How many calories are in marshmallow and white chocolate: calorie 1 piece of the product and per 100 grams, benefits and harms

In the environment wanting to lose weight spinning «marshmallow problem». Some believe that this treat is not suitable as a product to maintain a good figure because it contains carbohydrates, dangerous for her, others that its calorie content is low and it does not affect the process of weight loss. Who is right? Let’s deal.

The appearance of marshmallow

The name of this delicious confection indicates the ancient origin, because in the mythology of those times were called the white and lung God of wind. Marshmallow first appeared in our country, but the recipe was different. Primordially Russian product was made applesauce and sugar. Today take on classic French recipe. In shops and supermarkets sell a treat, in which you can find whites, sugar, thickeners and other ingredients. A distinctive feature of Zephyr is its ability to melt in your mouth. But the calories obtained with it, are also coming? What is its benefit? How many calories are in marshmallow?

The pros and cons of Goodies

This product is useful for a person. It can be given to children without fear that the teeth will suffer. Because modern manufacturing techniques do not involve the marshmallow sugar content. But still calorie marshmallow is not so harmless as it may seem at first glance.

How useful is the marshmallow?

  • The composition of the product such that the use helps to improve digestion.
  • This confection is beneficial to hair growth and strengthening nails.
  • Marshmallow is pectin, which favorably affects the cholesterol levels in the blood, from the body well and removes toxins and salt.

This pastry product is the contents of simple carbohydrates slightly. A 1 calorie thing is negligible, allowing you to enjoy a treat even for people weight watchers. The benefits of marshmallow is determined by the content of thickeners. If manufacturing technology is present in the syrup, agar-agar, the marshmallow becomes less calories, while gelatin in its composition «heavier» product. Therefore, the latter is contraindicated for people with obesity and those who care about the figure. How to distinguish one from the other? Very simple, last like rubber.

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Slightly sour and easily melting in the mouth, this sweet product is very useful, because in this delicacy a lot of pectin. This trace mineral our body needs, it reduces the level of cholesterol in the bloodstream, enhances immunity, fast saturation. One piece of the Goodies for a long time will save you from feelings of hunger, and the calories will subsequently remain visible.

Of course, around the need to comply with the measure. Even the most low-calorie product that is eaten in large quantities, can harm. For frequent use in the blood may increase the level of glucose, calories will be deposited «in reserve». Therefore, abuse the treat is not necessary.

How many calories are in marshmallow white?

In the technological scheme of manufacture of this product do not appear fat. In the addition of the thickeners are present in proteins and fruit puree. If to give accurate figures for calories per 100 grams has 326 calories. Calorie marshmallow white (1 piece) 4 times less.

In this candy you will find vitamins, as in the manufacture, they are destroyed. But it contains trace elements, it is possible to find:

  • iron,
  • phosphorus and other substances.

Today, marshmallows are made in a variety of recipes. Add dried fruits, chocolate, marmalade, which, unfortunately, the «heavier» it’s easy culinary product.

So, if you are aiming to lose weight limit yourself to 1-2 pieces a day, avoiding marshmallow with various additives, especially marshmallows in chocolate, whose calorie content is off the charts.

What kind of marshmallows to choose?

The most common product is the packaging marshmallow «Sharmel». Its calorie content per 100 grams is 335 calories. Vanilla it look somewhat lighter in calories — there are only 263. French 100 grams has 320 calories.

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In the shop today, this sweet product is represented by various shades. It is better to choose natural colors, that is white. Its calorie content is acceptable for people weight watchers. In addition, it you won’t find dyes or preservatives. Therefore, in order to heal the body and lose weight get it white, not complemented by chocolate. Children let natural white, not pink, which contains the paint.

Calorie marshmallow in chocolate

Rich in pectin treat is recommended for use nutritionists is various sweets. If the product is a chocolate covered, nothing terrible will happen if you eat one thing. Chocolate contains 400 calories per 100 grams. This product will give you energy, since it contains a lot of pectin and simple carbohydrates. It will be especially useful to athletes because pectin breaks down fats. Eating one marshmallow, you replenish your charge of vivacity and energy, and also enrich the body with useful pectin.

Add to your regular diet this product because of its caloric content in comparison with located in it useful substances, is irrelevant. Along with these beneficial properties treats, you know that this sweetness will help in the prevention of peptic ulcer and viral diseases.

However, use it wisely. Don’t forget the main rule of food: sweet food should be eaten after the main meal. The body should get enough vitamins and minerals from other foods. Rich in pectin sweetness should be reserved for snacking between meals when the feeling of hunger.

If you want to enjoy this treat with chocolate, allow yourself that, but do not overdo it, keep in mind that high-calorie white. Lose weight with the delicious low calorie treat — a gentle Zephyr.