Fitness bars from nestlé: product composition, nutritional value and reviews about diet product

Most people today strive to have a perfect body, good health. Many of them attend sports clubs, lead a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition is a key component of success in achieving good results. In this regard, many manufacturers began to produce a variety of products designed for diet. Among these products include candy bars nestle fitness. What kind of bars, what is their composition and how they operate, what the reviews about this food product?

Products Nestle

For nearly 150 years, nestlé produces food products that are of high quality. Company tries to produce healthy food and promotes modern society the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Most of the products Nestle baby food, but there are also a range of food products and for people of different age groups. Such a product is nestle fitness bars are designed for active sports people.

Lovers of Breakfast cereals from nestlé are able to evaluate the taste of the fitness cereal and leave your comments on the product. Now manufacturers began to produce another type of dietary products, fitness granola bars. They look very appetizing. In addition, cereal in their composition also include dried berries, chocolate. The variety of flavors presented bars will allow you to pick every favorite variant and enjoy its pleasant taste.

According to manufacturers these bars will help get rid of extra pounds. They are best used as snacks.

The composition and caloric content of bars

There are three kinds of bars with whole grains and chocolate, strawberries and simply whole grains. Externally, the product looks very appetizing. The weight of the bar only has 24 grams of it is enough for snacking. It is composed of the following ingredients:

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  • grain products (whole grain wheat, rice, flour derived from whole ground corn, oat, rice flour);
  • chocolate (skim milk, sugar, some grated, cocoa oil, serum dairy dry);
  • glucose syrup;
  • dry strawberries;
  • barley malt extract;
  • palm and sunflower oil;
  • glycerin;
  • vitamins and minerals;

According to the description of manufacturers, the bars contain high amounts of fiber and low fat. Contained in whole grains fiber is able to regulate the digestion process, which helps to maintain a normal body weight. Due to the complex carbohydrates the body quickly becomes saturated and not feeling hungry because they are slowly digested by the body.

The composition is enriched In b vitamins and vitamin D , as well as the necessary calcium and iron. Bars great product with a balanced diet and active physical activity. Calorie fitness bar per 100 grams is quite high, it is 341,77 calories, including:

  • proteins 5, 21 g;
  • fat is 6.8 g;
  • carbohydrates — 62,69 gr.

Judging by the figures, elevated caloric bar it has a lot of carbohydrates. BDIM, the ratio by weight is:

  • proteins — 7%;
  • fats — 2%;
  • carbohydrates and 84.7%.

If you calculate the nutritional value of one bar, it will be a relatively low — 87 calories. It can be a good snack during the day without harm to the figures.

Reviews about fitness bars

The product is already appreciated by fans of the Breakfast cereals and make your own opinion by writing reviews about fitness bars. Opinions are very different about this dietary product. Many believe that this protein bar a good alternative to sweets, far more harmful in its content.

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Without a doubt, sweets are harmful to the figure and entire body, but to abandon them. Decide to buy the nestle fitness bars to try. Its composition cannot be compared with the Fitness cereal for weight loss. The bars are suitable for snacking between meals. This is especially true for those who lead an active lifestyle. The caloric content of the product is not much impact on weight in good physical activity. If you seriously care about the number of calories consumed per day, then you should calculate the nutritional value of all menu for the day with this product.

Julia, Orenburg

Almost two year paying serious attention to her figure, so tried many diets and various power systems. During this time realized that it is necessary to properly count calories and control their quantity in day. Bought nestle fitness and have not regretted. The taste is very pleasant and calories compared to other sweets a bit. Liked the strawberry version.

Daria, Omsk

First tried the nestle fitness with chocolate and I really liked the taste. I’m a big fan of sweets, so often buy chocolate and other sweets. This option has become for me a real godsend, because it’s a bit of chocolate. Cereals perfectly saturate the body, which is very good as a dessert or snack, when you frequently play sports or just be active. I think it’s a good and harmless if you eat this type of sweets 1 2 times a day.

Anastasia, Rostov-on-don