Honey belly massage for weight loss: a description of the procedure, reviews

To be slim and toned — every woman’s dream. This is especially true in the summer when knit sweaters and down jackets do not conceal the figure and every crease is visible at a glance. Special problems in the process of losing weight usually means stomach. He is much more active than other parts of the body, responds to every extra donut, and is most difficult of correction.

To impress everyone at the beach a stunning figure and beautiful abs, it is necessary to remember only three items:

  • diet;
  • exercises;
  • massage.

With diet and exercise and all so clear, but not many people know that regular abdominal massage is one of the main helpers of losing weight women. It will not only help to get rid of excess fat, but also effectively combats sagging skin.

The benefits of the procedure, honey massage

Now in fashion everything is natural, and honey is one of the most useful products in the fight for beautiful skin. Probably everyone has heard about the huge amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements contained in honey. Plus, this gift of nature we receive is already in a processed form, so that all the necessary substances are absorbed much faster than if you use store-bought cream, or even any other natural product.

Honey is an excellent material for massage because it is quickly absorbed by the skin cells. All active components are immediately absorbed into the blood stream, and it spreads them throughout the rest of the body. Honey massage will help to improve circulation and rid the body of toxins much faster. Honey effectively opens the pores and cleanses the skin. It will be noticeable during the massage, when this transparent and bright initially, the product will turn into a dirty, yellowish-gray mass, and even muddy-white flakes.

Another useful property of this sweetness: excellent antimicrobial properties. Being absorbed into the skin, the honey will actively destroy all pathogenic microbes, and as a result, all the small damages on the spot massage will heal much faster.

Pronounced anti-cellulite effect — one of the most important results of honey massage. So, massage can not only stomach, but and thighs, buttocks, again to make the skin firm and elastic. According to the opinion of many women, this type of massage helps to break and withdraw subcutaneous fat, and is a direct path to weight loss. Professionals-doctors advise massaging the honey is not only the belly but the whole body to strengthen the immune system, relieve fatigue and stress.

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Technique of honey massage for weight loss

To try this simple and effective tool for weight loss, it is not necessary to contact the experts from an expensive beauty salon. Everyone can make a massage, or ask a relative, a friend. To learn this technique quite easy, but to get the maximum result, you need to clearly and consistently to follow a few steps.

  1. Before the procedure it is necessary to take a shower and clean your skin with your favorite scrub, whether homemade or store-bought.
  2. A thin layer of honey applied to the belly and leave on for 2-3 minutes to get it started a little bit to soak in.
  3. Now you can start little by little to knead abdomen straight or circular motion. This is to ensure that the honey is stronger absorbed and began the process of splitting of subcutaneous fat and the elimination of toxins.
  4. Next, the masseur goes to the pats. This is the most unpleasant part of the massage. You need to completely stick your hand to her stomach, and then with a violent shake. Honey begins to leave, taking with them toxins, oil and dirt from the pores. After a while you will notice a grayish-white mass — that is, those hazardous substances which must be got rid of to achieve effect of slimming and beautiful, toned skin.
  5. At the end of the massage the contaminated honey must be immediately washed off with warm water and a sponge, and the abdomen apply a moisturizer or cellulite cream.

The procedure should last anywhere from 15 minutes to half an hour, and it is not very pleasant. Feelings, about how from the vacuum massage, or «Krapivka,» which everyone remembers from childhood. The skin must redden, and the next day may appear minor bruises, which quickly pass.

To achieve effective weight loss, experts advise to massage in a day for two to three weeks. Those who have no problem with excess weight is also a good idea to carry out this procedure once a month for prevention. Special attention requires the area below the navel. This is the place where most often there are folds of fat.

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If everything is done correctly, upon completion of the course the cellulite will recede tummy again become elastic, the body contour is clear and the circumference of the abdomen significantly reduced. Ideally, after each correctly conducted the session should «disappear» up to 2 inches.

The choice of honey and the preparation of the mixture to massage

The best honey, of course, natural (white, flower or buckwheat). Well, if there is familiar person who is engaged in beekeeping and will not slip a fake. If not, you can take a chance and buy on the market. You can take as a liquid product and crystallized. Between them there is no difference in the beneficial properties. But if the seller is not verified, then even better to look at the crystallized honey, because defective, diluted or fake honey does not form crystals.

Honey chose, you can now proceed directly to the cooking mixture. To do this, take two teaspoons of honey. If it is crystallized — gently heat in a water bath. To make the procedure more aromatic, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Ideally, if it is an oil known for its anti-cellulite or anti-bacterial properties, e.g. eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, orange, petitgrain, Mandarin, juniper. This does not have to be limited by any one form. Can be prepared, for example, such a mixture:

  • 2 tsp of honey;
  • 2 drops of orange oil;
  • 2 drops of lemon oil;
  • 3 drops essential oil of juniper;
  • 2 drops of lavender oil.

In the cooking process, a lot depends on personal preference. But don’t overdo with oils. One teaspoon of sugar should account for no more than 5 drops of essential oil. At the beginning of the oil must be mixed among themselves, and then enter them in honey, and carefully stir a little to heat all this mass in a water bath.

Contraindications to the use of honey massage

Honey is made up of components very similar to those contained in human blood, so that occurrence of undesirable reactions is practically eliminated. Nevertheless this procedure has its contraindications.

First, a honey massage is not recommended to do, of course, allergies. To refrain from it is the fact, anyone have problems with the thyroid gland. Various skin disease — another reason to postpone this type of massage. Will not do it and those who have been diagnosed with various blood disorders, varicose veins and asthma. Pregnancy is also a reason to abandon this procedure. And, of course, to choose the massage you need so that the courses «fit» between critical days.

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Honey belly massage for weight loss: reviews

You can endlessly tell you about all the benefits of honey and the virtues of honey massage, but best of all it will make those who experience its effectiveness. Below you can read some reviews from women who have tried to carry out this procedure at home.

Started getting into honey massage around 1.5 months ago. Girls, this is a miracle! The skin is tightened and the stomach is not loose already, like jelly) I Recommend to all!


The procedure is very effective, stomach tightened beyond recognition. But the first few times — very painful. And the next day all bruised abdomen.


I always do honey massage after the bath. Even the coffee scrub before the procedure smear. The result is just great, and almost no pain.