Food the first month after gallbladder removal menu diet recipes for a week

Human human body is Zelena system, and any intervention in it (even the smallest) can lead to a breach of this General condition. As a result, need to adjust their way of life. When a person cut the whole organ, in this case, bile is required to review their food, because it plays an important role in the process of digestion and intakes were normal.

Today, the removal of stones and gallbladder directly is not the most terrible problem that can occur in a person’s life. Without the gallbladder people long and well can live, it is only necessary to change taste preferences and to part with their certain habits.

How to change the digestive process?

The gall bladder is a kind of reservoir or tank which is intended for storing bile that appear in liver cells. From the liver bile constantly flows into long intestine, contributing to the stable digestion of fat-soluble vitamins and fats.

Most often gallbladder cut out in the case where there occurs formation of stones. But even after the removal of the bile the liver continues to produce bile, only now the body has no capacity to store it.

After cholecystectomy the gallbladder itself forced to take the bile duct. Because the capacity is missing, the bile, which is produced by the liver can not be concentrated and remain here some time, because it is continuously poured into a long intestine, which can lead to the emergence of inflammatory processes in the intestine, and the end portion of the bile duct.

In addition, in this case, the bile is significantly reduced number of enzymes required for fat digestion, because the food menu is bound to be eliminated very fatty foods.

That is, after the removal of gallbladder is required: first, to adhere to the special sparing diet and, second, to eat constantly, but in small portions to the bile by the body immediately used for its intended purpose, i.e. for the implementation of the digestive process.

The power menu in the first month after the removal of the bile

Diet after surgery for gallbladder has some features that will depend on what amount of time has passed after performing the surgical intervention and, most importantly, on the method of surgery (laparoscopic or conventional deletion).

During the first days after cholecystectomy, a person is prohibited not only make food, but even drinking any liquid. Allowed only water to moisten the lips, in the extreme case — to rinse the mouth with herbal infusions with no added sugar. This time you need to endure, especially in humans, as a rule, after surgery no appetite, because his body received a very significant load.

On the second day you can drink the water, and the infusion of a dogrose without sugar, but ensure that the volume of used liquid were not more than 1 l per day.

3 days later, that is, in 36 hours, in the diet you can add compote of dried fruits made without sugar, and possible unsweetened weak tea, yogurt low fat. Total fluid intake should be no more than 1.5 liters per day.

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Thus on the third day in the diet of the patient, you can add Apple or pumpkin juice, liquid mashed potatoes and pureed soup, made in a light broth. The amount of serving should be no more than 220 gr. first of all, eating is even less (a few tablespoons).

On the 5th day after surgery in the diet, you can add app cookies and yesterday’s bread from white flour. Starting from the sixth day of may consumption of pureed porridge made of buckwheat, oat or wheat cereals. Also on the menu, you can add cheese, dairy products, vegetables, mashed potatoes and chopped cooked meat or fish.

Starting from the eighth day after the operation, recipe dishes, you can slowly expand, but at the same time need to pay great attention to the breaks between meals was short, which corresponds to the six-session diet food. Fried foods should be removed from the menu, replacing them made a couple and boiled. Of course, you need to completely abandon the consumption of too fatty food or long gelatin: canned, smoked or smoked sausage, mushrooms, etc. Alcohol is also prohibited.

These restrictions should be in force for 2 months after surgery, but in the next you need to follow a proper diet to prevent the manifestation of negative symptoms on the part of the digestive system and the appearance of complications.

The basic principles of the diet

Often clear recommendations for compliance with diet after surgical intervention for excision of the gallbladder determined by the attending doctor, as it is necessary to consider the human condition, the presence of possible diseases of the digestive system and other factors. But what if the time of surgical intervention it took more than two months? To return to the previous way of life? Absolutely not!

The gallbladder will not be able to recover because it is necessary to consider this fact and try to stick to this diet to preserve your health and the health for a long time.

