Herbal teas for detoxification: herbs for weight loss, rules of application, contraindications

The desire of the girls looks gracefully is understandable. But many are thinking about how to achieve the perfect sports form with a minimum of harm to health. There are many different ways to achieve this goal. One of the most popular is the use of herbs for weight loss that help in the short term remove the extra pounds.

The considered method of weight loss involves a complex effect on the body. Using herbs to restore the operation of all systems and at the same time, they affect the metabolism, diuretic system and the gastrointestinal tract depends on the weight of the person.

Classification of herbs for weight loss and their features

It is possible to allocate following groups of herbs that you can use for weight loss:

  • Grass, which is associated with a decrease in appetite and decrease in hunger. When they are in the stomach, it produces a special mucus that covers its walls. As a result, there is a feeling of satiety. The required effect can be achieved due to swelling of the herb inside the stomach. It also helps to trick the brain, telling him about the saturation. A similar mechanism of action have algae spirulina and flax seeds.
  • Herbs that provide a slimming effect due to the removal from the body of excess fluid. Many people know that when entering the body of excess fluids, it begins to accumulate in the fatty tissues. But, using special herbs, such as cranberry or horsetail, can be brought out. The most pronounced of these properties have the following herbs: caraway, dill and anise. If you regularly take them in the form of infusions and decoctions, and add fresh to dishes, pretty soon you can obtain the desired charm shape.

A special group are the plants that directly affect the digestion and fat cells. Similarly, there are corn silk and duckweed. Considering the variety of herbs and herbal teas for cleansing and weight loss woman will not be easy to make a choice. It is necessary to consider not only personal preferences but also health. Also help to choose can doctor.

How and in what proportions to use herbs to lose weight?

To use herbs for weight loss and cleansing the body can be in different form, but still very popular infusions. Equally effective and herbal teas that are not only very useful, but have a pleasant taste.

To prepare a drink for weight loss is very simple. Today, fees are offered at any pharmacy. If you know how to make normal tea, then surely with the preparation of the healing tincture for weight loss you will not have difficulties. The most simple way of preparing a beverage for slimming is the following: the selected herbal need to pour boiling water, give it brew for half an hour, and then strain. Take a drink 2-3 times a day before meal. The recommended dose of 1 Cup.

According to doctors, to accept these decoctions necessary in a diluted form. However, even if you first prepare herbal tea from herbal to cleanse, you can hardly do something wrong. To all herbal charges attached manual, which specifies not only the procedure of preparation of the drink, but also contraindications.

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The most effective and beneficial herbs

Traditional medicine can offer dozens of diverse herbs for weight loss. However, of most interest are the most effective.


Make this herb for weight loss and cleansing may be in different forms: as a tincture, aqueous infusion and decoction. Wintergreen is well-proven as a means for weight loss. When taken regularly are removed from the body of excess fatty deposits and toxins and wastes. This plant is valued because it has a pronounced diuretic effect.


This herb can also help those who want with a minimum of harm to their health to remove extra pounds. The effect of weight loss in the use of this herb is achieved by direct effects on the intestine. Infusions and decoctions of hellebore have a mild cleansing effect, it also removes up to 70% of harmful substances. To the best effect, it is recommended to take it in the morning on an empty stomach. Drink it in the evening is not recommended as it is best to this grass affects the body when it is still active.


This herb is among the commonly used plants for weight loss. It has a laxative effect, so in addition to use for weight loss it can help people suffering from constipation. However, to take it in moderation, otherwise it can lead to serious health problems.


Few fans of Herbology heard of this Egyptian plant, but experts can confirm that it is no less effective than the traditional herbs can help to get rid of extra pounds. The main method of its use in the preparation of traditional tea. Benefits this drink brings to those that displays the body of cholesterol, which impairs the metabolism and pollutes the blood. Known positive effects of this plant on metabolism, which is supplemented by the ability to remove toxins and decay products and other harmful substances, which complicate the process of losing weight.

Prepare a decoction of this plant is very simple: you need to take one teaspoon of dried leaves and add in the usual loose leaf tea. Also, this plant can be used as one of ingredients when preparing decoctions of herbs. But, given the complex composition of these beverages prior to consumption is recommended to consult with your doctor.


