How and what to eat for weight loss: proper nutrition and menus for every day for weight loss recipes

Weight loss — a topical theme today. The number of people suffering from excess weight in recent years has increased significantly. Currently, there are a huge number of weight loss methods.

But unfortunately, many of them will not bring the desired result. A strict diet in most cases lead to serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. How to lose weight and not to add to health? The answer is very simple — a proper diet and exercise.

For advice about physical activity it is best to consult a specialist, that is, to the trainer in the gym, but you can also do aerobics, Pilates, yoga. What type of physical activity you choose — this is purely your own business, most importantly that it is not a burden, and pleasure.

Features nutrition

Proper nutrition is a healthy, balanced diet, which introduces a ban on certain products. Prohibited foods include white bread, pastries, cakes, cereals, crisps, various chocolate bars and things like that.

If you wish to lose weight by proper nutrition is necessary to abandon the fast carbs. Fast carbs are those that the digested immediately turn into glucose, it, in turn, into fat, which is deposited by the body for a «rainy day».

Menu of proper nutrition for each day it is better to make for each person individually and to develop it needs a specialist. But you can make it independently or to find suitable for you. It features correct nutrition for weight loss the same for everyone.

The principle of proper nutrition for weight loss is eating less calories than the daily expended. In connection with the lack of incoming calories, is filling in missing of the fat reserves that will naturally lead to weight loss.

The next feature in the diet the majority of food should consist of so-called slow carbohydrates. The use of such carbohydrates leads to weight loss, due to the fact that they have long saturate the body, and the person doesn’t want to eat.

Slow carbs are: rice and buckwheat groats, millet, pasta from durum wheat, whole wheat bread, baked potatoes.

Man, combining proper nutrition and exercise for weight loss at every meal it is mandatory to include the maximum number of protein products. Because only the protein helps to recover muscles and gives them the necessary substances for growth.

Sweets and pastries have not at the time of loss. But once a person reach the desired result, consumption of sweets is permitted, however, in small quantities and only in the morning. The same applies to the sweet fruits and berries. Sweets are allowed to replace with honey and dried fruits.

The recommendations of nutritionists how to eat

Performing the basic rules of proper nutrition, weight loss will happen much faster.

Basic rules:

  1. Only when the feeling of hunger actually appeared.
  2. Eat strictly in the sitting position.
  3. Eat only freshly prepared foods. Refuse stale food.
  4. Chew your food well.
  5. Do not eat food for comfort. Not sedate problems.
  6. When choosing and buying prefer fresh, not canned products.
  7. Use for cooking herbs and spices.
  8. Dinner must be light and low in calories. The main volume of food should be consumed for Breakfast and lunch.
  9. In one sitting do not eat more than four meals.
  10. Add in the diet as much fiber.
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The principles of eating for weight loss

The menu is proper nutrition it is desirable for each individually. However, can highlight the foundations that serve as a Foundation.

Proper nutrition for weight loss includes three main meals and two or three additional snacks. The first snack a few hours after Breakfast, second after lunch and the third one, but only if you really go to bed late, after dinner. Additional meals size should be considerably inferior the main.

One of the principles of proper nutrition is meals at a certain time. To calculate the time at which the process of absorption of food, very simple. In the intervals between doses should be three to four hours.

At first the man seemed that he didn’t have enough food. But it is a very big mistake. With a well crafted menu that can’t happen. And, if you still had the feeling of hunger, drink in between clean drinking water. It also allowed for more acceptance of vitamin-mineral complexes.

With proper diet people lose weight, but much slower than on strict diets. So going on a proper diet for weight loss, dieters need to have patience, because the first small changes and the results he finds in a week at least.

Proper nutrition, menus for every day for weight loss

Experts have developed an approximate menu for the day to create a daily deficit of calories in ten to twenty percent. Meals are universal for both men and women. Options first main meal:

  • Porridge of any cereal.
  • A small piece of boiled meat, and large portion of fresh vegetables.
  • A piece of bread with bran, low-fat cheese and vegetables.
  • A pack of fat-free cheese, one oatmeal cookie.
  • A piece of bran bread and two boiled eggs.

Options first snack:

  • any fruit or vegetable;
  • Cup of black tea without sugar and a slice of cheese;
  • a handful of nuts or dried fruit;
  • cheesecake;
  • a glass of fresh juice;
  • puree (in a jar) any choice — vegetable or fruit.

