Flax seeds for weight loss and detox — recipes and detoxification

Lose weight without efforts it is impossible. Usually for weight loss are various diet. A good effect is achieved when diet is used in conjunction with exercise. Nutritionists try to come up with the latest diet methods that you can use to become slim, graceful. Nature itself gives us many means by which excess weight will go effortlessly. A wonderful herb for excess weight loss is len, but how to use it to lose weight, we learn from the article.

Properties of flax seed

Since ancient healers used the flax for making various concoctions for health purposes. For that, he took the seeds of plants, as they possess unique and useful properties. Modern nutritionists were able to develop a new method to lose weight with flax seeds.

It is known that in the last century doctors recommended that their patients flax seeds for losing excess weight. Natural and safe product that helps to organize the work of the digestive organs, cleanse the body and lose weight. Seeds can rejuvenate the body and regenerate it if it is correct to use them.

In the seeds of flax contains a variety of nutrients:

  • vitamins a, C, E, F;
  • plant hormones and fiber;
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids;
  • polysaccharides;
  • fatty acids omega-3, 6, 9.

Few plant foods contain a rich source of fatty acids like omega. These substances give the possibility to obtain the necessary body fats by eating seafood and fish.

The unique properties of flax helps to normalize lipid balance, enhance immunity, improve the condition of the skin and hair. The seeds of flax contain minimal amount of carbohydrates, so are a great tool for the diet.

Useful properties

Flax seeds are an effective and inexpensive product for better health and weight loss. Currently, this herbal remedy was applied in many problems:

  • improving the functions of the digestive system, fiber helps in quick bowel movement;
  • high content of lignans, this substance prevents the development of cancer cells;
  • strengthening of vascular walls;
  • normalization of cholesterol prevents the bad cholesterol absorbed into the bloodstream;
  • improving the functioning of the kidneys;
  • the elimination of the inflammatory processes in the digestive organs;
  • a good remedy for high blood pressure.
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The seeds have a mild laxative effect and speed up metabolism, which is very important in weight loss. Amino acids and omega-3 fats do not allow you to absorb the fats and burn extra calories. Seeds take away the feeling of hunger, because once in the stomach, they swell, creating a feeling of satiety.

Recipes to lose weight with flax seeds

All recipes to lose weight with flax seeds is pretty simple, so to apply them is not difficult. There is a folk recipe with two components — flax seeds and corn silk. They brewed together and make a decoction, which needs to be drunk as a tea. This fee will eliminate flatulence and improve bowel function.

To reduce appetite and feeling of satiety it is recommended to use flax seeds with yogurt. The recipe is simple and available for everyone who wants to lose weight. You must daily eat 100 grams of flax seeds mixed with yogurt or natural yogurt. First week — 1 tsp of seeds and 1 Cup of yogurt, and then every week increase the amount of flax seeds 1 spoon. So, take yogurt with seeds within 3 weeks. Kefir drink you should drink 1 time a day. Eating yogurt with grains instead of dinner, you can achieve weight loss, great results much faster.

Very effective and flax seeds, which are used on an empty stomach before Breakfast. You must eat 1 spoon of the product, it is good to survive and drink their clean water.

Good action have milled grain, so it is better to grind for consumption. Flour from plants can be added to various dishes. Most often flour is used:

  • when baking;
  • as a breading;
  • added to cereal.

You can also prepare a cocktail of three components:

  • len;
  • natural yoghurt or kefir;
  • kiwi.

You need to take 1 kiwi, peel it from the peel, grind in a blender. To the resulting mass add 1 teaspoon ground seeds and 300 grams of yogurt or kefir with no additives. All the ingredients are mixed and the cocktail for weight loss ready to eat.

Popular is a recipe for a drink based on orange juice. You need to cook 1 Cup of orange juice, add 1 spoon tablespoon of milled seeds. All thoroughly mixed and drunk at once.

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Very useful and tasty salad for weight loss. For this we need the following products:

  • Apple — 1 PC.;
  • pear — 1 piece;
  • seeds whole or ground Flaxseed — 2 tbsp;
  • a pinch of cinnamon.

The fruits are cleaned from the skin and cut into small cubes. They added seeds all sprinkled with cinnamon. This salad effective and tasty dish for weight loss.

Correct use of flax seeds

To get the desired effect of a plant-based product must be properly applied. There are two kinds of seeds:

  • gold;
  • brown.

First imported from abroad, so the price is more expensive. The nutritional value is the same. Take seeds for 30 minutes before eating, then this will lead to a feeling of satiety and reduce appetite. The starting dose should be only 3 grams and gradually it can be reduced to 30 g for 1 admission. Recommended per day to consume up to 90 grams of product, dividing it into three stages.

In the ground grain will be better and easier absorbed by the body than whole. They can be easily crushed in a coffee grinder to the desired state. It is advisable to do this before the meal. The crushed grains better absorb and digest, if they add to various dishes. Stored grain is best in the freezer. In such circumstances, they will still have all the nutrients the cold will serve to protect them from oxidation.

Because beans contain a significant amount of fiber they are getting into the stomach swell. For this reason, it is recommended that seeds be sure to drink water or any other liquid. If you don’t do can cause constipation.

In any case do not exceed the allowable dosage because of the desire to lose weight quickly. It would be correct to include in daily menu the flax with half tablespoon a day and to do it gradually, not overloading the body. Even when the digestive system is already accustomed to the of grains, the daily rate shall not exceed the permissible dose. The excess of seeds prevents the absorption of other nutrients by the body. Large doses will bring health harm instead of good. You cannot expect a very quick weight loss, Whole process is not fast, but very effective and, importantly, that when used correctly flax dropped pounds will not come back again.

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This wonderful herbal product has many positive characteristics, but it has also contraindications. Before proceeding to its use for weight loss and health improvement it is better to come on reception to the doctor and be confident in the absence of contraindications. Obstacle can serve the following diseases:

  • hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver;
  • inflammation of the eye cornea;
  • certain diseases of the intestine;
  • cholecystitis and pancreatitis in a heightened form;
  • the presence of stones in the gallbladder and kidneys;
  • during pregnancy.

If you have diabetes, flax seeds can be taken only in small doses. Limitations and cautions relate not only to the bean plants, and linseed oil.

Remember that grain is better to use as a dietary Supplement and not replace other types of products. Oil and grain are good to use and after weight loss. This technique helps to consistently maintain an optimal weight and be in good physical shape, feel confident and comfortable.