How is a woman to burn fat on belly and sides: exercises for fat burning and their description

A little tummy is quite a natural phenomenon. Thus, a woman’s body is preparing for motherhood and protects the reproductive organs. But what if you give birth you don’t expect, and subcutaneous fat layer on the stomach and sides, especially below the stomach, rather spoils the whole look?

How to remove fat from stomach and sides?

Using the below described exercise to burn belly fat, you can quickly get rid of this problem. The specificity of these fitness exercises is that they combine strength and aerobic elements, and give the opportunity to use the abdominal muscles, legs, body and arms to burn maximum amount of calories.

Reverse crunches and the classic leg lifts do not create this effect, since they work only with the lower part of the rectus abdominis muscle. Because for weight loss belly need to use exercises that are effective can produce burning of the subcutaneous fat layer. Described exercises may be able to replace traditional power complex. It should be noted that these exercises for slimming the sides and belly you can use to perform at home.

The principle of the exercises

Throughout the set of exercises it is necessary to maintain the basic posture. Pull in the stomach, just pull the lower ribs to the pelvis. The feeling should be created such as if you want to «push» the lower abdomen between the bones of the pelvis, draw it. This movement pumps the lower part of the rectus abdominis muscle is much better in contrast to twisting. And jumping and doing exercises the entire body give the opportunity to burn maximum amount of calories and literally remove fat on my belly for a couple of workouts.

Contraindications to exercise:

  • General fatigue;
  • gynaecologic diseases in chronic stage;
  • BMI over 35;
  • the knees and ankles.

To the right was the burning of belly fat, you need to follow some rules:

  • Do a little cardio workout – 15 minutes of jumping rope or rotations of the Hoop on the waist are great. Or just dance on your favorite songs to «easy pot».
  • Exercise consistently, get some rest at the end of the circle and follow the circle about 4 times.
  • After you can do light cardio exercise or stretch, for example, spin the Hoop.

These exercises are complete power complex that will be able to help you to quickly lose fat at home. Do them three times a week, alternating days training with days of break.

Exercise to burn fat

Squat on one leg

Stand up straight, feet are shoulder width apart. Pull your stomach and through the abdominal muscles, pull your right knee to the body. Do 10 squats on the left leg, after the change of feet and take a snooze. Most importantly, pull the knee toward your chest with the help of the press, what a little bend in the body, and move a bit forward of the pelvis.

The pendulum

Stand up straight, place hands on upper thighs or waist. Pull your stomach a little and pull the lower ribs. In this position the «easy twist» shift the weight on your left leg and pull right in the side. Jump change legs so that they move parallel in the same plane.

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Perform each exercise for 3 minutes. It may seem that it is easy, but an inexperienced person 3 minutes to jump and this exercise for losing weight will be difficult.

Curling in the squat

The main thing here is: suck in your stomach and relax until the completion of the exercise. Take the basic pose – feet shoulder width apart, back straight, stomach in yourself. Do squat to thighs parallel with the floor, then tilt the barrel is also parallel to the floor, and stretch the left hand to the right foot, straining the abdominal muscles and twisting. Pull your stomach as much, even. Do 10 movements to all sides.


Stand still, catch balance, lift your left leg off the floor, averting her back. Pull to the top of the right hand and stretch the left knee to the elbow of the right hand. Line. Do the exercise as fast as possible, 50 turns in all directions. In this exercise, the most important thing is to catch the landmark, often in all its complexity.


Stand straight, the exercise is done approximately, as in the first embodiment. First, curl the pelvis to the lower ribs, after transferring body weight from one foot to the second, do the jump-off, remember to tighten the abdomen, the knee should be using abdominal muscles. Work for 3 minutes, the rhythm must be comfortable to be able to finish the approach, not resting.


Transfer the body weight on the left foot, bend right, and using a press, move to the stomach the knee. Make a small tilt forward, pull the left arm up and right down. Pull your stomach. For 20 seconds, replace the hands, bending the body – roll right hand up as I can to do it while on one leg. Task – not to fall from the precarious situation. The «mill» can perform slow movements. Repeat with the other leg.

The squat-jump

From flat position drop down into a squat, jump up so that his feet did not changed the width position. Make as many as you can, but not less than 15 times.

A deadlift on one leg

Stand straight, move the body weight on the left leg, pull your stomach. Stretch smooth body forward so that the fingers were approximately in the center of the tibia. Do 10 times at a slow pace, replace the legs.

