Gymnastics of the Tibetan monks «eye of the Renaissance»: watching the technique of the exercises

Gymnastics of the Tibetan monks «Eye of revival» for many years and enjoy popular all around the world. 5 simple exercises that you can do both women and men, help to improve your health and become more attractive externally and internally.

Today you will read the characteristics of each of the five exercises «Eye of revival», see the video and see what positive results can be achieved by regular practice.

What is «eye of the Renaissance»?

Knowledge about «the eye of the Renaissance» centuries were kept in the seclusion of the monastery of the Tibetan lamas. The world became aware of this practice after the release of the eponymous book by Peter Kelder. Gymnastics of the Tibetan monks, consisting of five (six) exercise was disclosed by the author in 1938 and still is popular all over the world.

Such ancient practices as the «Eye of revival» is relevant in the modern world, as many people lead unhealthy lifestyle and are too remote from nature, to accept its gifts. A sedentary lifestyle contributes to poor health, and problems with internal organs, joints and back. People become worse to eat a lot to hurt the person ages faster.

The development of civilization has a reverse side of the coin, which, alas, nothing good for our health not responsible.

Tibetan gymnastics «Eye revival» can help even when official medicine is powerless. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews online.

Who and how to engage in?

Exercise «Eye of the Renaissance» help to restore the vitality of man. Many experts believe that exercise performance can be enhanced, if during class to pay attention not only on the physical side, but also on the energy.

Who and when you can perform such exercises:

  • young people over 18 years of age;
  • elderly;
  • men;
  • women.

Practice «eye of the Renaissance» to 18 makes no sense, because at this age the body can maintain a healthy body even on their own.

The book is recommended to do the Tibetan exercises once or twice a day, e.g. morning and evening. They are ordinary exercises, but very effective. Better to start with a morning class because evening classes beginners can cause insomnia and agitation.


In the book «eye of the Renaissance» States that break started practice sessions is not recommended because it can rapidly deteriorate health. In fact, as with other physical activities.

Also there is a maximum number of repetitions of each exercise, – 21 times. But you should start with 3-5 repetitions, gradually increasing their number. Avoid adverse symptoms, if they appear, the number of repetitions recommended, this is especially important for beginners.

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The results of the practice

Tibetan exercises «Eye revival» consists of just five exercises, often called «ritual movements.» Here’s what the results show those who perform them regularly for a year and a half:

  • improved sleep;
  • reduces the number of outbreaks of negative emotions;
  • the muscles of the arms and legs become stronger;
  • waking up in the morning is easier, no drowsiness during the day;
  • almost no colds;
  • in women is cervical erosion.

And this is not all of the results that can be achieved by performing this set of exercises.

Description of exercise «eye of the Renaissance»

Below we present the technique of performing each exercise along with the video.

The first exercise

The algorithm perform the following:

  • be straight and stretch the hands to the sides at shoulder level;
  • rotate around its axis clockwise until you feel a slight dizziness.
  • It is recommended to start with three turns, with maximum 21 times. The purpose of this exercise is to promote energy vortices, and to accelerate them.

For transfering recommended break rotation 3 approach to acceleration occurred faster. Make one rotation, stop and feel your energy and guide it for further work. Tune in to what it is you cleanses and heals.

The second exercise

The following set is:

  • lie on your back (preferably on a carpet or soft warm bedding);
  • hands pull along the body;
  • palm press to the floor, the fingers should be tightly coupled;
  • raise your head and firmly press your chin to your chest;
  • leg lift directly vertically upward, the pelvis not tear off from a floor;
  • if all goes, but the legs do not just lift up, but continue to tilt them to the side of the head, while the pelvis starts to rise;
  • knees all the time is not bendable;
  • return to the starting position.

The muscles should be relaxed, try to feel how the energy fills you. In a moment of relaxation be sure to pay attention to this process.

Definitely need to coordinate your movements with your breath. Before the particular action you need to exhale so that the air in his lungs was not. When lifting the head and legs take a deep and smooth breath, when their descent – the same exhale. The effectiveness of gymnastics depends directly on the depth of respiration.

Exercise perform convenient number of times, but not more than 21. The important thing is to keep your legs as straight as possible. Muscle is necessary not only to strain but also to imagine with each breath you pass through a energy, which promotes healing and strengthening your body.

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The third exercise

As follows:

  • kneel;
  • the hips should be vertically straight, and hands behind the buttocks on the thighs;
  • the head is inclined forward, and the chin pressed against the chest;
  • head throws back and up;
  • stick out your chest and Flex the spine back, leaning hands on thighs;
  • back to the starting position, chin stays tucked in.

In this case, you need to strictly coordinate all actions with the breath. As in the previous case, before exhaled air from the lungs. When you back bend inhale, when you return to the starting position exhale. To inhale and exhale take a deep and full chest.

During exercises should concentrate on the key descendants of energy that run through your body. The upward flow is a little ahead along the spine, and descending a little behind him. Imagine how you rolled them energy, and they expand. When the breath energy going up and downward.

The fourth exercise

The fourth part of the Tibetan gymnastics «eye of the Renaissance» you should do this:

  • sit on the floor and pulling his legs straight at shoulder width;
  • spine straight, and your palms put on the floor on either side of the buttocks;
  • close the fingers and point forward;
  • head drop forward and firmly press the chin against the chest;
  • throws back her head all the way back and up;
  • behind her, raise the torso to a horizontal position;
  • the leg and hands at this time should stand upright by analogy with the feet of the table;
  • in this position, tense all the muscles of the body, then relax and return to their initial position by pushing the chin.

As with all other exercises, a key aspect in this case is the breath. Before the exhaled air, breathing it to smoothly and slowly when he flips his head, with tension of muscles breath holding and slowly exhaled while taking a starting position. During the breaks between the repetitions of the exercise, keep the same breathing rhythm.

In this ritual movement is the most important to fix the attention on the Central energy flows. When bending parallel to the ground and the muscle tension you need to run and actively pump energy, and then return to «suspended state», alternating between these two States.

The last exercise

The fifth exercise is as follows:

  • take the emphasis lying down and Flex the back;
  • the palm put at a distance slightly wider than shoulders;
  • aim ahead of your hands and roll the fingers;
  • feet put so that the pads of the fingers supported your position;
  • knees and pelvis to touch the floor need to;
  • bend your head way back and up;
  • translate the body in the position of an acute angle, the apex directed upwards, it is the fifth point;
  • at the same time pressed against the chest chin;
  • arms and legs should not bend;
  • return to starting position and repeat desired number of times.
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Always pay attention to how synchronized with each other movements and breathing. When you take the push-up position, exhale while bending, and then slowly inhale while lifting the body. Exhale slowly while returning to the starting position. During short stops at the extreme points you need to hold your breath.

Is it possible to lose weight with «Eye of the Renaissance»?

Many women, for sure, will immediately wonder whether this Tibetan technique to help them lose weight. The answer is Yes, moreover, many fitness instructors and gymnastics noted that this complex is one of the most effective and safe. So you can not only lose weight but also to strengthen the joints, ligaments and the entire body.

Therefore, those wishing to lose weight can safely practice Tibetan exercises to lose weight and clean up at least one size. The results will be noticeable, if you train once a day for about 20 minutes.

Skeptics about the mystery, «Eye of the Renaissance» and the ability to extend such ways of life, there are many. However, the fact remains: the above exercises are not harming anyone, just the opposite. But Tibetan monks believe that this is the person can take a gift the healing power of natural elements.