Fitness diet for athletes: the basics of a healthy diet during training, the correct menu for each day

Many people know that professional athletes and fans should give priority to nutrition and special diets, which allow you to keep yourself in perfect physical shape.

Looks like a healthy menu every day for female athletes that you need to consider when preparing your diet during exercising, we will see below.

Terms of compliance with diet

Fitness diet for women who exercise regularly, based on correct and healthy nutrition. It is suitable for everyone who wants to get in great shape with sufficient physical activity.

However, making your menu for each day, athletes should still take into account the fact that the body needs to nourish healthy ingredients that strengthen muscles and support the tone.

A healthy diet of the athlete should be planned taking into account such moments:

  • the diet should be varied and include different products. Make a list of your favorite healthy foods and eat them every day, alternating and combining in its sole discretion;
  • to cook food should be properly cooked the Fat content of meals should not exceed the permissible limits according to your diet. Also, other components of products such as minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins should also be kept within acceptable;
  • practice fractional power. Your intake for the day split into 7 small portions and eat them every couple of hours;
  • don’t eat before bedtime. The last meal possible up to 10 hours;
  • consume only natural and fresh products. Meals for athletes for fat burning should not include fast food, processed foods and so on.

Diet of athletes in muscle mass and weight loss

Whether you are a professional sportsmen or only started going to the gym, consider your future menu that will help you remove weight and strengthen muscles. When composing a diet for each day, it is necessary to include those foods that contain such components as:

  • carbohydrates – they are necessary for giving energy to the body. It the need every day for the athlete is calculated at the rate of 5 to 10 g per kilogram of body weight;
  • proteins. Maintain lean muscle mass using protein or proteins. Proteins in the athlete improve performance during exercise and help repair damaged tissue. Energy from protein intake receives about 13 percent. The daily amount of protein is at a medium level of physical load of 1 g per kilogram body during intense workouts – twice. Do not overdo protein, to not put off the fat, and you don’t get dehydrated;
  • fats. They are a key source of energy, but their menu of the athlete should not be much. The allowable rate for each day is up to 30 percent of total calories. When excess fats the digestive processes are slowed down, and worsens the health condition;
  • water within one hour of an intense workout, the body may lose up to 2700 ml of liquid, and it comes out a lot in the urine. The drink should be athletic abundant;
  • minerals and vitamins are needed to your internal systems and organs were working normally. During intensive sports training of those substances contained in the simple food will not be enough. For performance it is recommended to use a special mixture, with which you saturate the body with minerals and vitamins and excess calories will not gain.
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Eating right before class

The athlete’s nutrition before and after workouts should be different from each other. So, before class, it is desirable to include in the menu the following:

  • fish with vegetables;
  • steak of lean meat with salad from vegetables;
  • poultry without the skin with rice or brown bread;
  • baked potatoes with vegetables;
  • egg white omelet with oatmeal;
  • yogurt or kefir.

But oversized dishes in large servings of soup or salad it is advisable to eat two hours before class, dense foods (cheese or cereal) to drink one hour before training. Half an hour before they allowed one pear or Apple, you can drink coffee without sugar or green tea that will allow you to turn the fat from special cells in the raw energy for the body. So during exercise will burn more fat and fewer amino acids, glucose and glycogen. You are not so tired after school.

What to drink before class

The athlete should drink water both before and after class and even to suspend them for drinking. This is very important because even slight dehydration will not give a positive result. Dehydration can be identified by such symptoms:

  • haunting feeling of thirst;
  • dry or cracked lips;
  • dry mouth;
  • dizziness.

If any of them stop at the time of exercise and drink water. Continue it when you feel better.

Be sure to drink a glass of water before starting your workout. During class you should drink water every 20 minutes to provide healthy hydration to your body when fluid loss from sweat.

