Gymnastics for beginners: lose weight at home, the lessons and exercises in the video

Every woman wants to have an attractive figure. And each chooses for himself the sport by which she will be able to lose weight faster and which is most appropriate for it.

Today we will talk about the shaping, what are the lessons for beginners which videos are recommended to use for exercising at home and not only.

The concept of shaping

The name «shaping» comes from the English word shape , which literally means «form». Shaping is a kind of rhythmic gymnastics, which are aimed at weight loss and improving your shape.

There are a large number of programs and systems for weight loss, some of them designed by well-known models.

The most well-known lessons from the stars: video

Still not losing the relevance of the lessons from the model Cindy Crawford, which was released on cassette under the title «the Secret of the ideal figure» for more than 20 years ago. Thanks to this video every housewife or mother in the decree had the opportunity to realize their dreams for losing weight, doing at home.

Lessons from Cindy Crawford includes the following video trainings:

  • the first part, which includes warm-up, exercise for feet, forming the buttocks and breast exercises;
  • second part: General stretching exercises for the shoulder girdle and hands, press;
  • third part: 10-minute exercises, which helps to fight with body fat and maintain muscle is normal.

The lessons do not give instant and easy results in terms of weight loss. To do them several times a week.

There are still a few courses on video from Crawford, which, if desired, can always be found on the Internet.

Other lessons for the shaping in the video

In addition to the lessons from Cindy Crawford, many trainers for exercises for weight loss at home recommended to be based on the following:

  • program from the Marina Leonova;
  • classes from Ekaterina Sergeeva (have health restrictions, age up to 55 years and 16 with established menstrual cycle). Lessons are held in two stages: first is program to burning fat, then to build and shape muscles;
  • lessons from Elena Zaitseva. Exercise videos you can take into account both professionals and beginners. Classes are suitable to all, without age restrictions, the program also has elements of aerobics;
  • shaping from Claudia Schiffer is incredibly beautiful video with a wonderful grace the famous model. First lessons are aimed at shaping the upper body and then lower;
  • lessons shaping by Jillian Michaels include weight training, cardio, and crunches.
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In addition to these video tutorials on shaping, on the Internet you can find many others that most will suit you.

Classification of shaping

Shaping has the following types:

  • therapy sessions for the treatment of obesity, osteochondrosis and other diseases and rehabilitation;
  • choreography – the improvement of the shape;
  • body shaping;
  • age;
  • shaping Yuni for children and adolescents.

Gymnastics for beginners

If you are just beginning to engage in this sport, the classes should be regular. They may be infrequent, but constant. Choose simple exercises, the repetition of which for half an hour will not get you difficult. Follow the heart beat, the rate should not exceed 150 beats per minute.

Among the best exercises for beginners can be identified such:

  • slowly sit down from a standing position, but only by half. Leave the back straight;
  • do your right foot a step and squat. Return to original position and repeat with left leg;
  • lie on the floor and bend your knees. Then slowly raise the buttocks and the spine;
  • rotate around the waist hula Hoop for 15 minutes, then flip your legs up as high as possible and do a few laps;
  • heel connect, and put socks apart. Then go up on your toes and squat down, knees apart in hand. Then again rise on socks higher;
  • put your feet on a big rubber ball and put her hands on the floor. Slowly bend your arms and descend down to the spine was smooth;
  • lie down on your belly and stretch forward hands. Relaxed raise your upper body and back to the starting position;
  • lie on the floor with dumbbells in hand, raise and lower them with outstretched arms;
  • take a stick and thrown over the shoulders, legs are on width of shoulders. Case turn first one way, then the other;
  • lie on the floor, and placed under the head hands. Slowly getting up and touch left elbow right knee. Repeat the opposite.
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Shaping allows for beginners to do at home. After some time you will certainly see and feel the result of their efforts.

The conditions for shaping at home

Naturally, your home needs to be a good alternative to the gym if you plan to engage in shaping the house. Requirements for the following:

  • make regular wet cleaning, ventilate the room, create a large free space;
  • preferably the presence of full-length mirrors;
  • choose to practice not only comfortable but attractive clothes, to make it easier to visualize the outcome of future weight loss.

Also take a photo before the start of classes and take photos of yourself after each one to observe the dynamics of their achievements.

What is the lesson?

Treatment methods at home should be performed according to a clear plan. Each session should begin with warm-up. It takes 10 minutes and may include rhythmic steps, lunges, running.

The second and main part of the lessons are exercises for different body parts. The same exercise can be repeated from 40 to 300 times for 5 minutes. Mainly exercises for these body parts:

  • press;
  • hands;
  • abdomen;
  • of the thigh;
  • buttocks.

The final part of the classroom – the hitch, during which you stretch muscles.

Music selection for classes

It is best to do the music. It needs to be dynamic and rhythmic, and positive, to guarantee a good mood. Try to choose tracks with no inserts and a hitch, this is especially important for beginners to music didn’t hit you with the rhythm. Optimum French – 32-bit.

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Music for the shaping must be flat: no inserts, chips and other treats.

The advantages of shaping slimming

The shaping is good because it not only lose weight but also to increase muscle mass. It is very important to eat right, the diet should include cereal products, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, nuts, eggs, meat. Don’t overuse protein products, otherwise it may adversely affect the process of weight loss.

When the classroom is not recommended to use:

  • coffee;
  • tea;
  • alcohol.

Fats should be severely limited.

In the end, you will have strong press, strong legs, tight buttocks and good health. Accordingly, you will become more confident, positive and joyful.