Practice constantly and remember that little belly «loves» a diet full of unsaturated fats, protein, and fiber, for example, to remove fat from the abdomen, you can use the Mediterranean diet.

How to remove belly fat after pregnancy?

Women who are wondering how to remove belly fat after pregnancy, need to know what exercise they can only after 2 months after that. If you had a caesarean section, the doctors suggest to wait about 3 months. Therefore huge attention should be paid to healthy diet, also drink plenty of fluids, at least 2 liters of water daily.

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Clean the intestines

Remember that you need to do enemas, as the main task for women who seek to burn belly fat, it’s the purging. Enemas give the chance to remove toxins and wastes from the body. But do not forget that doctors do not recommend to run them more often than several times a month, as the enemas are taken out simultaneously and beneficial microflora with the mucosa of the stomach.

If you want, instead of enemas you can use the rate of activated carbon. However, coal is also undesirable to abuse.

Perfectly cleans the intestines oatmeal, cooked with water (the sugar is replaced with dried fruit or honey). Oatmeal should be eaten in the evening between 18:30 to 19:00 hours for the night the stomach is released and relaxed.

Abdominal massage

It is also desirable to periodically perform an abdominal massage, especially when you suffer from flatulence. To perform massage you need a hand, make circular movements, slightly pressing on the stomach. Another option – tingle (small areas of skin is necessary to pull hands, and, turning, let go). For best efficiency, you can use oil or cream.


Every day do exercises aimed at removing fat from the abdomen and flanks. If there are no contraindications, it is the most useful for you are exercises for inflating the press or with a Hoop (hula Hoop).

It is important to learn how to swing a press, you should feel the tension of the abdominal muscles. Initially do for 20 reps, for best performance, download the press morning and evening. Over time, increase the number of repetitions, but do not increase the number of approaches.

If you decide to go to the gym, you have to pay attention to the shaping. This is a full set of exercises, which quite effectively removes the folds of fat from the abdomen and sides, and Swissy tightens the skin.

The basic requirements for employment at home:

  • The most effective exercises for belly are «the movement of the stomach» (deep exhale and inhale pulling and retraction of the abdomen), «scissors», «cat».
  • Control breathing during exercise.
  • If you need to quickly clean the sides and belly, then perform exercises regularly.

How to remove fat in the abdomen?

First and foremost, it is necessary to determine the reasons why the bottom of a stomach you have fat? They come in several types:

  • the result of a stressful diet;
  • the individual characteristics of the organism.

In the latter case the fat formed as a natural result of women’s physiology, its main purpose is to protect the child from the probable damage. This fat can be easily removed with the help of physical exercises.

The results stress hunger strike to get much more difficult. In this case, the body activates the process of fat formation in order to postpone nutrients «in reserve». If this happens, the exercises need to complement the urgent transition to a fractional meal. Eat small portions, but 7-9 times daily. You should prevent strong feelings of hunger, the body will react to this increase in fat on the abdomen. In the most severe cases, it may be necessary to help of a nutritionist.

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Exercises to remove fat in the lower abdomen

Pulling up to his forehead bent legs in the supine position

The bent leg hold the weight at a right angle to the floor. The hands can be put, or complicating the task, align the front of chest. After you tighten the head to the feet as possible. The pelvis certainly must come off the floor. Observe the breath: on the exhale, pull the legs on the inhale released.

Mahi raised legs, in the supine position

Lie down, arms crossed on the chest or on the floor along the torso. Lift off the floor straight leg. Not looking up from the floor of the body, perform towards the head swings straight legs. To complete the exercise, the legs must stay on weight, and not sink to the floor. Exhale done the leg lift, inspiratory lowering.

Inclinations in the parties bent legs in the supine position

Hands on either side of the trunk, lift up, slightly bent leg at a right angle to the body (as in the first exercise). Slowly, one by one, run to the side tilt legs. Try not to take your pelvis off the floor to complete the exercise.


Lie on your back, arms along the body on the floor. Raise your straight legs as in the second exercise. Without lifting the body off the floor, draw in the air the letters smooth legs.

All exercises should be done with a gradual increase in load. Do not overdo it, add the number of manufactured slopes and strokes tailored to your health as your main goal is to pump the stomach, not to disrupt it. But try to increase in load has occurred, though slowly, but regularly.