Ginger tea: how to prepare and drink green ginger tea for weight loss, the properties of the drink and the recipe

There is, perhaps, in the world to any girl who would not want to stay throughout their life beautiful. And, naturally, only desire is not enough. You need to tone your body and also in good mood and working pace. But at the same time we should not forget about the great gifts of mother nature, they will always be able to help people who are attentive to their health and want to be in great shape.

In this case, and the reflection in the mirror will start to give pleasure, and, respectively, and the rest of the people you will give a lot of joy, as the mood constantly depends on how happy with her appearance.

How to use ginger tea for weight loss?

In order to get the look brought really happy, consider one of the most best and famous today recipes for beauty and restore a slim and beautiful figure, even for those girls who were able a little to lose, and therefore have left all hopes to restore the lost weight and continue to ease. Do not hurry to get upset, there is always a way out of any difficult situation, and in this case – a very pleasant and appetizing taste.

You will not need to torture yourself with diets or dangerous to poison your body with various chemicals. Nature has long been thought out their methods of getting rid of the unnecessary pounds and weight regain most gentle and pleasant for the human body option — namely, ginger tea for weight loss.

If you still never heard about the ginger, especially, didn’t even know what this plant to make a tea for weight loss, you need to be familiar with this magical tool as close as possible. Have you ever noticed that in the East, for the most part, quite a few suffering from overweight and obese people.

This is because over the centuries, the population of this part of land is not its existence without consumption of tea with ginger. And only quite recently, people in Europe have adopted such a precious recipe with ginger tea for weight loss and was very surprised by the positive results and numerous therapeutic qualities of ginger directly. What nutrients and vitamins does not have in its composition it is an invaluable plant. The composition of ginger is:

  • iron;
  • calcium;
  • potassium;
  • zinc;
  • magnesium.

And various beneficial trace elements and amino acids that tone all functions of the body and accelerate metabolic processes.

The main curative effect of ginger is that it has a unique ability to regulate the digestive system and restore blood amount of cholesterol. And as the work of our body in the first place, will depend on the circulatory system, it is cleaning leads to a gradual withdrawal of excessive fat accumulation, and, respectively, and normalization of body weight, in General.

However, the use of ginger as and green tea for weight loss, you need to carefully and properly, so exceeding the required dosage sometimes leads to the opposite result, instead of the alleged healing and therapeutic. Ginger tea for weight loss should be consumed only before eating, so that the essential oil contained in the root of plants, reduced feeling of hunger, and thereby evoked the feeling of a certain intensity, not allowing you to overeat in the future.

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Options intake of tea, each person adjusts according to his own capacity. For example, many just like to enjoy three times a day with a Cup of green tea or ginger before eating, and some more useful to drink the healing beverage of necessity, SIP throughout the day. In any case, both consumption of this tea are effective and correct. Because, look, as you prefer and better, with your health and body condition.

Ginger tea for weight loss. The recipe and proportions

The preparation of green tea with ginger for weight loss will not take much time, just enough to spend 30 minutes and the drink will bring you a lot of pleasure and use, cleaning the body from contamination and restoring his power.

You will need only float, water and a good mood, so the drink brought you healing and favor. So, the recipe and how to drink ginger tea for weight loss:

  • You will need ginger root, test it beforehand on the quality and presence of rot and mold.
  • RUB using small grater half a Cup of root, add water in the amount of 550-650 mg and set the weight on a slow fire to boil. Sometimes I prefer cooking cut small pieces of ginger, but in this case, the part of nutrients this root is not seen as strong as it is with the mass, which is obtained by means of a grater.
  • Then, after boiling, leave the mixture to simmer on low heat for 12-17 minutes Is the minimum time for cooking tea. Those people who like stronger ginger tea, the boiling process increases up to half an hour. In this case, gets a drink special and the most robust flavor that is undesirable to consume for those who have stomach ulcers or have significant problems with urinary system and kidneys.
  • Your tea is ready, now you need to strain it, in order to prevent exposure to irritating substances of the plant. To improve the taste can add a little honey, in this case your drink will be not only useful, but also unique and extremely tasty. By the way, this is a great option that can be drunk to treat colds. Tea with ginger is like nothing else easy to cope with various symptoms of colds, banishing germs and viruses for a long time and quickly.

