Grass mistletoe ivna and lime for weight loss: the recipe for the broth, and thin

Today, medicine is developing rapidly, the development of new drugs from different problems, but people began to have more trust in natural remedies, and among them the important place occupied by lime and herb mistletoe for weight loss. Feedback about these tools say that it can really help to gain good shape and to lose weight.

White mistletoe willow: description

Mistletoe has long been famous for their healing qualities. It is believed that this plant helps guard against various health problems. This plant was given a special name – «the cure of 100 diseases». Probably the most positive functions of white mistletoe is the ability to stop the bleeding and counteract toxic substances.

To use this herb not only externally but also internally, through a variety of decoctions and teas. Mistletoe yuna enjoys a great reputation among herbalists. The composition of the plant enriched with various minerals, acids, carotene, alcohol, and other substances that have a positive effect on health and overall on the body.

But it helps the mistletoe bough for weight loss? The doctors say that people who took plant actually lost weight. This is due to the fact that mistletoe has fat burning effects. The broth with the land have been allotted mistletoe helps to clean the body of toxins and impurities, thereby improving the metabolic process of substances in the body.

The composition of the plant gives opportunity to conclude that it really can help to cure some diseases, including to remove excess weight and lose weight.

Useful properties of white mistletoe

This plant, notwithstanding its name, is not exotic or rare product. But in folk medicine, mistletoe white used relatively recently, and lime. Now this tool is considered to be one of the most important and popular in alternative medicine. Lovers of herbal medicine is also used this plant. From it is prepared broth, which can help to neutralize the poison during poisoning, reduce body temperature, stop the bleeding and to overcome headache.

We must not forget that time until the mistletoe began to heal the sick, this plant was designed for completely opposite purposes. In ancient Medieval times, this herb was one of the main guns from people who are versed in the poisonous drugs. With the help of white mistletoe, doctors easily removed her enemies. Mistletoe was part of the most powerful poisons that could kill a strong and perfectly healthy man.

But it often happens and so that the poisonous compounds in small quantities for the body pose absolutely no harm, and benefit. This, most likely, and was guided by representatives of folk medicine. And this created a positive effect.

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The healing properties of mistletoe white and now very few are confirmed by doctors and scientists, but it is not a barrier in the use of this herb by herbalists.

Also quite effective for weight loss mistletoe and lime. Reviews indicate that these plants can:

  • To increase the pressure, and this in turn makes the person more active and increase the energy charge;
  • To speed up the metabolic processes;
  • To improve the saturation of the body and reduce the feeling of hunger.


Often in descriptions of products with the addition of mistletoe is stated that this drink can completely replace the usual tea or coffee, and drink it is not limited number. These recommendations will only hurt the people who make the broth with the mistletoe for weight loss. We have already talked about the fact that in ancient times this plant was used as poison. Because an excessive amount of mistletoe is dangerous and harmful.

So can help for weight loss the mistletoe ivna? Reviews can be seen completely opposite. Some people claim to lose weight by using this herb quite possibly the most important to use it in the normal range, no less and no more. Patients who overdo it with this herb, often concluded their weight loss in the hospital. The plant can cause dizziness, vomiting and nausea.

You can also see a lot of people who have not received from consumption neither harm nor good. Talking about this doctors. Doctors do not consider this plant a drug for weight loss. Studies have shown that mistletoe can find a lot of bioflavonoids, tannins elements, but to accelerate the metabolism grass can’t. But to reduce weight, using a decoction of lime blossom and mistletoe can only be decreasing the calorie content of their menu.

Decoctions of with the addition of these herbs fills the stomach, thereby providing the sense of fullness and decreasing appetite. Also the broths a bit to increase pressure, which will make people more active. But consider mistletoe a versatile product for weight loss is difficult, especially because the plant will be able to harm.

First, the use of mistletoe is prohibited:

  • pregnant girls;
  • mothers who are breast-feeding.

How terrible would be the consequences for the health of mothers and their children – are not yet fully understood. But, not forgetting about the fact that the grass has been a common poison in the Middle ages, the risk is still not necessary. Boost energy also eliminates the use of mistletoe for patients with cardiovascular disease, because it accelerates the heart rate. People often use this herb high blood pressure. But have not conducted any studies confirming the effectiveness of herbal teas for weight loss during a blood pressure problem. Therefore it is advisable to consult a doctor. He’ll probably prescribe a different recipe with the addition of mistletoe, and probably completely forced to abandon the consumption of this product.

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Not recommended for weight loss mistletoe and liver disease. Even a small amount of venom can cause significant problems in these diseases. If after consumption of a decoction, nausea and dizzy, then you must quickly call a doctor. It is advisable to call an ambulance, but before her arrival to remove the poison from the body by drinking activated charcoal and causing vomiting. These simple steps can help not to repeat the sad experience of the Medieval users of mistletoe.

The use of lime and white mistletoe slimming

To be able to lose several pounds by using these herbs, you need to make a special broth. After learning this recipe, all subsequent steps will be only taking this drink.

The slightly boiling water neutralizes the poison, but exceed the dosage still not necessary. Just as we should not starve. To eat moderately, but not excluding from the menu the important products. The duration of the weight loss with this decoction lasts only 5 days. For this short period optimum performance will be lost about 4 kg weight. The main objective of this drink is to reduce appetite.

  1. On the first day. At the beginning of this course weight loss, you need to use a few lime leaves, add a liter of boiling water and steep. Made the broth to drink throughout the day, while consuming foods with little caloric value. Mistletoe at the initial stage not to touch.
  2. The second day. The next day, this kind of diet is necessary to clean up the side of lime. The recipe is the same as in the first day, but the lime leaves should be changed to the mistletoe.
  3. Day three. In this phase, the Linden and the mistletoe is used in equal parts, and all filled with 2 l of boiling water. Broth should be given time to brew and take it throughout the day.
  4. Fourth day. Here is used the recipe is the same as on the third day of weight loss. But the drink is you can add a spoon of honey. This will increase the results of weight loss and the taste of the broth.
  5. Fifth day. At the end of the diet, in addition of honey to the decoction add juice of lemon.

People trying to lose weight this way, really saying that mistletoe is effective for weight loss. To buy the leaves of mistletoe and lime at any pharmacy.

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Want to be beautiful experiment! But do it gently. Initially, it is advisable to consult a doctor about the use of such herbs like mistletoe. For weight loss it is no problem to use. The most important thing – to observe the rules of use of broth. In this case, you will be able to look gorgeous.

Mistletoe ivna and lime for weight loss

I really wanted to lose weight, but it can only harm the body. After searching the forums for diet, I have found a decoction of mistletoe white and lime. Natural ingredients, because the list of contraindications I decided not to study. The course weight loss only 5 days, and on the second I started vomiting and nausea. It turned out this product is prohibited for people with liver disease, and I and relate to them. As a result, due to the poisoning, I lost 2 kg of weight, but now decided to lose weight only by restricting food and sport.

Vika Kiev

This decoction I started to use on Sunday and Thursday have completed. What we liked is a nice taste of the broth, and if you add lemon juice and honey so do. And most importantly – the effect of weight loss. In 5 days I lost 3 kg weight and very satisfied.

Lena Rivne

I decided recently to use a decoction of Linden and the mistletoe. And in just 5 days I managed to lose 4 kg weight. The tool is actually effective. Mother, naturally, says it’s a young body and it all helps, but I am convinced that this drink will help people in different age.

Marina Moscow