Diet after surgery for gallbladder must comply with these principles:

  • fatty fish and meat need to replace low-fat;
  • broth from meat during cooking soups need to replace vegetable. That is, soup or soup it is desirable to prepare vegetarian and fish or meat to consume as a main dish boiled;
  • sour berries and fruits should be replaced with sweet;
  • to include in the diet dishes of cheese and fermented milk drinks;
  • you need to drink plenty of fluids. And drinks and water must be slightly warm or to be at room temperature. From consuming very cold or hot foods and drinks should be abandoned;
  • it is necessary to reduce the consumption of strong tea and coffee or completely eliminate them from the menu of your food, as these drinks are irritating to the gastric tract;
  • food should be consumed slowly, each piece need to chew properly;
  • food must be fractional, small portions, after every 3-3. 5 hours. Better than the day to eat up to 6 times.
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Foods allowed in the diet for patients after gallbladder removal

Diet after surgery on the gallbladder means the intake of such food recipes:

  • second dishes made of boiled fish or meat;
  • the weak meat or vegetable broth;
  • app cookies, made with the addition of a small amount of fat;
  • cereals: wheat, oats, buckwheat and other (in addition to manna). These porridges can make milk, dilute it half with water;
  • sunflower or other vegetable oil in small amounts for salad dressings;
  • low-fat sour cream, cottage cheese, fermented milk drinks;
  • Apple cider or pumpkin juice. When the juice is very sour, you can stir it with boiled water;
  • vegetables (preferably steamed);
  • bread, yesterday, white;
  • mashed potatoes (without fatty sauces or dressings);
  • vegetable puree;
  • omelette made from egg whites.

In General, the list of approved products must conform to the diet №5, which is used during diseases of the liver and gallbladder.

Products prohibited for consumption

Alas, after cholecystectomy, a person will have to face some limitations. Diet after gallbladder of cutting implies a significant or total rejection of such foods:

  • the strong meat broth;
  • pork, lamb, beef, and other refractory animal fats;
  • greasy sausages;
  • smoked foods, pickled vegetables and pickles;
  • the pungent spices and condiments;
  • lamb and pork;
  • cakes, pastries, chocolates and chocolate;
  • goose and duck;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • canned foods (other than canned fruit);
  • mushrooms;
  • radishes, garlic, onions;
  • jelly, ice cream and other dishes that have a lower temperature: their consumption may cause spasm of the bile channels;
  • peas and beans: they have a high content of roughage.

Of course, no need to deprive yourself completely of delicious food. For example, in a dessert sometimes you can eat a piece of plain sponge cake (no custard). You can also make sour cream, and prepare the dough on a low-fat sour cream, but without adding to the product of margarine or butter. From the variety of recipes is necessary to choose such that during cooking, which adds a minimal amount of fat.

Regarding the consumption of raw vegetables and fruit you need to listen to your body. Some people after removing the can without harm to health and health to consume melons, strawberries, cucumbers or watermelons, and some people have the same products can cause intestinal upset.

It should not be forgotten that after the deletions in humans in the first weeks and sometimes months continuously may produce diarrhea. Moreover, it is necessary to pay attention to what food has been consumed in diet during the last meal, and subsequent to reduce their consumption or completely removed from the menu of your food.

Approximate nutritional menu

It should be noted that the menu described below can be used not earlier than 2 months after the operation. Up to this point, restrictions on consumption of food are required to be tougher. It is also necessary to consider that diet after cutting out the gall bladder should be long, perhaps only in the alternation of dishes that are allowed for consumption, and made according to special recipes.

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8:00 — Breakfast:

  • a piece of white bread yesterday’s baking with Apple jam — 120 g.;
  • buckwheat — 160 gr.;
  • weakly brewed tea 300 gr.

11:00 — second Breakfast:

  • juice carrot-Apple pulp — 300 gr.;
  • cottage cheese — 170 grams.

14500 — lunch:

  • the boiled chicken is 160 gr.;
  • potato soup with the broth, vegetables (without seasoning and spices, maybe adding a few Bay leaves into the soup at the end of cooking) — 260-320 grams;
  • bread — 160 gr.;
  • as a garnish puree of zucchini — 130 gr.;
  • weakly brewed tea 300 gr.

17:00 — afternoon tea:

  • bread — 120 gr.;
  • mashed potatoes — 220 gr.;
  • jelly — 220 gr.;
  • cookie app — to the 5 pieces.

20:00 — dinner:

  • kefir — 300 gr.;
  • baked apples — 2 pieces;
  • casserole or cheesecake — 220 gr.

Twice a week in the diet, lunch meats need to replace the cooked fish. The volume of food intake can be varied within certain limits depending on a person’s weight, his daily physical exercise and lifestyle.

Also, do not take at one time various protein products (e.g., dairy and meat or dairy or fish) — it can lead to increased intestinal gas production and bloating.

If there are doubts about the consumption of a particular product in a diet, you should consult with your doctor. In addition to regular meals, great importance should be given regular exercise, but weight training it is advisable to replace walks outdoors.

With the condition of refraining from excesses of food and proper nutrition in the process a rich festive feasts can be for many years to maintain performance and to prevent the serious complications after surgery, such as the appearance of gallstones or pancreatitis.