How fast to pull the inner part of the thighs: exercise equipment for weight loss and description of exercises

In ordinary life, the inner thighs almost not activated. Because even superdisc this part of the feet can be the most problematic area. Tighten inner thighs and get rid of excess of fat deposits is possible with regular exercise.

To fulfill them it is necessary three times a week, otherwise the desired result you will not achieve. You also need to remember that to perform constantly the same exercise is undesirable as it also may not give good results.

Well pump foot can be in the gym on special simulators for the legs, about which we’ll discuss next. If desired, it is also good to pump up and tighten the inner thighs can be in the home.

The legs on the simulator: the nuances and description

Probably many have noticed in the gym that the girls (in fact, as the guys) have their favorite machines and exercises that they like best.

One of these tools is a simulator for breeding/information foot, which is designed to work on external/internal part of the thigh.

This phase leg is the most problematic for many young women, and therefore, whenever possible, women use the corresponding simulator. Whether it is good or not, we will try to consider below.

Anatomical Atlas

The main reason of popularity in women trainer for foot information is that its main purpose to pump up the adductor muscles (the area between your legs) to make them more tough, resilient and as a result, to save the girl from a variety of «jelly» in this area.

In other words, the inner thighs (called adductor) is aesthetically important area of the feet for any girl, and, men, this area cares and they want their chosen to see it uploaded, not hanging.

The first lead trainer (trainer for foot information) designed to strengthen the three adductors – large, long and short adductor. While aktiviziruyutsya tailoring, comb and thin muscle (the first runs the entire length of the thigh), so there I was, tightening of the muscles of the ilio-tibial tract.

By and large, it should be noted that the adductor muscles are considered one of the relatively long and large leg muscles is a huge complex of muscles deep finding the groin and inner thigh.

They are difficult to find, as they are «buried» under other muscles, for example, the quadriceps. But make no mistake, you use these muscles when standing up, climbing the hill and when climbing the stairs.

Due to the fact that the adductor muscles almost never involved in everyday life, they are underdeveloped and thus their pumping should be paid great attention.

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The benefits of foot information on the simulator

Making the legs on the simulator, you can count on the following:

  • lifting and tightening the adductors-adduction;
  • reducing injuries associated with weakness of the muscles of the thigh;
  • strengthening bederich muscles on the inner surface;
  • more robust girth of the legs;
  • the best kind, «mizunoya» (smooth and flowing lines the inner areas of the thighs);
  • improve posture and gait;
  • increase balance and stability during movement.

Equipment of performance of exercises

The technique of foot information. This is one of the most simple exercises, which is almost impossible to make a mistake. Directly bring means moving parts (in our case – legs) of the body towards its center.

When you sit down on the treadmill, move the legs consist in overcoming resistance during the convergence of the hips, which initially disagreed with each other.

The first stage. Go to the trainer and put the necessary weight load. After adjust the size of the seat so that you feel some stretch adductors when the hips is located on the soft pads (pad-rollers, which are located on the side).

Hold your back straight and well pressed to the back of the machine. His hands grasp the handrail from the bottom and bend your legs at a right angle at the knee (a little more). Open the hips, taking them to the level of a given width of machine. This is the original state.

Second stage. Inhale, exhale under control, start to compress the legs. Keep them straight, keeping on the feet knees. In the final point of the trajectory maximum squeeze of the thigh between each other and hold for a few seconds.

The third stage. Slowly, on the inhale, begin to breed rollers and stop them in a little brought to the original position to all the time to keep the pressure on the trained area of the hips. Repeat the exercise a number of times.

Practical recommendations

To get the maximum effect from the exercises, follow the following guidelines:

  • slowly raise the hips, slightly bringing them to the starting position;
  • not «plokite» weight back when you return it to its original position;
  • when performing exercises not elaste the buttocks at the seat of the simulator and don’t move your body;
  • in between exercise, stretch the adductor muscles through, for example, sitting in the Lotus posture with the knees hands;
  • if he felt that the latter approach does not manage to do an exercise on the maximum amplitude, it is possible to use a rapid series of short repeats;
  • do the exercise as optional (rebound) during a training session of muscle adduction and leave it at the end of the workout after the main volume.
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The legs on the treadmill for fat removal inner thighs

If you ask the girls who constantly use the machine for legs: what you want to achieve with the driving simulator, many of them will tell you – I want the inside of your thighs thin.

But you have to understand that it will never happen, because this machine is used to strengthen the adductors, not to remove the layers of fat are two different types of fabric, and strengthening the muscles will in no way lead to the burning of fat which covers them.

Even when you burn calories during exercise, you will not be able to remove fat in local (single) zone.

Exercises on simulators are useful because they provide an opportunity to concentrate on the load directly to desired areas of the body, since in this case there is no need, in addition to performing movements, to monitor the balance and coordination of movements.

This is useful not only for beginners but for more experienced people, because it is possible to increase the load. The most popular simulator for the inner thigh exerciser is Gakkenshmidt. With it you can do a few exercises.

Exercise for weight loss buttocks and thighs

Also inner thighs, you can pull by performing the following exercises:

  1. GAK-squats, efficiently affect the desired areas. Gluteal muscles creates the optimal load in the bench press hips sitting upright and bench with hips bent at 45 degrees.
  2. Calf is great exercise rise on socks – as in standing and in sitting position. For the rear thigh muscles, as a rule, suggest presses with seated leg vertically, bending the legs while sitting, lying down, and leg press at an angle of 45 degrees. For the inner thigh, also use the latest version of the exercises.
  3. Exercises on the ball, it is also called a fitball, very effective for General shaping, including the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. These exercises occur in a more gentle mode than resistance training at the gym, but they are also quite effective.

Because when you have, for whatever reason, there is no possibility to engage in weight training or there are any contraindications by the physician, the fitball can effectively replace them.

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How to squat

Squats – this is the simplest and the most important element of exercises for buttocks and thighs. Effective as regular squats and squats with weights – a barbell or dumbbells.

Exercises with a barbell it is advisable to do to power the machine for slimming of hips, it will give the opportunity to give on the gluteal muscles and the muscles of the hips concentrated load that is focused on maintaining equilibrium.

If you squat with free weights, then carefully follow the correct execution of exercises. But, anyway, there are certain guidelines that you should follow for a more effective workout during squats:

  • The post need to take a grip on top.
  • You need to squat as deep as possible, almost sitting down on your heels, and hips have to touch a calf.
  • Control the breathing exercises required to pass on the «inhale-exhale».
  • Lock the back position while performing sit-UPS.
  • The number of repetitions will depend on the physical form of an athlete, but be careful not to overload the muscle pain does not contribute to the regularity of workouts.

As in any sport, exercises for the correction of gluteal muscles and muscles of the thighs will be effective only with a proper balanced diet and the observance of the principle of regularity. Observing these rules, you are already in a very short time will be able to achieve results that attract outside attention.