Features wrap «Make the waist» and other for weight loss reviews customers

Many girls and women dream to have a beautiful and slender figure. For this they are ready for more: to sit on a strict diet and to get hours and hours of sports. However, not everyone has the time and opportunity to do so.

When the problem of excess weight is relevant, we need to watch their figure and weight is available methods. For example, through home exercise equipment.

One of the affordable and compact exercise equipment is a sport wrap. Today we will talk about the characteristics of such devices and model «Make the waist» in particular, you will also read testimonials from those who already use it.

Features of sports Hoop

Sports wraps for weight loss or hula hoops is very popular among girls and women who want to lose weight, reviews of the simulator in this respect is mainly positive.

There are 5 kinds of sports hoops:

  • regular – made on the basis of plastic or aluminum. Are light weight and very smooth surface. Recommended for children and for adult beginners. If you perform exercises on a permanent basis, according to reviews, this type of wrap will not work for you;
  • weighted – created for enhanced physical activity. Choose a particular modification of the projectile depending on how developed abdominal muscles. They are stronger than the more needs to be weighted hula Hoop. You can take a normal wrap and weight it with my hands, making it the incision covered and there sand or peas. A good choice is a collapsible shell which can be easily assembled and disassembled. It is made of hollow plastic;
  • massage the inner side of the hoops are such suckers and ledges, which are able to actively influence the abdominal muscles. When you exercise, the skin massaged, which increases blood flow and allows you to get rid of cellulite;
  • hoops with built in calorie counters. These devices record the time of training, in particular, the number of turnover and the amount spent during this time calories.

A hula Hoop is a great exercise for those who at home and are not able to install in the apartment with bicycles or treadmills.

Features wrap «Make the waist»

The device called «Make the waist» has a large number of positive reviews, this is the most popular model among the hula-hoops. Its regular use helps to reduce overall weight and reduce waist size. The figure will be more attractive and you will feel more confident.

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This wrap is functional, practical and comfortable. Inside it is filled with sand, the effectiveness is possible thanks to the impressive weight of the structure.

In addition to this modification of the hula-Hoop, there is another – «Make the body» that takes 9 forms. Through such trainers, you can train different muscle groups and not just stomach. It is a full substitute for other simulators and is in the room a minimum of space.

The results of applying wrap «Make the waist»

Practicing with a simulator is just a few minutes a day to achieve results within several weeks. You will not only lose weight, but you will feel much better.

Judging by the reviews, the results of the use of this projectile are;

  • strengthening the muscles and improving their tone;
  • improvement of blood circulation;
  • the development of flexibility of the body;
  • improve coordination of movement;
  • the vestibular system works better;
  • body fat are burned more rapidly;
  • on abdomen and back is the massage effect;
  • the gut works better.

But the shell, «Make the body» will be more practical, it can be trained additionally legs and buttocks, it helps to correct the figure and to lose weight at home without extra spending, and Hiking in the halls.

The advantages of hoops «Make the waist» and «Make the body»

As the reviews, for a decent result you do not need to follow a strict diet. You only need to make minor adjustments in the daily diet and limit intake of fatty foods. If you do 30-40 minutes a day, you’ll lose weight much faster.

The advantages of such hoops is the following:

  • flexibility and ability to accept different position;
  • the surface is soft and pleasant to the touch;
  • weight is sufficient for effective impact;
  • the ability to adjust the pressure inside;
  • balls for a massage break in the accumulation of fat;
  • you can disassemble the fixture;
  • durability and strength;
  • affordable price.

If you do with a Hoop to half an hour a day, you will notice changes to the best of your figure in a month.

Key features wrap «Make the waist»

The shell is quite flexible and is made of durable and flexible reinforced material. It has a nice velvety surface. Included with the simulator is a special strap, by which the product acquires a particular form. The wrap can be applied in 9 of the positions and to train different muscle groups. Product weight is three kilograms.

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And the positive reviews of this device from those who already lost weight thanks to it – is also a weighty argument in favor of its acquisition.

How to do

To do exercises with hula-hoops quite easily. If the Hoop is flexible, then you need to give it the desired shape. To do need at least 2 hours after a meal. During training, the legs have to stick together, so that the load was just on the abdominal muscles. Move smoothly, not to hit. To start you need five minutes a day, gradually increasing the time to 30-40 minutes.

If you use a special Hoop «Make the waist», the maximum effect can be achieved by performing the following exercises:

  • rotate the projectile in different directions, first take 10 turns to the right, and then the same to the left. With this method you need to change the direction of motion 30 times. Just running 2 approach;
  • start spinning the Hoop while small steps move around the room for five minutes. The exercise is done in 2 approach;
  • when you get to spin a hula-Hoop, try to start to sit down, and then vibrates, it does not stop rotating it. Repeat 15 times in 3 sets.

Disadvantages of shell

Hoop for weight loss «Make the waist» has one drawback, which applies to beginners. Is that during the first class on the body can bruise. In their reviews a lot of the girls notes that often bruises appear abundantly on the abdomen and flanks, that’s why they have to stop exercising.

However, the fear and stop exercise is not necessary, because with time you get used to it, and the bruises stop appearing. Keep training, the bruises will eventually fade, but new no more. Don’t be lazy, continue regular exercise, even when visible results and watch your diet.

The responses of the buyers on the trainer, «Make the waist»

Let us know what they say about Hoop those girls who have experienced it.

During my school years I was, to put it mildly, not skinny. Over time I got used to what I called «chunk» and recommend «a little disappoint» and ceased to pay attention until I was a young man. He didn’t say anything about this, but I decided to get in shape. At first, I start with reviewing your diet and eating fat. Then the Hoop «Make the waist» and became involved. The result: minus 9 pounds in three weeks. It’s just incredible!

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Tina, Ekaterinburg

The hoops I’ve been using for a long time. Regular metal I have been used to support the body in good shape, then turned on the massage, and now also flexible, which helps to shape the waist and other parts of the body.

Galina, Moscow

I used to have a noticeably protruding stomach and hips, I was greatly annoyed. Decided to buy a wide Hoop, which well affects a large part of my problem areas. For meat I did for 15 minutes in the morning and evening, eventually, the waist is «gone» by 5 centimeters. Now do regularly.

Elena, Krasnoyarsk

Naturally, the method of training with the Hoop may not be suitable for every girl. To understand what classes you are going to benefit, take a picture of yourself before the start of training and take a photo after each class. If you see positive momentum, continue to engage and increase the time of exercise.