Contraindications to the use of ginger tea for weight loss

And still helpful as was the ginger tea for weight loss, but it also has certain contraindications and limitations. Because you need to be sensitive to the peculiarities of this drink is that its consumption will not bring more harm than good.

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Ginger tea is actually considered to be an excellent tool for weight loss. But if you have a disease such as nephrolithiasis or cholelithiasis, and especially the defeat of a stomach ulcer, it is necessary to abandon this beverage, as ginger root because of its rather sharp taste undesirable for consumption by people who suffer with problems of the gastrointestinal tract.

Moreover, it is not desirable, the consumption of tea with ginger, people who have cardiovascular disease.

And, of course, is completely contraindicated this drink lactating women, as a little edgy flavor of the root will be able to give the milk a bitter and sharp taste, as a result, the baby will refuse this breastfeeding. And what is more important your child’s health?! So dear moms who want to return to its former shape, have a little patience, let the child grow up, and the tea will still be able to continue to bring you much benefit when starting artificial feeding.

Slimming tea with cinnamon and ginger. Recipe

If you ever visited foreign resorts, you probably drew your attention to the fact that all visitors to the owners of the best hotels served tea with cinnamon and ginger. This drink has long been, especially in the East, is one of the most useful, delicious taste and healing. That is why they always treat the number of foreign tourists and dignitaries who visit these countries.

But in addition to its tonic and healing properties, ginger tea with cinnamon and has excellent cleansing properties that promote weight loss body and weight loss. Ginger along with cinnamon has quite a powerful effect, strengthens immunity, improves overall body tone, cleaning the body of excess cholesterol and reduce blood sugar levels. Therefore, cinnamon is not only a pleasant aromatic addition, which many are so accustomed to use in cooking and a great addition to ginger tea to restore your digestive processes and weight loss.

Cinnamon is also used in such a serious disease as diabetes as she almost has no contraindications, but a great impact on the metabolic processes of the body, in a relatively short time, restoring strength, removing toxins and burning fat accumulation.

Recipe tea for weight loss with cinnamon and ginger is pretty simple. You need to pour a Cup of boiling water 1 tbsp cinnamon. Let stand for no more than an hour, and then it is only necessary to mix with the already prepared pre-infusion of ginger root, not forgetting to put 1 tbsp. of honey. Pay much attention to this nuance. Exactly honey, as only in combination with this product cinnamon gets its great healing power, otherwise it will only be a fragrant and tasty drink.

It is better to drink slimming tea with ginger powder or root?

Today the consumption of ginger root, in the same way as the powder from this magical plant is becoming increasingly common. Ginger root has such unique substances as logop and pinheiral, it was during their effects, ginger tea has a great, unique properties that contribute to the process of losing weight.

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But if you have no ability, effort or time to make tea from the root of this plant, it is possible to use ready-made powder composition, it can be purchased at any pharmacy. On the box is detailed instructions on how much and how to drink powder of ginger root. The finished powder is in no way inferior in their cleansing and healing qualities of ginger root. It has a broad spectrum of actions, such as:

  • A powerful antioxidant and antidepressant;
  • Antibacterial action;
  • Slimming and cleanser;
  • Means for increasing the activity of the intestines;
  • Great antitumor effect.

Cooking slimming tea from ginger powder will take you much less time and effort than the process of directly grinding the root. Enough only 1 tsp of powder to pour a Cup of boiling water, let stand about 5 minutes, and medicinal drink can begin to restore your body. Quite enough to drink this tea for weight loss throughout the day 4-6 cups. Optionally, you can put a little honey or lemon juice.

But in any case do not take a tea with ginger powder or root before bed, as it has a powerful tonic effect and in this case you will need everything to expect in the morning or to alter many things, forgetting about normal sleep until the next day.

A great tool for weight loss as directly ginger root and powder of this plant. And if you approach the issue of restoration of health and beauty while using this product correctly, it is possible to achieve simply stunning results. In this case, the morning will begin with a smile, and people will be delight to look after you, admiring your grace, harmony and beauty achieved through consumption of tea from ginger root.