Food combining diet for weight loss menu planning for the week, reviews and results thinner

Probably anyone familiar with magic pills, exhausting workouts and starving diet for weight loss. But in spite of the cult of the beautiful body, the problem of excess weight not lost relevance. Are you looking for a safe and effective way, which will lead you to the ideal? Having mastered the menu, separate food for each day, you will easily come to a form and save the necessary amounts for life.

The main differences separate food

What is the diet during the separation of power? The scheme works due to the fact that the human stomach during the evolution was able to learn how to recycle food of various types, producing the necessary enzymes. However, for the digestion of different foods is considered ideal and a variety of conditions.

To properly make the menu for weight loss for each day, a separate food implies some knowledge about the feature of the digestion to lose weight and lose weight. Thus, proteins are broken down in the acidic environment, and carbohydrates – alkaline. The interaction of these environments in the body it is impossible, therefore care must be taken that the stomach bread was done separately from the meat. A separate food – thought-out system that is built on scientific facts to improve your health, lose weight and lose weight.

If all incoming products in the body will be absorbed only partially, the person will need to put up with discomfort. Indigestion and constipation can be easy to forget if you use a separate supply. Try a week to eat protein foods apart from the foods that contains carbohydrates.

What to consider when composing the diet of a separate food?

Having decided to use for weight loss food combining diet, diet for every day you don’t have to do yourself.

Separation of power is a popular system that is quite logical if to consider that with her for a week, you can effectively get rid of excess weight. Make your own or use the finished menu.

If you diet for weight loss for each day, do not forget the main rules. Separate food is difficult only in the beginning. In the process, when a person gets used to his new diet, it becomes much easier.

  • It is forbidden to combine different types of protein (plant and animal). A separate supply means to consume protein foods separate from one another. It is not necessary to pour milk meat stews.
  • Per meal is completely forbidden to use products where the starch (rice, pasta) with protein foods (for example, squid or meat). A familiar combination? Your diet for weight loss every day should be pasta with seafood or risotto.
  • Fruits should be consumed separately from other products. The cantaloupe and the watermelon separate food prohibit use with any other Cucurbitaceae fruits and vegetables. These foods you can eat 30 minutes before main meal.
  • Fried vegetables can be eaten with potatoes, boiled rice or meat dishes (fish, egg). Salads can be diluted menus for weight loss every day, if the system of separation of power seems very kuchennym option to quickly get rid of excess weight and lose weight.
  • Separation of power does not allow the combination of sour and starchy foods, as their processing the stomach produces a variety of environments, which cancel each other out. Don’t forget that during the preparation of the menu.
  • Oil (sunflower, linseed, olive) separation of power allows the use of vegetables and foods that contain starch. In other words, the menu for each day can be a tomato salad with dressing, enriched with vegetable fats. He will not be able to stop you quickly get rid of excess weight.
  • Any fats significantly slow down the digestive process. Do not use when cooking «heavy» meats, vegetable oils, especially if you want to lose weight quickly.
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A separate food menu for each day

There are so many options menus for weight loss every day. All of them are created by people, for which a separate supply is the principle normal life, and not only option to get rid of excess body weight.


In the morning, allowed to eat fruit salad, which is made from sour berries. As ingredients food combining diet enables you to use kiwi, peaches, plums, nectarines, apricots, grapes, strawberries.

If you need to get the first item in the diet has traditionally been a mess, not wanting to move away from your habits during the transition to a separate food, it is better to give preference to the cooked oatmeal on the water.

Not forgetting that involves a separate power supply if you want to eat for Breakfast watermelon (Cm. Wikipedia: Fruit — melon, oval, spherical, cylindrical, or flattened form; the color of the bark from white and yellow to dark green with a pattern of spots, stripes, netting; flesh crimson, red, pink, rarely yellow and white. The melon morphology (structure) similar to the berry ), then do not use any other products.

Great Breakfast – plain scrambled eggs or scrambled eggs with greens. Create menus for weight loss every day so that the products are not very often had a recurrence, otherwise the system is quite quickly you get bored, and there is a great risk that you will return to the usual mode, leaving a separate power supply. And even when you have managed to get rid of some extra pounds, the weight will come back.


For lunch make a salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, greens. It is allowed to combine the dish with a protein food.

In the afternoon you can eat a piece of kiln fish made steamed or boiled breast (fillets) chicken.

Alternate protein foods when making diet for weight loss for each day from carbohydrate. Eat pasta, unsteamed white or wild rice, baked potatoes. The pasta is not at all harmful to people who want to lose weight.

If you don’t like salad, in olive oil to roast vegetables. Perfect tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant. To the stew, prepare a product that contains starch (rice, pasta).


Separation of power is not much limit you in cooking dishes. The most important to learn the rules of combining different products to correctly create a menu for each day.

The first thing you must perform is to choose between carbohydrates and proteins. If at lunch time you ate fish, then in the evening, prepare on the table a boiled rice with vegetables. This is the best option for people who want to lose weight.

