How many calories are contained in 100 grams of oranges and in 1 piece

Why Mandarin has become a favorite dessert for the Christmas tables of Russia? In scarce times, before the collapse of the Soviet Union, tangerines were very rare. For our grandfathers it was a great joy to eat new year’s eve at least one Mandarin. It was then that originated the Association of the New year with these fruits.

This citrus is a symbol in some cultures. In China, the Mandarin means success and prosperity in Japan — happy, wealthy and long life. But how useful for our body this plant? And do not damage it your figure?

In Mandarin how many calories?

Low calorie Mandarin can be seen by looking at the following table:

  Calorie Mandarin in 100 grams of product
Fresh 38 calories
Dried 230 calories
Tangerine juice 36 calories
Tangerine jam 274 calories

There’s only one problem: the table shows the calorie content of fruit peel. But the peel in the food consumed is not all. What is the energy value of jams and juices? Kilograms of tangerines without peel? Do not indulge in complicated calculations, all such tedious work has already been done by nutritionists!

Mandarin, fresh, peeled

In Russia the most popular fruits in fresh form. Many do not even realize that these fruit juices, jam, marmalade and many other delicious dishes. Therefore, in the first place, the reader will be interested in the caloric value of 100 g of peeled fruits: 38 kcal. And one slice, depending on the size and content of sugar in it contains from 1 to 5-6 kcal.

With strict adherence to diet and eating the tangerines, remember that the energy value of these fruits may change and depending on their grades.

  • Clementine literature, native to Spain, are the smallest variety. They weigh up to 70 grams. The caloric content usually does not exceed 30 kcal.
  • The most popular variety in our market — Morocco — quite low-calorie. Refined fruits weigh up to 100 grams and the calorie count is 20-35 kcal.
  • Tangerine giants — Abkhaz. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish from orange and they contain in themselves a minimum of 50 kcal.
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What happens to dried tangerines?

Has long been well-known was the fact about the usefulness of dried fruit. A very large number of necessary for organism substances contained in the dried tangerines. Adding dried fruits to your daily diet, after a month you will feel the increase in General tone of body, increased appetite, improved blood circulation and metabolism. Surprisingly, the dried fruits will save you from even viral diseases.

It would have been great if the drying process does not evaporate water their fruit. But it is inevitable, and lost more than 80% of the mass. Which leads to the increase in the total energy value, which after drying will be 230 calories per 100 grams. Many fruits besides sugar is added to further increase the caloric value of from 230 to 280 calories. How much did you put dried fruit in their energy values? It’s increased almost 6 times!

What is more important to you — the good or the amount of calories, only you can decide.

Jam, jams and juices

Jam and preserves are not inferior to dried fruit in their beneficial properties to humans. In addition, they have a unique sour-sweet taste and aroma and thirst quenching. Systematic use of such products is able to slow down cell aging, strengthen bones, improve heart function and boost immunity.

Tangerine juice is better than other beverages that can refresh in hot weather. Using the juice from Mandarin oranges, can forget about asthma and bronchitis. But people sitting on a diet it is better not to abuse this food. Extra pounds will instantly (in 100 grams of jam more than 250 kcal!), attracting an increase in blood pressure and deterioration of the digestive tract. Fresh tangerine contains 11% sugar of the total weight of the fruit. But when cooking jams and preserves without added sugar is still not enough. Such a sweet content in the final product poses a threat to people at risk of developing diabetes.

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  • Tangerines, like other citrus fruits, rich in vitamin C, which will help to get rid of colds and to boost immunity. The peel can help to alleviate the cough
  • Needed mandarins to women in the state. During pregnancy there is a shortage of vitamin C, and 1 piece of the fruit eaten per day, able to compensate for the deficiency.
  • The rind is not less useful. It is used in the preparation of essential oils and tinctures. Massage with essential oil of Mandarin has a beneficial effect on the skin, pulling and keeping it in good shape.
  • Consuming fruit with white «film» that is under the skin, you strengthen blood vessels, reduce cholesterol in blood and improve the working of your heart.
  • Since the Soviet Union tangerines were the main Christmas joy. But now, they have not lost their ability to improve the mood. The best antidepressant Mandarin. Soothes and energizes!
  • Tangerines due to their low caloric content is very popular with people who are on a diet. Regular consumption normalizes metabolism.

Know the measure

Even the good can be a lot. Need to know when to quit. Excessive consumption of fruits rich in vitamins leads to hypervitaminosis. Rash, headache and increased blood pressure.

Experts advise not to eat more than 3 pieces of fruit a day. On freshly squeezed juices too, there is a limitation: no more glasses per day. As for jam and jam — a couple of teaspoons of tea would be sufficient for health and for the figure.

No matter how much you wanted to eat these delicious fruits, remember that everything is good in moderation!