Features of diet in disease of the pancreas: symptoms, treatment methods, menu with the disease

The pancreas is a gland of internal secretion, which secretes insulin into the blood. Insulin gives the reaction for sugar metabolism in the body. And if it is not, you may receive diabetes.

In addition, the pancreas is considered a major glandular body that is situated in the abdominal cavity. The juice secreted by this gland, enters the duodenum along with the bile. It is important to add that the juice contains beneficial substances for the body which are fats, proteins, carbohydrates.

Symptoms of pancreatic disease

If the secretion of the pancreas is not finished, the food is difficult to digest. Hence, there are inflammatory processes of the pancreas.

Pancreatitis is a chronic inflammation of the pancreas that appears after the acute form of disease.

But the symptoms may be liver disease, stones in the bile ducts, syphilis, tuberculosis, and atherosclerosis. Patients are confronted with the following characteristics:

  • heartburn,
  • diarrhea,
  • bloating,
  • vomiting,
  • stomach pain,
  • weakness,
  • the loss of body weight,
  • bleeding in the intestine.

Normally in this pathology, patients lose their appetite or there is a complete aversion to food. Patients disgusted by fatty foods in particular. The disease periodically becomes aggravated that contribute to the malfunction of the pancreas.

The acute form occurs due to ingestion of alcohol or a heavy meal after a long hunger strike. Also the form can be exacerbated on the background of neuropsychiatric injuries or various infections.

Diet in diseases of the pancreas

You need to understand that diet for pancreatic disease is not only a method of therapy, but the main indicator of the prevention of the inflammatory forms. In this period of time, when inflammation is no food to take small portions up to 6 times a day.

Products which inflates the stomach and appear constipation, it is better to exclude. You can use laxatives. Food should be rich in vitamins and minerals, which do not give the deposited fats and carbohydrates. The number of fats should be reduced, but proteins plenty to eat.

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Proteins enter the body through dairy products, fish, lean meat, cereals, vegetables. At the time of the diet when the disease need to limit salt intake. Also you need to eat calcium, phosphorus, white bread and a little sugar.

The daily diet of the patient with the disease of pancreatitis:

  1. For Breakfast you can prepare cottage cheese pancakes, cottage cheese with milk, porridge rice, semolina or buckwheat, tea with honey.
  2. For lunch you can prepare boiled fish or meat, cutlets and cabbage, have a jelly or compote.
  3. For dinner, you can cook the potatoes steamed, mashed, vegetable stew, porridge. Before bed be sure to drink kefir or eat prunes and dried apricots. This will help to go to the toilet.

You cannot take cold drinks, alcohol, fatty or fried food, sweets. The food should be namolennoy and natural. Acute pancreatitis has severe. This disease involves severe pain in the pancreas parts, which then penetrate in the back.

The patient suffers from cold sweats, weakness, low blood pressure. Along with this vomiting, heartburn, bloating, high temperature. If you suddenly had these symptoms, an urgent need to call an ambulance. Nurses administered cardiac and pain killers.

Peculiarities of treatment of pancreatitis

Once you have acute form of pancreatitis, in the first three days are not recommended eating. In such a situation, the doctor inserts into the rectum or into a vein remedy on the basis of glucose, and under the skin introduces 5% glucose solution and saline. After three days the patient can eat independently.

But the calorie intake should be minimal. From the diet should completely exclude salt, fats, meat and fish gravies, foods that trigger flatulence or raise the level of the secretory work of the stomach. Need to add that the food should have vitamins, soluble carbohydrates and minerals.

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Food should be prepared without salt and to be distributed on 7 receptions on the day. On the fourth day, the patient can enjoy the honey, jam, fruit juices. You need a day to drink 2 liters of fluid. On the fifth day, you should consume high-calorie food.

In this period you need to take 200 grams of carbs, vegetable and milk proteins. On the seventh day calorie intake increases: the need to increase 20 grams of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

In two weeks you can increase proteins to 70 grams fats — 20 grams, carbs to 280 grams. The food you need to cook without salt, fractional parts, and in a shabby condition. Doctor after tests and a full examination will be a detailed menu.

You just need to follow the instructions if you want to be cured from this nasty disease. Never attempt to recover, not to make your body worse.

How to eat in the period of exacerbation of the pathology

You can’t follow a diet at disease of the pancreas without drug treatment and bed rest. The diet should start with a three-day hunger strike. Drink only mineral water and 2 cups of broth from the hips.

As soon as a few days, the ration increases, limit the intake of fat, coarse fiber, which activates the digestive gland. Food must be fractional, and often up to 7 times a day. Food should be boiled or stewed. Banned fried foods, of course, if you do not want to aggravation of the disease.

Menu of diet for pancreatic disease:

  • Pureed soups made from different cereals on the water.
  • Lean meat, steam cutlets.
  • Of lean fish.
  • Scrambled eggs, steamed
  • Milk should be part of dishes clean milk should not be consumed.
  • The cheese should be fresh.
  • Mashed potatoes, vegetable stew.
  • Baked apples.
  • Compotes, kissels, jelly.
  • Mineral water Borjomi.

Completely to exclude from the menu vegetable broths, fat meats, fried, salted, smoked products, raw vegetables. Patients are forbidden to consume alcohol, sweets, soda, spicy meals. If you want to recover, you need to follow a diet.

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Even if you don’t like pureed pulp from vegetables, you still need to do it through the power to organize the work of the pancreas. You don’t have to diet all my life, but from time to time is recommended to sit on it.

Menu for the week in diseases of the pancreas

Menu of the patient should be made taking into account the fact that the meal should be 6 times a day. Breakfast means high-calorie food, consisting of cereal milk, meat or fish dishes with vegetables or pasta.

The second Breakfast should be easy. Prepare the pudding with vegetables or mashed potatoes, curd, rice porridge. For lunch you can cook meat with vegetables, omelette, baked potatoes. In the afternoon you need to cook fish or cottage cheese souffle.

If you follow all the rules of the diet, the patient, who discovered acute or chronic pancreatitis, can prevent the frequent appearance of seizures and achieve prolonged remission.

Of course, the diet will not able to fully relieve you from the insidious disease. Need a drug therapy. But without a well-matched diet for pancreatic disease therapy does not give effective result.