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Excess weight is one of the most common problems of modern society. Improper diet, bad habits, stress at work often leave an imprint on a person’s appearance. Not every individual finds the strength to lead a good lifestyle. Despite this, to be in shape and feel good all want. In this situation come to the aid of the system of functional foods.

Fortunately, obesity can create many effective complexes based on vegetable raw materials with a large number of vitamins and minerals. When choosing products for weight loss a large number of people give preference to energy diet photo.

Created by a special technology based on protein shakes Energi not only serve as a great addition to the food, but also able to completely replace it with a large amount of time. Those who have already tried energy diet, they say that one serving of the cocktail is comparable to a bowl of soup or fried potatoes.

Manufacturer of Energy cocktails is a company NL International, which is located in France. In fact, it was there that he invented the idea of creating.

Energy diet is a cocktail that consists of balanced nutrients. Using unnecessary amounts of leaves easily and without harm to health. Energy diet together with exercise will help achieve excellent results in weight loss people who lead a passive lifestyle.

The effect of energy diet on the body

Herbal ingredients included in the composition of the energy diet, enrich the human body with the necessary vitamins and minerals contribute to correct function of the internal organs, improve the condition of hair and skin. Taking energy diet every day, the extra calories will go away gradually, not allowing the skin to SAG and wrinkle. Before and after drinking energy diet should stick to the diet, to count calories, fat and carbohydrates in food. Part of the cocktail fiber will help normalize the digestive tract, which is important for weight loss.

A huge plus Energy diet is the possibility of drinking a cocktail with other complexes for weight loss. This will help to make the diet better, because the new tastes will bring even more diversity in the composition and nutritional standards. Components Energy diet easily absorbed by the body, preventing the formation of toxins. Proteins, carbohydrates and dietary fiber helps to get rid of feelings of hunger, thanks to which the extra pounds in the body do not accumulate. Replacing Breakfast, lunch or dinner with a glass of cocktail energy diet over time dependence on eating, taste preferences are changing for the better.

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Where to buy Energy Diet?

To avoid scams for selling medicines and dietary Supplements, products Energy diet it is better to buy on the official website of the company.

The composition of the components

Energi Diet is a product developed using the latest technology. The composition of the cocktail includes many useful elements. For example, animal and vegetable proteins. Amino acids that the body itself can’t produce and gets them only during foods.

In a cocktail Energy diet contains soybean oil, which is enriched more than 30 trace elements, also has vitamin E1 and linoleic acid prevents the development of cancer cells. The absence of animal fats prevents the formation of cholesterol and plaque. A balanced composition of carbohydrates and glucose saturates the body with energy and strength, leaving no weakness and laziness.

Cellulose is one of the most important elements for metabolism. It is no secret that through it the body gets rid of congestion and normalizes the intestine and its microflora. Vitamins and minerals have beneficial effects on vital processes in the body. Improves oxygen metabolism in the blood, vanish bad feeling and mood.

Enzymes needed by the human body for the assimilation of proteins of vegetable and animal origin without harm to health. Complex balanced Energy diet will help you to feel the right mood during the diet and work the whole body.

Three stages of the diet with Energy Diet

Energy diet photos — concentrated product designed for fast cooking of omelettes, soups and cocktails. With the correct combination of elements of the complex energy diet after application will help you to gain slim figure without any harm to health and not feel the constant pangs of hunger.

A diet energy diet has three stages. An important condition for weight loss is required fluid intake at least two liters per day.

The first stage

The first stage supposed to start the process of burning extra calories. It is given from 3 to 5 days depending on the quantity of extra pounds. The main objective of the first phase is to teach dieters to choose foods that have a combined total of no more than 1500 calories consumed per day.

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For excess weight less than 10 pounds for the first phase carried out within 3 days, if more than 10, respectively 5 days. Daily diet drinking a cocktail makes 4-5 servings 1-2 servings of low-calorie products. In order to quickly satisfy hunger, it is recommended to drink a glass of water after taking energy diet .

Vegetables included in your diet, you must eat only raw, stewed or boiled not more than 400 g. Fatty sauces and dressings need to be replaced for a small amount of vegetable oil, lemon juice, Apple cider vinegar. For full flavor you can add spices and fresh herbs.

Vegetables are low in calories, which work well with the complex energy diet, quite a lot.

These include:

  1. mushrooms;
  2. green beans;
  3. lettuce;
  4. green onions;
  5. asparagus;
  6. cucumbers, tomatoes;
  7. zucchini, eggplant;
  8. all kinds of greens and more.

Allowed to drink coffee, caffeine, mineral water without gas, herbal and green, black tea, and hibiscus. Sugar should be excluded from your diet. So, start getting rid of excess weight is necessary. It is important to be able to keep yourself within and not to return to old habits.

The second stage

The second stage of a diet energy diet is considered to be transitional. A cocktail should be drunk 1-2 times a day, morning and evening. For dinner a glass of energy diet should be consumed necessarily. The range of allowed foods becomes greater.

In food you can use:

  1. cooked fish and seafood;
  2. lean meats such as rabbit or Turkey, beef, veal, chicken, liver;
  3. cheese, cheese with low percentage of fat;
  4. egg white.

The daily rate of food consumption should not exceed more than 150 grams. When hunger in the evening, you are allowed to drink half shakes 2 hours before bedtime.

The time required for the passage of the second stage is 3-4 weeks. If the body weight is over 15 pounds from the proper norm, then it is recommended to start again and make the cocktails energy diet in the first diet period.

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Step three

The third stage is to count calories absorbed products and strict control over their weight. It is very important to completely get rid of dependence on food and not to forget about physical training. Otherwise to achieve the desired result will be impossible. The use of cocktail of Energy at the third stage is limited to 1 portion for dinner. In daily food intake must include foods rich in carbohydrates.

These include:

  1. green peas;
  2. red beans;
  3. unpolished rice;
  4. Hercules;
  5. pasta and bread from wheat flour;
  6. lentils.

However, shouldn’t get too involved, because large amounts of carbohydrates may again be deposited in the body excess calories.

In the third stage allowed to use in food 1 serving of fruit 80 g:

  1. apricot;
  2. orange;
  3. pineapple;
  4. watermelon;
  5. banana;
  6. kiwi;
  7. pear;
  8. grapefruit;
  9. strawberry;
  10. raspberry;
  11. black currant;
  12. blueberries;
  13. Apple.

The duration of the last period is calculated from the number of lost kilograms. For example, during the diet the first two periods lost 10 pounds. This means that the last stage should last 10 months. During this time the body becomes accustomed to a new way of life and will not allow to go back to the beginning of the route. Importantly, do not forget to drink two liters of water daily!

Cocktails Energy it is recommended to plant low-fat milk, water, 1% yogurt or vegetable broth. It should be consumed immediately after preparation.

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