Fat burner Lipo 6: the composition of the drug and recommendations for use, the possible results and reviews of girls

The problem of excess weight is of concern to many. Some struggle with it through sports, others sit on diets, and others are taking various dietary supplements. Such Badam applies quite popular in recent years the means of Lipo-6. According to many reviews, it is effective, but requires special application. In addition, has its contraindications and side-effects.

How does the Lipo 6?

The drug is produced by company Nutrex and is composed of components of different activity. When a single dose of the drug enters the body:

  • yohimbine — 3 mg;
  • naturally 20 mg;
  • caffeine – 200 mg.

Of these substances like to mention synephrine, which helps increase the production of adrenal in the body, enhances thermogenesis and lipogenesis. In other words, the substance breaks down fats and converts them into energy. While muscle mass is maintained. In addition to these substances, the composition of Lipo 6 comprises well-known all absorbed components:

  • sesame oil;
  • gelatin;
  • conjugate acid;
  • oleic acid;
  • linoleic acid.

No unique components in the product not contains, but its composition is chosen so that as a result of taking Lipo 6 you can control the speed of burning fat and permanently fix this effect.

How to take Lipo 6?

The company produces five types of the drug:

  1. Lipo 6 x;
  2. Lipo-6 hers ;
  3. Lipo-6 black hers ;
  4. Lipo-6 black ;
  5. Lipo-6.

In the study of their structure the most soft is a drug Lipo 6 hers, which was created especially for women. The strongest BAD — Lipo 6 black.

To start taking fat burner is recommended with low doses. In the first days drink one capsule before Breakfast and lunch, and subsequently the dose is increased to three or four times a day. Time intervals between doses must be the same. Continues taking the drug for two months and then a break for three weeks. If necessary, the course can be repeated.

Possible results

According to various reviews Lipo 6 at all valid in different ways. The producers promise that with a large weight in men is about 20 days you can lose up to 10 lbs. in the body will stimulate the reduction of fat, increase mood, and improve overall condition. If at the time of taking the drug regularly doing cardio or other physical activity, you can achieve a beautiful relief of the body. Increase the trapezius muscle, and redrawn press.

After taking Lipo 6 women opinions the most contradictory. But many have ensured that their weight is reduced by about one kilogram per week, and after a while began to draw press.

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Contraindications and possible side effects

Any dietary supplements, especially fat burners, is contraindicated be used by persons under the age of 21. The drug is banned for use in pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, it cannot be used for people with diseases of the kidneys and heart. Not worth the risk and those who have unclear headaches and serious chronic diseases. In any case, even absolutely healthy people, before taking Lipo 6 should consult a physician.

The drug recommended to start with small doses, listening this time to my body. When taking supplements in some cases can occur:

  • indigestion;
  • headache;
  • palpitations;
  • increase in blood pressure.

If you experience any side effect should stop taking the drug and to go to a specialist.

While taking the drug Lipo 6 it should be remembered that the use of supplements for weight loss must be accompanied by physical exertion in the form of various workouts. In the days when no physical activity, the dose is reduced to one capsule a day.

Consumer reviews

In the magic pill I do not believe, but after reading numerous reviews about Lipo 6 realized that this is what I need. Many manufacturers promise that the carbs will melt at the sight. In this I strongly doubt. But the fact that some dietary Supplements help the body burn fat, willing to believe. Drinking the drug for two weeks at two capsules before training.

The result is already there. However, the weight remained in one place, but became more prominent muscles in the hands and feet, traced of the press, the better the changed shape of the figure. Not away weight, I don’t bother, because it just became harder muscles.

No side effects not observed, but there was a mad energy! Forty minutes of strength exercises performed in one breath. Anxiety and insomnia is not observed – at night I sleep like a log. However, a good appetite and left. After a workout I’m so hungry. Recommend the drug to those who, along with his receiving ready to sit on a carbohydrate diet and to exercise at the gym.


Long read the reviews and was looking for a good way to lose weight. As a result of accidentally learned about Lipo 6. It happened in the gym, where I noticed one girl for a short period of time well lost. I asked how that was possible and she told me Lipo 6 black. Personally, I have from training only increased muscle mass and fat never left. So I quit and began taking Bud.

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The result appeared in a week – the scales showed minus 2 kg. Saw Lime 30 minutes before a meal. If you drink differently, the effect may not be as, you can not lose weight at all. All this suggest a good fat burner, however, want to pay attention to some side effects. If the drug combined with lack of sleep, we become just like zombies. In addition, you may receive a frantic rhythm. Buy Lime can be almost any sporting goods store.

Grasiass , Voronezh

Last summer tried from the sides to remove excess weight, and I was advised this fat burner. I took it strictly according to instructions, i.e. as advised by the manufacturer. A clear result has come two weeks later I dropped it the extra weight and not lost muscle mass. When tiring a diet doesn’t do that. I want to note that addiction to the drug. I drank the entire recommended course and in the jar we still have a few capsules.

The preparation is absolutely tasteless. Complaints of side effects I have no problems with digestion, too, was not. Price on fat burner is certainly not small. However, such good indicators of the drug seems quite inexpensive.

Koval, Ukraine

In the spring my coach told me to drink Lipo-6 black hers . Per bottle, which is 120 capsules, I gave 1700 rubles. I have taken them twice a day 3 capsules. I was told that in 3-4 days the body gets used to the drug and all will be well, therefore, about side effects, I never inquired. The result is experienced all the effects: lethargy, sweating, dizziness, palpitations. In short, I was very ill. Over the week my body is so not used to this «oopsie». I think it’s idiosyncrasy. He threw the jar on the top shelf, and for a while forgot about it.

After acquired hypothyroidism could not bring himself to move. Coffee only helped for the first time. Decided to get a Lipo with a smaller dose and started taking one capsule before workout. The result of wildly increased stamina, and now I train with pleasure. Began to melt and the volume of the body, but I think it’s more the results of training. Don’t know how about fat burning, but if someone does not have enough forces and enough energy for your workouts, I recommend to try my experience.

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Jan, Ulan-Ude

If you are sitting or lying lifestyle, to purchase fat burner Lipo 6 money is better not spent, and to look for any other drug. The efficacy of the drug increases when taken simultaneously, not only with exercise but also proper nutrition. The effect of the Lipo due to the fact that during physical activity the body temperature rises and you begin to burn fat. This drug I have experienced.

After receiving my body began to happen something strange. The first three days was a frantic burst of energy, and I flew literally like a bullet. I was actively engaged in sport and during training the beginning of an awful lot of sweating. It seems everything is going well, but four days later, the body suddenly began to fail. It is in a nervous state throughout the day. All were irritated to such an extent, that I started to cry. Dose strictly according to instructions, that is per serving – 3 capsules. Decided to reduce it and began to drink two tablets but the symptoms never disappeared. I was tormented by insomnia, all annoyed, nausea, dizziness and shortness of breath.

As a result of such torment I decided to stop taking the drug. Don’t even know whether it was worth my agony in two pounds that I lost over a week of taking Lipo 6. Maybe someone has a different reaction, but I this fat burner more will not accept.

Kommentator , Krasnoyarsk