Features of the use of celery in food: structure, contraindications and how to eat the stems

Sometimes even the most ordinary things can put people in a dead end. For example, everyone can answer the question of how to cut a pineapple or to pull the pit from the avocado. But if you try to learn the person how to eat celery, it is very thoughtful. Certainly it’s hard to answer this question. Therefore, if you are a fan of this plant and it is often present you have in the fridge, then perhaps it is time to figure out how to properly use celery, so it didn’t lose its delicious and healthy qualities.

The composition and use celery

Many vegetables have not only pleasant taste, but also contain a lot of vitamins. However, among them stands out the celery, which is also the greens, and root crops. It is possible to mention a rather interesting fact: in our country in the tsarist era celery for a short time wore the status of ornamental plants, and only years later it became known about its medicinal and nutritious properties. Today people knowledgeable about the celery and can tell how valuable are its roots, stems, leaves and seeds.

Of course, they have different properties and chemical composition, but in General the differences are small, therefore, it is wrong to constantly eat only one part of the plant. There are a lot of reasons for which people include in your diet celery: one — to give the dish a new taste, others to maintain health, others to stay longer beautiful. Celery can be cooked in many different ways: boiled, broiled, baked, canned and dry. But most of the nutrients from it the body receives if it is used fresh.

Any part of this plant is a source of glutamic acid, which is part of the protein of living organisms and simultaneously performs the role of the strongest of the neurotransmitter. For sure it is a name many of you have heard, however, the celery have a natural glutamate that causes a pleasant taste of the dishes.

Celery root is not as rich in protein as it leaves: the proportion of its content is 2% against 3-4%. Even the root of the plant contains more natural sugars, leaves of greens rich in carbohydrates. Equally stems, and roots contain vitamins C, PP, group b, K, E, carotene and pectin. Mineral salts iron, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, essential oils, flavonoids and organic acids are those substances, which are presented in each piece of celery, and in large quantities.

Who can’t eat celery?

Considering how many nutrients present in celery and what properties it has, it helped him to become wide-spread in different fields: cooking, medicine and dietetics. However, since people pursuing their goals, it requires the use of different ways to use it in food. Or it is better to abandon its use. First and foremost you have to be careful with the roots and leaves, which can cause harm to humans under certain conditions:

  • Pregnant on the period of 6 months. While the intake components of celery it can harm the developing fetus.
  • Nursing mothers: if along with the recommended products to use celery, then the child may be allergic.
  • People diagnosed with kidney stones. This recommendation is due to the special effect of celery which causes the aggravation of the disease and the movement of the stones.
  • Patients with high acidity of the stomach and suffering from gastritis or ulcer.
  • People suffering from epilepsy. If you frequently use the leaves or roots of plants, this can lead to an increase in the number of attacks.
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The use of celery

After learning about the benefits of celery, a begin to use it as much as other greens, which is a mistake. If you want to get the maximum benefit, you should know that a certain part is not appropriate in all dishes.

How to eat celery?

If none of these conditions is not found in you, it means that you can include celery in your diet. But to not only nourish your body but also to bring him the maximum benefit, you need to know how to use it:

  • The celery root. Has a fleshy, soft and tender flesh. From other parts of the plant has a spicy, slightly sharp taste, so it may be a little to drown out the taste of meat dishes.
  • The celery stalks. Very juicy and crispy, thinner fresh scent. Because of this, many fans of celery is most often used in cooking to this part.
  • The leaves of celery. Different spicy aroma, which is easily mistaken for parsley. Can be used in fresh and dried form.
  • Celery seeds. This part is rich in essential oils, so they are often used in recipes of many dishes, where they play the role of seasoning. Often they can be found in chemical laboratories, where they include in the pharmaceuticals and perfumes.
  • Celery juice. It is used as a natural food Supplement that helps to increase the body’s defenses, promotes weight loss and prevents the development of diabetes.

Why is celery?

The correct way is to use celery, focusing on the sensory properties of a particular part of it or the benefits that it can bring to the body.

  • For weight loss. It is recommended to use the plant fresh or added to soups or salads. To recover from it, you can not because its calorie content is only 20 kcal / 100 g. Therefore, even consuming it in large quantities, you’ll still stay slim.
  • For the digestion. Your body will work well and you can eat the seeds and the oil and roots. The desired effect you provide only in case if the stomach comes an essential oil, which triggers the synthesis of enzymes and juice. Valuable is and fiber celery, thanks to which you will not be disturbed constipation.
  • To suppress the appetite. In these purposes it is useful to prepare a product based on celery and honey. Regimen: one tablespoon per 30 minutes before a meal.
  • In diseases of the kidney and urinary tract. In the treatment of these diseases will help dried and powdered plant is used as a replacement for salt in dishes.
  • For the prevention of heart and blood vessels. People who are prone to diseases of these organs, it is recommended to include in your diet celery: it contains biologically active substances that improve the functioning of the myocardium and lower cholesterol.
  • At elevated pressure. In this appointment the effect of the plant provides for increased concentration of potassium and magnesium, and also diuretic effect.
  • For the treatment of the skin. It is effective remedy made from the leaves and clarified butter: these components should be taken in equal quantities, mix thoroughly and use as a balm with healing properties.
  • To strengthen the immune system and physical strength. In this assignment, the plant can be taken either as a separate dish, and when added to the other. However, the positive changes you will achieve, if he will be present at your table every day. Especially the celery is required for heavily loaded body students and athletes.
  • Prevention stress and relaxation. The desired effect can be achieved with the use of several stems. Also good massage his temples with oil from the seeds of celery.
  • To enhance potency. The presence in the composition of dishes is small in the number of parts of the plant allows to increase the concentration in the male body of the plant hormone Androsterone, which depends on the state of sexual function.
  • To cleanse the blood and poisoning. The healing property is the ability to rid the body of toxic substances. Best copes with this task the juice of the plant, which is recommended to be taken in the form of a mixture with the juice of dandelion and nettle, taken in equal quantities.
  • For enrichment of diet and raise the tone. This effect can provide many dishes that are not only simple to prepare, but also help to maintain a good mood.
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I’m sure many of us have heard of this plant like celery. Some even can confirm that this plant is very useful, but only a few know about how to use its stems.

In fact, this is a very important question, because the way will be prepared with this plant depends on whether all the nutrients the body will get. Celery is a unique plant because almost every part is useful. Therefore, having become acquainted with his staff, many may be tempted to immediately start to use it.

However, don’t rush this, because the plant has certain contraindications. It is quite another thing, if you have already tried this plant and did not notice the deterioration of health. Then you ought to frequently include it in their menu. Because it has many useful properties that you’ll appreciate when you start to use it regular. However, don’t expect, if you eat the roots and leaves of, say, 1-2 times a week, you will be able to lose weight or become more healthy. The effect of using this plant is shown only in case if it is if possible every day.