Quite well-known herb Garcinia which has healing properties. In drugstores it is available in the form of tablets, which simplifies its use. First and foremost, it must evaluate those people who because of lack of time, may not engage in the preparation of infusions and decoctions according to traditional recipes. The person may any free moment to take the pills without waiting for prepare a decoction or tea.

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Useful properties of this Indian herb for weight loss due to the rich structure in which there is a lot of microelements and substances acting on the digestive tract and metabolism. Among other plants that can be used for weight loss, Garcinia stands out the most a mild effect on the body.

Rid of cellulite with herbs

Many medicinal herbs and fees can help you not only lose weight but to get rid of cellulite. The solution to this problem can help all of the above herbs. And cook them very simply. They can be used as in the above-mentioned decoction and take with some herbal baths. The last option is of great benefit, since here not only the organism effect of active substances contained in herbs, but also provided a relaxing effect. To use this method to combat cellulite, you need to prepare normal saline or milk bath, and then add the infusion of herbs.

As a course of treatment, you’ll notice your skin will begin to change. Over time, the skin will become stronger, and through the pores to leave all harmful substances. To enhance the effect, it is recommended that before taking such baths to conduct a gentle massage using warming oils. This has a positive impact on blood circulation and open pores. The result of this procedure, after bathing your skin will get maximum nutrients contained in the herbal infusion.

After the massage, shower and then begin the process bathing. Usually enough 20 minutes of being in the water. For the complete course will need to take baths on herbal infusions for one to two months. More precisely, we can determine, knowing the individual characteristics of your body. After another herbal baths are recommended to take a light contrast shower, and then letting the body rest for at least 2 hours. Given this, it is desirable to plan the procedure for the evening when you prepare to sleep.

Herbs and fees from cellulite are a worthy substitute for the more expensive procedures, which can offer in the famous salons. Where they occur they may in the end effect. If you will regularly take these baths, it soon will gain a desired shape and a slim figure.

Who should not use herbs for weight loss?

Due to the rich, unique composition of herbs, where there are many macro and micro elements, to some it may seem that to accept them all. But it is not. Almost any tool has its own characteristics of application, which should be familiar before using. Especially careful need to be choleretic herbs. To abandon their use should be people with the following diseases:

  • Pancreatitis;
  • Hepatitis with high activity;
  • The increased content of hepatic enzymes
  • Diarrhea;
  • Individual intolerance substances in the herbs.

Diuretics are dangerous for the organism that increase the burden on the liver, as a result of reduced levels of antioxidants. Therefore, before treatment choleretic herbs will discuss the issue regarding its use with your doctor.

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In respect of choleretic herbs formed the view that they can not only lose weight, but also to remove the gallbladder stones. In fact it is not. If the organism is fully formed stones to dissolve them using the herbs will not succeed. The only way to combat them is the use of special medical equipment. Use the herbs only makes sense to eliminate the symptoms that are caused by gall stones.

The rules of weight loss with herbs

To herbal slimming brought your body the maximum benefit, you need to consider some points:

  • To begin the herbal treatment you need to see a doctor whom you must tell about your decision. You should let him know about what herbs are going to apply which illness before suffered. Then a specialist will be able to give you valuable advice on treatment.
  • During the preparation of decoctions and infusions of herbs and strictly follow the given recipe.
  • If you are going to go through a long course of treatment with herbs, you should store herbs in appropriate conditions.
  • Pay attention to the recipe given in the dosage and follow it strictly.

It is no coincidence that grass is very popular today among fans of folk medicine. With their help, you can quickly remove the extra pounds and thus to cause a minimum of harm. However, for this you need to properly apply them and constantly monitor their condition. Then you won’t have to wait long for the result, which for so long dreamed of.


Overweight worries many today, especially girls. Moreover, it is important for them not only to gain a slender figure, but to do so with minimum harm to their health. The easiest way to achieve this is to use herbs. Among them, a lot of herbal weight loss that can quickly remove the unattractive fat in the prominent places.

But for this you need to follow the instructions on their application. After all, any drug, if taken in too large quantities, can lead to absolutely opposite result.