Fasting on water for 7 days: results, before and after the hunger strike, reviews thinner

Fasting on water implies a complete rejection of any products. You can only drink water, and it is desirable that it was distilled or filtered. This is necessary to achieve different results – weight loss or health improvement. The time of fasting may be different, this will depend on how long and noticeable the effect.

Fasting on water 1 day

As the name implies, a one-day fasting on water involves the rejection of food on the day. The duration of the procedure is obliged to place not less than 24 hours, but even better if it will last 36 hours.

Fasting for one day, of course, is not as effective as long, but it is also beneficial to the body. For a more complete recovery it is desirable to abstain from eating for a day once a week.

Proven if weekly one day fasting, and after doing it the right way, then the effect is how long Wellness starvation. After 6-12 months (depending on individual body condition) you will significantly improve the state of your body.

The results of a one-day hunger strike

The benefits of fasting is much appreciated and physicians. Conducted large number of experiments that have proven medicinal property of this method. If you hold a one-day fasting once a week throughout the year, greatly improves Constitution of the body and cure many diseases and release fatigue of internal organs. It has been empirically demonstrated that the hunger strike for one day to rejuvenate the body for three months!

In addition, stimulates metabolism, slows down aging process and rejuvenates the body. When fasting for days to clean the body from toxins and other harmful elements. Rise creativity, the person feels optimistic mood. For example, John Lennon constantly practiced one-day hunger strike. When fasting becomes a habit, you will no longer hurt, especially catarrhal diseases.

How to conduct a hunger strike one day correctly to get maximum results?

  • The day before the hunger strike will certainly need to abandon any meat products and alcohol. Should not eat after 18-00, and is indispensable in order needs an enema to prevent a probable poisoning of the body toxins and decay products.
  • During the day you should drink 2-5 liters of water. Drink water when you want and in case you feel strong hunger. To fulfill that need frequent, small meals.
  • In the process of the hunger strike may appear weakness, dizziness, headache, nausea, worsen the mood, to emerge breath and formed the language of the plaque. But do not worry, towards evening these side effects, most likely, completely will, there will be a feeling of energy and unprecedented ease.
  • Then when the day of the hunger strike have passed, you need to make the right exit. It is not desirable to eat on the second day after the hunger strike, dairy products, meat and eggs. Better to give preference to stewed or boiled vegetables, juices, fresh fruits and vegetables. In no case do not overeat! Drink plenty of water. Breakfast should be eaten a salad made from grated carrots and shredded cabbage. It will be good if you use it without any filling.
  • In any case, for two days after a one-day hunger strike, do not consume any products that contain in their composition the acid. It is dangerous for the stomach.
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Week-long hunger strike on the water

Fasting on water for 7 days is more complex than a day. Before trying this option, take some time fasting at 1 and 3 days. For best results, treatments need to execute it 3-6 times a year.

In no case do not overdo it with physical activity. More walk and relax. Extreme hunger can be felt in the first few days of hunger strike, after this feeling will weaken.

Also remember that you need to make the evening an enema before beginning a seven-day hunger strike on the water. This hunger strike is desirable to perform during the holidays because you will be pretty hard to work with at this time.

The day before the start of a seven-day hunger strike eliminate entirely from your menu, milk, eggs, cheese, meat, fat and starchy foods, cheese products. It is advisable to consume throughout the day steamed, boiled or fresh vegetables, and fresh fruit. Water you can drink without any restrictions, but it is crucial that the water was clean.

The build:

  • When weekly abstinence from food is nearing completion, you need to get out of it correctly.
  • On the first day drink only freshly squeezed juices.
  • The next few days, consume rubbed on a grater of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • After this time, you can add nuts, pulses and bread.
  • A week later it is already possible to return to a normal diet.

21-day fasting on water

Hunger strike for 21 days, it is necessary to execute only when the body is fully accustomed to fasting for 1 day and a week-long hunger strike. 3 weeks is the maximum possible duration of this procedure. Starvation can be ended early. You can do it in the case when you suffer from the feeling of hunger, the dreams started about the food, while cleansing enema is not present in the stool, and plaque on the tongue is constantly.

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In process 21-day hunger strike need to completely eliminate coffee, tobacco and alcohol. You may not use any medicines. Or delay their use for later, or begin a hunger strike only when therapy with drugs will end.

You can take a walk, but only in moderation. Don’t forget about the fact that you have very little energy, so forget about exercise or going to the gym. Need to sleep no less than 8 hours in a carefully ventilated and humidified room.

The day before the start of the hunger strike, before bed, skip dinner. Put an enema of 2 liters of warm water. The morning, drink a laxative (50 grams. magnesium sulphate dilute in one Cup of warm water).

When starvation has come to its end, on the second day you can take in food diluted vegetable and fresh fruit juices. Stir them with distilled water in proportion 1 to 2. Over time, you can use 250-350 ml of mixed juice need to drink in small SIPS. Per day not more than one liter of finished drink!

With each subsequent day increase the concentration of the juice, even after a certain time begin to consume mashed vegetables and fruits, then you can go for whole fresh fruits and vegetables. Two weeks later, you can go to the usual diet.

The results of the hunger strike on the water

The results and feedback of the hunger strike on the water

The people who spent therapeutic hunger strike by all the rules, noted in the reviews such results following procedures performed:

  • There is a significant weight loss.
  • Is partial or full recovery of the organism, and treatment of many diseases, the internal organs work better.
  • Fully restores the structure of nails and hair.
  • During a long hunger strike becomes apparent rejuvenation of the body for several years.
  • The body is completely clean from toxins and other harmful elements.
  • There is a very fine sense of smell.
  • Eyes and body are fully mesh of small vessels.
  • Is bloating.
  • Completely disappears snore at night.

Despite the fact that about the hunger strike on the water a large amount of information, it is not necessary to carry out fasting without consulting a doctor. Go through all the tests to have a complete understanding of the current state of the body. At the end of the hunger strike once again go through tests to know the result. In addition, the doctor will recommend the optimal duration of fasting, advise the individual schedule of the hunger strike and exit. With the right approach, you can count on a great effect of fasting on water!

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Was insufficiency of the cardia and superficial gastritis. In addition, established a «lazy stomach», the food is pretty much digested, so I felt heaviness in the stomach. Still tormented by the diarrhea was painful in the right hypochondrium. Starved for one week. So I felt tired and weak, went limp, felt the heaviness in the region of the gallbladder, the mood often changed. Out of the hunger strike on peaches, watermelons, beets, carrots, and vegetable and fruit juices. The stomach began to work well, went through all the symptoms of the disease, and no more feeling of heaviness.

Elena, 36 years old Kyiv

In the process of fasting on water pus began to come out, where possible – from the ears, eyes, nose, skin pores, throat. All were very sick, most throat, pained cough. The whole language is covered with bloom, there was quite bad breath, it increases in temperature. From the strong smell of sweat there was nowhere to hide. But, in the end, hair and nails are much stronger, cleared sinuses, completely disappeared otitis. Improved condition of skin, as well as a nice addition – dropped 12 lbs!

Marina, 25 years old Moscow

Fasted 3 weeks. Dropped 8 kg. it Was quite difficult to stop a hunger strike! During this time, gained even more weight than it was, though try very hard to limit yourself in amount of food. Nails began to exfoliate, and hair to fall out. The face was gray. To hold hunger strike on the water will not!

Tatiana is 27 years old Mariupol