Features techniques therapy Sujok for weight loss according to the Atlas of points on the palm

Fans of unconventional methods of therapy in the treatment of various diseases and weight loss becomes more and more. Very popular now acupressure. There is a theory that a particular point on the body is responsible for the health of a particular organ.

Today we tell about Sujok therapy will tell you which points on the palm are responsible for the other organs of the body, as well as the effectiveness of Sugioka for weight loss.

What is Sujok?

Sujok therapy is a technique developed by South Korean Professor Park Jae Woo. When studying Oriental medicine he noticed that our arm on its structure resembles the structure of the human body as a whole.

Look closely at his brush. The human body has a head, two arms and legs. The brush also includes five protruding parts. A careful study of the question of Korean Professor has developed an innovative method of treatment of various diseases, which is based on the impact on certain points on the palm.

The foot and the palm of a person there are a large number of receptor areas, which are associated with a particular organ.

In the presence of the disease they acquire painful points, which are connected with the patient’s body, the Professor calls them points of compliance. When you find them, help the body to overcome the disease, pressing or massaging.

At the point of impact through such tools:

  • needles;
  • magnets;
  • warming up sticks;
  • seeds.

The seeds with this is a natural and biologically active point stimulator. At home treatments therapy Sujok it is very convenient.

The benefits of therapy Sujok

Have therapy Sujok there are many benefits. It is becoming more popular, especially among those people who were disappointed by the classic methods of treatment or weight loss. Now this method is famous all over the world.

The benefits of therapy Sujok the following:

  • availability practice at home;
  • security;
  • efficiency;
  • the lack of necessary financial investments.

The only thing is that the technique will not be effective if used properly. The opinions of practitioners about Sugoca say that this therapy for weight loss or treatment helps very well and quickly, but you need to learn the theory. Special medical skills while need to know.

The important thing is to learn the Atlas points.

To test the effectiveness of this therapy, try a little RUB first nail on your thumb, and then on the other. This will immediately remove the sleepiness and give you vigor.

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The Atlas of points on the palm according to therapy Sujok

Below we offer you to see some points on the palm correspond to specific body parts:

  • the nail phalanx of the big toe corresponds to the head;
  • the thumb – the front part of the head;
  • the lower Phalange of the thumb is responsible for the condition of the neck;
  • get down on the palm just below the level of the neck is the point of the nasopharynx, thyroid and parathyroid glands and partly light;
  • tenor the palm of your hand, place the elevation next to the thumb is the point of the thorax with heart, lungs, skeletal system and trachea;
  • other, the inner surface of the palm is responsible for the abdominal organs. Conventionally, it is divided into three parts horizontally. Top is the point corresponding to the spleen, stomach, gallbladder, liver, and 12-duodenal ulcer, the Central part of the thick and thin intestines and the lower organs of small pelvis in men and women respectively;
  • index finger and little finger are responsible for hands;
  • middle and ring finger and feet;
  • back of the palm is responsible for the condition of the kidneys and spine.

By analogy with this arrangement body parts and internal organs have point of impact on the feet.

System of the insect in Korean therapy

You we considered as points on the palm correspond to the different organs for therapy Sujok. Also there is another area of therapy, called system of the insect.

It provides:

  • top knuckle of each finger have a point of impact on the condition of the head;
  • the average answer for the condition of the chest;
  • the lower phalanges – for the condition of the abdominal cavity, respectively.

As the location of points in both systems works in therapy. For example, if you have a spine, it is possible to use not only the back of the palm but all the fingers. This is good because as the spine placed directly on it can be influenced from all sides.

Energy system in the treatment

The system compliance Sugoku includes not only organs, but also its energy system. If there is a particular pathology, then the reason must be sought in the energy level. With this purpose to treat different colors.

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In Oriental medicine there are five types of energies, each has its own color:

  • green wind energy that helps to treat diseases of the liver and biliary tract;
  • red – heat energy, refers to the heart, small intestine and circulation processes;
  • yellow is the energy of moisture. She is responsible for the stomach, spleen, pancreas, and the sharing of water;
  • white and brown, the energy of dryness. It is associated with lungs, large intestine and mucous membranes;
  • black – cold energy. She works with the bladder, kidneys, reproductive and skeletal system of the human body.

How does Sujok for weight loss

This method applies to absolutely safe. Even the stimulation of the wrong points, it will not negatively affect your condition.

When losing weight, most of us go to great sacrifices, refuse from your favorite dishes and sit on exhausting diets. But the therapy Sujok in the home will help to get rid of extra pounds without significant restrictions in the diet.

But remember that fast. Weight will be lost slowly but steadily. And if you follow a strict diet, you can lose weight on average 15 pounds within a month. This is efficient, but health is not very good, so the rush is not recommended.

If the therapy Sujok for weight loss to make seeds and to stimulate the active points, you will achieve these results:

  • get rid of the fences and will lead to normal functioning of the digestive system;
  • speed up metabolism;
  • reduce appetite.

At home for treatments according to this method you will need:

  • little sprigs of plants;
  • seeds, Apple, flax, rice or buckwheat.

Point of impact on the palm when losing weight are in the following areas:

  • gastric;
  • food;
  • cord;
  • colonic;
  • gipofize and others.

Find the data point. The first 2-3 minutes, massage them with your fingers, then secure with a bandage seeds on them. To reduce your appetite possible the imposition of buckwheat seed in the area of the pituitary gland or the navel.

You can also clip sprigs of the plant at the points of compliance the esophagus and stomach, i.e. in the region of the thumb and pads. Remember that the natural growth direction of the branches should be directly opposite to the movement of food. This procedure will help quickly filled during a meal. With the aim of satiation you can freeze the seeds (preferably Apple) with the narrow side down.

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And to improve the intestinal peristalsis attach a buckwheat grain, placing them on a course of movement of food through the intestines.

But remember the following:

  • if the area of suppression of appetite of buckwheat seeds to replace the flax, you will trigger constipation;
  • barley grain that is attached in this area will help to relieve acute hemorrhoids;
  • grape seed will help to actively burn fat.

Each applique is done for a week, then seeds need to replace new. And to enhance the effect, lower the overall caloric content of food and give preference to nutrition. Also drink more water.

Perhaps you knew about the existence of therapy Sujok before reading this article, and perhaps not. In any case, this information will be interesting for you, especially if you are looking for new methods of weight loss and treatment of various diseases.