Healthy sweeteners: natural and artificial, some very good

Most people today want to be healthy, to be in good physical shape. Many sports, others sit on diets. What diet makes you give up sweets and sugar. It is replaced by sugar substitutes, they have become very popular product. Currently, there are more negative information about these products. Whether so it actually and what the sweetener is harmless?

What is the sweetener?

To give up sugar make for two reasons:

  • health;
  • the desire to lose weight.

Mostly for health reasons refuse, those who suffer from diabetes. Most do not want to eat sugar for fear of extra weight gain. Strong passion for sweet often catches a lot of weight and then there is the risk of developing diabetes. A large consumption of sweets leads to other diseases — cardiovascular, tooth decay, poor condition of the skin and mucous organs. After eating the sweet products starts to increase appetite, which eventually leads to weight gain.

The problem can be solved by eliminating sugar from pure, to use substitutes harmful product. Sweeteners can be natural and artificial. The first substitutes began to eat during the First world war, when sugar stocks was not enough for the needs of the population. Today, the product became very popular due to the lack of energy value.

Sweeteners give the dishes a sweet taste without using sucrose. It is best absorbed by the body natural sweetener. However, it has a significant drawback — high calorie. Almost all-natural substitutes have a natural origin. Among natural sugar substitutes include:

  • sorbitol;
  • fructose;
  • stevioside;
  • xylitol;
  • thaumatin;
  • lactose;
  • maltose;
  • Aladin;
  • monellin;
  • peloursin.

In a list of synthetic substitutes of sugar has got the following substances:

  • cyclamate;
  • saccharin;
  • aspartame;
  • Sucralose.

These substances have a low energy value, it is also called low-calorie product. On the exchange of carbohydrates in the body, they have little influence.

Review the best natural sugar substitutes

The benefits of these products is really big, and the damage is quite small. Have long been used sugar substitutes for diabetics of any type. In low doses, they allowed doctors. In its composition they contain 75% natural substances.

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Fructose is a natural sugar contained in honey, fruits and vegetables. It is sweeter than 1.2 -1.8 times than sugar, its caloric value is almost the same as sugar, but at the expense of sweetness in the food it is added in minimum quantity. This reduces the calorie intake and these properties of fructose allow to use it for diabetics because it does not increase the sugar level in the blood.

According to studies, fructose affects the level of triglycerides in the blood or increase body weight is not more than other carbohydrates. If you eat more norms and to be inactive, then it will harm to health, the rate per day of fructose the average is 30-45 Gy. It tends to emphasize all the advantages of fruit and berry dishes. It can even have children, because it is harmless to the body.

Sorbitol is found in many fruits and is not related to carbohydrates. To metabolize sorbitol, the body may, without the participation of insulin. Sweetness of sorbitol is less sugar in 2 times, and its calorific value is 2.4 kcal/g. it is Considered that no harm to the body per day can be consumed 15 g of sorbitol. If you consume above this norm, sorbitol may cause a laxative effect.

Erythritol is also called «papaya with sugar», it does not cause high blood sugar levels. Looks in the form of crystals, odorless, soluble in water. The caloric value of a substance is practically zero. It does not cause tooth decay, the organism easily tolerates even in excess. It often began to combine with stevia, since both substances give a pleasant taste.

Stevia belongs today to the most popular sugar substitutes. It is obtained from the homonymous plant that grows in South America and Asia. The product is sweeter than sugar, almost 200 times, has a specific grassy taste. Manufacturers of stevia have already learned how to purify the product from the fragrance of the grass, so he almost has an herbal aroma. The substance is also called honey herb, it has long been the people have learned to use to normalize the blood sugar level. It has no calories and it is absolutely safe for health, no contraindications.

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Artificial sweeteners

They are also called synthetic sweeteners as these substances do not exist in nature. They have a number of features:

  • low calorie content;
  • they do not affect the metabolism of carbohydrates;
  • when you increase the dose given extraneous flavors;
  • difficult to verify their safety.

Sucralose belongs to the latest types of artificial sweeteners. It is considered the safest substance to date, among this group of sugar substitutes. The substance is sweeter than sugar 600 times, it has no calories, it doesn’t raise blood sugar. It tasted like regular sugar and it is one of the main advantages of Sucralose. It doesn’t lose its quality during heat treatment. The result of numerous studies showed that the product is absolutely safe for adults, children, pregnant women and animals. The optimum amount of daily intake of Sucralose is 15 mg/kg of body weight. It is digested by 15%, and the next day completely eliminated.

Sweeter than sugar aspartame 200 times, has a minimal calorie content. About this substitute is still under debate, but there are no grounds to ban the product no. The only disadvantage of aspartame — it cannot be subjected to prolonged boiling or heating. High temperature causes it to decompose. In the product name indicates the daily dose, which you must follow in order not to harm your health.

Saccharin has a bitter aftertaste, sweeter than sugar in 450 times, without the calories. In the 70-ies there were many rumors and the harm to the body. This led the scientists to conduct numerous studies, and it was found that it is not injurious to health. Daily norm of consumption is 5mg/kg of body weight.

Cyclamate contains no calories and is sweeter than sugar by 30 times. It is produced by chemical means, and you can add it to the cooking process. Permitted daily norm — 11my/kg of body weight. It often was used in combination with saccharin, which gives a good and pleasant taste. Is less to use a day of both substances.

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Benefits and harms: the choice of sweetener

A lot of negative information about sugar substitutes appears lately, that’s actually not true. According to experts, it is important not to exceed the consumption of the daily dose of artificial sweeteners. If you do not use the guidelines appear to side effects, resulting in increased blood sugar levels and disorders of the digestive system.

Natural sweeteners are widely used by manufacturers of specific foods for diabetics:

  • biscuits;
  • wafer;
  • cookies;
  • candy and lollipops.

These and many other products sold in supermarkets are safe, but them to not get carried away. They contain no sugar, but abuse can lead to increased sugar in the blood.

Almost every supermarket has specialized departments with products made for diabetics. They can also be purchased online pharmacies. These products began to choose for themselves the people who take care of their health , to have harmless products. Buy the best products from known manufacturers that are in demand on the world market. They always produce products from high quality raw materials.