Make mashed potatoes. This tasty food that goes well not only with cutlets. By the way, meatballs can be prepared not simple minced meat and rice with onion, buckwheat, carrots. Experiment – separate meals must not be monotonous in your diet.

If you want to quickly lose weight, it is best to prepare a light meal. Although the split power is used not only by people who dream to lose weight.

Separation of power: how to make a menu for each day?

We’ll say it again that the main principle which distinguishes separate meals from the rest of the building options menu – the separation of the major products that humans consume, in three basic types:

  • products which include a large number of carbohydrates;
  • neutral foods;
  • proteins.
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Last group: nuts, fish, legumes, eggs, seafood and dairy dishes. Pretty hearty food. A couple of burgers, baked salmon – a diet can be quite interesting. Very simple to figure out what to cook, in order not to repeat every day.

The second group, carbohydrate: fruits, potatoes, cereals, sugar, sweet pastry.

The neutral group includes all fats of animal origin, cheese, greens and cheese. Separate meals can help not only to get rid of excess weight, but also gain the required body weight without damage to the body.

Power system prohibits some familiar to many dishes. Thus, separation of power prohibits the consumption of sandwiches with cheese, meat, ham; risotto; meat dishes with potatoes. This is a completely incomplete list. Make sure when you plan diet for weight loss every day, all the rules are done.

Great attention should be paid to the desserts that are consumed. Nuts are quite often seen in baking: do not eat these dishes. By and large, not only the separation of power implies forget about this kind of food: any diet that helps to get rid of excess weight, implies the same.

Don’t forget the main rule that must be observed, moving to the food combining diet: do not eat too much, and you can very easily and quickly lose weight. If the menu will be a lot of carbohydrates, then you will not only work quickly get rid of unnecessary weight, you gain it.

Try to change your habits at least a week. Only one week, follow the rules, which prescribes the separation of power, and you don’t even notice the switch to a modified diet. You’ll probably miss a Cup of yogurt after a snack meatballs, sauce with starch or flour. But, most likely, will not return to the previous nutrition.

Making a diet for weight loss each day will make sure that the menu was balanced. Your main goal is to preserve the health. This is what makes people go on a healthy diet and, of course, desire to lose weight.

The rules much more than we describe in this article. But you will have to determine what it would mean for you to separate food. Some people need a few points, as many regulations to comply with is very difficult, and to get rid of excess weight and you can lose weight without it. Try to diet for weight loss for each subject to these requirements!

Food combining diet: advantages and disadvantages

If you have decided to lose weight in a week, then a separate food – not the most ideal option for you. Yes, the method definitely will give you the opportunity to get rid of annoying pounds and become slimmer, but the results were more effective, you need long time to work.

Separate nutrition is a lifestyle, not a diet, just enough so you can get rid of excess weight. If you decide to follow the rules of 10-15 days, and then return to normal habits, you do not need to torture your body, forcing it to adapt and adjust to the new food.

It is useful to consult to know the reviews of the doctor. An experienced doctor will tell you how best you’d better get rid of extra pounds.

What results to wait from a separate power supply?

  • You will forget about constipation and bloating;
  • Stop fermentation in the stomach, if it was you;
  • Will be able to lose weight.
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As the reviews say, at first you will accompany the hunger, but it’s absolutely not a reason to refuse further experiment. Diet is what the body must get used to. Even fasting days you must do with some frequency.

Don’t be afraid to change your menu. Yes, you will not be able to eat more fragrant dishes of fish and rice. About the rolls the eggs too should be forgotten. But you will discover the taste of other dishes, and maybe you’ll love it. You should be able to get rid of excess weight!

Lose weight on a separate feed!!! It is an effective and efficient result whoever, that the reviews have said! Saw girlfriend melted on the eyes for several months, she sit on that food, though not for long, as just recently finished a baby to feed. It helps! You can have it all, but at certain times and a brownie and a chocolate bar, please, but, as they say, each product of your day, it’s not a diet, not harmful and healthy food.

Lena Krivoy Rog

Keep separate food for two weeks. Lost already 5 kg, blown away on the eyes, fat under the skin became soft. The piece takes shape. The beginning of his hypertension. The pill: magnesium, potassium. And doing a short jog in the evening and morning. If you still use the breathing exercises bodyflex, the result will be even better. I did, the result was stunning. But now I’m not allowed.

Natasha Moscow

I agree with the reviews of doctors, separation of power there are some drawbacks, the usual dishes have to consume to fail. I sat in on a separate feed, felt good and was slim but after pregnancy caring for the baby beginning to take a lot of time and effort, and I switched to normal food (pasta with meat, patties with potatoes, etc.).

I could not understand why began to emerge of problems with the digestive system, the FGS tests and the ultrasound said I was healthy, the problem was that the body is just used to separate menu and began to fail. Can opinion safe to say that separate food is a way of life, when your family love potatoes with herring, and you give them all the time it is prepared, then do not even try.

Marina Kiev