 5 minutes of training diminish the speed.

Classification of walking for weight loss

Walking as a way to lose weight is good that is suitable for everyone regardless of fitness level. The important thing is to choose the most appropriate type of walk. There are several types:

  • fast – this method is suitable for those who have no opportunity to visit the gym. To start doing fast walking necessary for those who have some health problems, but this man wants to bring yourself back to normal. Brisk walking doesn’t stress the body much. The speed is about 8 kilometers per hour;
  • on the spot – suitable for elementary course of lessons on the walk. You need to start with a rhythmic stroke on the spot, my knees rise to the level of the chest. The lesson is accompanied by a warm-up, you need to breathe deeply, inhaling air through the nose and exhaling with the mouth;
  • Nordic walking can be practiced regardless of age. Many older people doctors running to keep in shape ban, but the Nordic method this restriction does not apply. You will need a stick and sporty form. Exercise is somewhat similar to walking with skis. One step is the right leg, and at the same time, the left hand with a stick thrown forward, her this should be based;
  • walking the stairs – this technique is available and has no contraindications. The only exception is injuries to the legs, then this way of losing weight, it is better not to practice. If with feet everything is in order, thanks to 10 thousand steps you can strengthen the cardiovascular system and buttocks increase calorie consumption;
  • special sport this kind of walking is a sport. However, remember that it gives a strain on the heart and cannot be practice when violations of the musculoskeletal device. Otherwise, there are no contraindications. Through walking you will not only lose weight, but will be hardy. Step in such a walk should be faster and longer than normal. Lifting one foot from the floor, immediately put the second. Speed when the walk is 9 miles per hour;
  • walking with the tense muscles of the buttocks. Tearing feet off the ground, you need to quickly stretch the gluteal muscles. The back remains straight and relaxed. This method of training firms large and small muscles of the buttocks;
  • back forward – this method of walking you choose wish to strengthen buttock muscles and back muscles. Stand on a flat surface, place hands on waist, abdomen pull in, straighten up and start to move, gradually accelerating.
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Rules walk

Regardless of what method of exercise you choose, before beginning to pick up equipment. Choose comfortable running shoes that feature good cushioning. Sports clothes should be comfortable and loose, pick it in accordance with the weather conditions. Look for reviews on the topic of a particular brand of shoes or sportswear.

Also consider the route of its movement. Preferably, the road was not traffic. If this cannot be done, then pick up the expensive with a wide sidewalk.

When walking, remember the following:

  • the first few minutes to warm-up at a slow pace;
  • do not forget about the thirst. When walking, the body loses a lot of fluid. Regardless of whether is cold outside or hot, before class drink a glass of water. It is recommended to drink water during long sessions that last more than an hour to prevent dehydration. The bottle should be always with you. After the training, it is recommended to drink at least one glass of water;
  • technique training must be correct. Need to go straight, shoulders straighten and the chest too. Squeeze a little abdominal muscles. Put the foot on the heel, then rolling to the toes, pushing force, the front part of the foot to take the next step. To speed up, walk faster, and the steps themselves don’t need to lengthen. Work with your hands, squeeze them at the elbows and move them from the waist to the side of the chest and back;
  • at the end of class give yourself time to cool down. Reduce temp gradually for five minutes. During this time, rest heart rate, and muscles will not hurt.
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Food in the classroom

Weight loss is not the only positive result of the training. Reviews say that walking can significantly improve their health. But it is worth noting, it is extremely difficult, if you do not follow in combination with exercise some diet.

For example, many women when wanting to lose weight just reduces the number of products, but this technique is not always effective. Much better to eat often but in small portions. This is especially important for those who decided to take a walk.

The reasons for this are:

  • you won’t overeat. According to studies, those who eat more often and gradually, and consumes much less fat and calories who eat a lot 2-3 times a day;
  • calories in form of fat deposits will not accumulate. So, with overeating, we get a lot more fat and carbohydrate than you can burn immediately. And they all deferred to «later», respectively, increases of fat mass.
  • more calories will be burned throughout the day. When eating always requires additional calories to digest, absorb and metabolize foods. If you will eat six times a day, the process will be more frequent, respectively, the metabolism will be accelerated;
  • you won’t be tempted by harmful food and snacks. At constant snacking in the blood maintains optimal glucose levels, which loss leads to a heightened sense of hunger and desire to eat something fatty or sweet. This makes sense to consume foods, where a lot of fat, salt and sugar. And low blood sugar provokes irritability and headaches;
  • frequent meals you will feel more comfortable. Food will not weight for of the stomach, which causes excessive blood flow to the stomach. Accordingly, in this condition you will easily walk for a long time.

A sample diet

Reviews nutritionists and fans of active lifestyle has formed a sample diet of a person who wants to lose weight, doing walking. During the day you can eat the following products:

  • protein products in the amount of 4 servings 50 grams (meat, fish, poultry, tofu or one egg);
  • 3 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit. One serving is a half Cup and a Cup for leafy vegetables;
  • grains – 5 servings, preferably whole grains. Under one serving is considered one slice of bread or 0.5 Cup of cereals or cereal;
  • low-fat or fat-free milk products – 2 servings. One serving includes a glass of milk, 0.5 cups of cottage cheese or yogurt or 30 grams of cheese.

This power system will ensure not too fast, but steady weight loss up to about 2-4 kg in a month. It’s slow, but under this system, you won’t have health problems.

Feedback about the practice walk

As you have seen, walking is very beneficial to weight loss and better health. Let’s read the reviews of those who have practiced these classes and what were their results.

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Once upon a time, I was Jogging and gymnastics, it worked for me to keep myself in shape and tone. However, a few years ago, the doctors told me not to run because of heart problems. But the proposed alternative is to walk. I am doing through the method of interval training. Of the time speed up the pace of walking, then they slow down. However, I do not only support excellent form, but also significantly ease the nerves after class.

Olga, Kaliningrad

I do some sport to keep in shape. Regularly visit the gym, but the benefits of walk found out about recently. Now I’m on the road every day to work their work clothes hanging in the backpack, wear sneakers and walk, even bought a pedometer to monitor their classes.

Vadim, Ekaterinburg

Walking I started to do after reviews of her girlfriends. They practice the Scandinavian technique with sticks and asked me to do together. At first I was sceptical to this method, but then became involved. After a week I lost almost 2 pounds. Initially aching muscles, but over time got used, now after training, felt only ease.

Alexander, Astrakhan

As we can see from the description and reviews, walking is a great way to lose weight and get in shape even for those who have minor health problems and contraindications to other sports.