The food of the sportsman after the exercises

Eating after a workout is necessary, so your figure is slender and athletic. It is preferable to eat within 20 minutes after workout because during this period in the body are the anabolic window, which metabolizes proteins and carbohydrates. All of the absorbed calories will be focused on recovery and muscle growth.

Choose a liquid carbohydrates, particularly the juice of grapes or cranberries. Also allowed carbohydrate diet no fat:

  • potatoes;
  • Fig;
  • jam;
  • vegetables;
  • fruit.

After a workout you need to saturate yourself with lean protein foods:

  • chicken;
  • egg whites;
  • low-fat cottage cheese;
  • cheese;
  • yogurt;
  • legumes.

Allowed raw fish. All of the above can eat within the hour after class. Permissible dose shall be placed on the palm of your hand. Within 2 hours after exercise is not recommended to use products based on caffeine:

  • tea;
  • coffee;
  • cocoa;
  • chocolate.

Diet for athletes losing weight

If you are in sports are not interested in building muscle, but only slimming, its menu should be planned like this:

  • squirrels do not eat 5 hours before class;
  • do not eat anything for two hours;
  • as many do not eat after;
  • protein meals 2 hours after a workout.

The results do not have long to wait. Don’t forget about special fitness diet. It is good that allows large amounts of food and does not cause health problems. Compliance with the conditions of this diet are:

  • eating five times a day without long breaks;
  • drink at least 2 litres of water a day;
  • dairy products eat low-fat;
  • the meat of birds and fish, sauté, boil or bake;
  • preferred fruits – citrus and green apples;
  • figure it is better to choose brown;
  • drink only the juice squeezed out.

Sample menu diet for each day

Remember that compliance with this diet is those girls who are not athletes, involves a regular exercise. If you do not plan regular exercise and fitness, then choose another diet.


Diet first day looks like this:

  • Breakfast – couple of eggs, oatmeal, glass of orange juice and low-fat cottage cheese;
  • second Breakfast – yogurt and fruit salad;
  • lunch – chicken, rice, vegetable salad;
  • snack – yogurt and baked potatoes;
  • dinner – fish stew, Apple and salad.


On the second day of the diet the following:

  • Breakfast – glass of milk, oatmeal and grapefruit;
  • second Breakfast – cottage cheese and banana;
  • lunch – chicken with rice;
  • afternoon snack – vegetable juice with bran;
  • dinner – beef with corn.


In this day menu may be:

  • Breakfast – milk, cereal, fruit, a couple eggs;
  • lunch – carrot juice and curd;
  • lunch – salad with chicken, potato, Apple;
  • afternoon snack – low fat yogurt with fruit;
  • dinner – fish, boiled beans and salad.


  • Breakfast – a glass of juice, scrambled eggs, oatmeal and peaches;
  • lunch – rice and vegetable juice;
  • lunch – meat Turkey with Apple;
  • snack – cottage cheese and salad;
  • dinner – chicken, lavash or pita, salad.


  • Breakfast – oatmeal, scrambled eggs and fruits;
  • second Breakfast – cottage cheese and banana;
  • lunch – fish with rice and salad;
  • snack – yogurt and fruit;
  • dinner – Turkey, corn and a salad.


On the sixth day you can eat the following:

  • Breakfast – milk, eggs, buckwheat;
  • second Breakfast – banana and cottage cheese;
  • lunch – fish with rice, salad and orange juice;
  • snack – yogurt and baked potatoes;
  • dinner – shrimp and vegetable salad.


The last day includes a diet of:

  • Breakfast – milk, a couple eggs, muesli and grapefruit;
  • lunch – a peach and Fig;
  • lunch – chicken, pasta, salad, orange juice;
  • snack – yogurt and an Apple;
  • dinner – beef and vegetable salad.

As you can see, nothing wrong with the fitness diet for athletes there, and it is suitable for everybody who loves sports and wants to bring the figure back to normal. The sport itself is very beneficial to health, and in combination with proper nutrition it will be doubly great.