Versions of the second main meal:

  1. Salad of fresh vegetables, seasoned with a dollop of butter, portion of soup and a slice of bran bread.
  2. Soup or broth, lean piece of meat or fish, steamed, stewed vegetables.
  3. Salad with fresh vegetables and a piece of white boiled fish.
  4. Salad of fresh cucumbers without salt with a tablespoon of vegetable or olive oil, mushrooms.
  5. Gratin of cauliflower or broccoli.
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Options second snack:

  • A Cup of fresh berries or fruit.
  • Packaging of yogurt without additives.
  • A glass of freshly made juice from berries, fruit or vegetables.
  • Half a package of low fat cream cheese with herbs.

Variants of the third main meal:

  • a plate of fresh vegetables and a small piece of boiled chicken breast;
  • a plate of fresh vegetables and lean white piece of boiled fish;
  • chicken omelette of three proteins and one egg yolk, fresh cucumbers in the amount of two pieces;
  • a pack of low-fat cottage cheese and a couple of fresh cucumbers.

If you still organized a third snack for the day, or a glass of skim kefir or natural yogurt.

In this menu the weight loss is slow. After full transition to eating right the weight will leave on their own. Such a scheme is not acceptable for many people, in connection with a long time frame. You can tighten a scheme proper nutrition. In this case, weight loss will begin immediately after the transition to proper nutrition.

For quick weight loss on proper diet from the menu are eliminated to the maximum all the carbs. To completely abandon the carbohydrates is categorically impossible, as the human body definitely needs carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

The disuse of one of them will lead to various diseases. Therefore, the main source of carbohydrates in the body will be fresh vegetables and fruits. For the period quick weight loss menu will consist mostly of protein needed to build and strengthen the muscles.

Diet for accelerated weight loss

Options for the first meal:

  • A pack of cottage cheese with cucumber and herbs.
  • Omelet with greens, it is allowed to add vegetables or cheese.
  • Two boiled eggs and a salad of fresh vegetables.
  • Cocktails based on yogurt with added vegetables and cheese.

The first and second bite:

  • pair of boiled chicken eggs;
  • salad of fresh vegetables, seasoned with a tablespoon of olive or vegetable oil;
  • a pack of cheese, fruit or vegetables, as desired;
  • a handful of nuts or dried fruit.

The second meal of the day. Eating the first meal must be a salad of fresh vegetables. He will fill the stomach, will deliver vitamins and nutrients to the body.

The salt in salads is not added, the seasonings are garlic, ginger, lemon juice and herbs. Refuel salad oils either one or mix several.

Following lunch dish soup or broth. He cooked pieces of lean meat. It does not add the carrots and potatoes. However, generously added the greens. The third dining the food could consist of legumes, piece of lean meat or fish.

Variants of the third main meal:

  • Omelet of three proteins and one yolk with vegetables.
  • Seafood.
  • A piece of boiled white fish.
  • Baked vegetables.
  • Half a pack of cheese with herbs.
  • A piece of boiled chicken breast.
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Two additional meals are required to contain a small amount of calories. The main purpose of this flow of food into the stomach, so that he was active.

Under intense weight loss nutrition snacks a day ought to be. Menu suitable representatives both male and female.

Recipes for healthy eating and weight loss

Meals for proper nutrition steamed, stewed, boiled or baked. To prepare them will not be easy, the main thing — to choose the right components, and the rest is paperwork.

Diet chicken. Necessary ingredients: chicken, salt, spices, parsley, dill, onions, carrots. Chicken fillet rinse thoroughly, then dry. In a deep pan, lay the fillets, cover with cold water and put on the stove, making a strong fire.

While the water boils, one onion and carrot peel and cut into large pieces. After boiling water, from the surface, remove the foam. Then make a smaller fire and put in a pan the chopped vegetables, herbs and spices.

Leave on for thirty minutes. Half an hour later to turn off the stove, the pot cover and leave the fillets to stand for another ten minutes. After the time to get the fillets cut into pieces. Dietetic chicken fillet ready to eat.

Cheese casserole. Ingredients: half a pack of cottage cheese, two tablespoons of sugar (or sugar substitute), one egg, raisins, two tablespoons of semolina.

Cheese mash with a fork. Weight should be homogeneous without small grains. Then in the cottage cheese add remaining ingredients. All mix well.

The pan or form for baking grease with oil, then spread the mixture to casserole. Bake in the oven and in the microwave. In the microwave baking time is eight minutes, in the oven for half an hour at one hundred eighty degrees.