How many calories contains oatmeal: calories in oatmeal water and milk, BDIM product

Many tasty treats we got from other countries, including oatmeal. It starts with your Breakfast almost every Scot and Englishman for centuries.

For most of us, oatmeal is familiar from childhood, since it is the ideal Breakfast for a child. It is an excellent diet dish, hearty, tasty and good for people of any age.

How many calories are contained in 100 grams of oatmeal in water and milk? This question will interest many health enthusiasts and those who want to lose weight.

Oatmeal and its properties

For many centuries oatmeal continues to be one of the most popular diet and healthy meals. It is prepared with water or milk cereal or flour. Oat groats get their oats in comparison with wheat is a young culture.

To get the usual for us cereal grain oats are ground first and then flatten. After that, squeeze the oil, the remaining product is subjected to heat treatment. All applied methods of treatment help to get the grain more rich, fragrant and crispy. Its composition is different from cereal grains, but very little. Beans also get oatmeal and bran that is used most often in the workplace.

Oatmeal is nutritious and useful. Depending on the kind of oats will change the cooking time. To diversify their various products:

  • fresh fruits and berries;
  • dried apricots;
  • raisins;
  • honey, etc.

Oatmeal has a large amount of vegetable protein and carbohydrates. Despite this, it is considered a useful dietary dish. In the product also a lot of carbohydrates, that does not prevent it to be easily digested by the body. Regular consumption of this product has a positive effect on health and appearance.

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The calorie content of oatmeal 100 grams

Ready-made oatmeal with water or milk is a tasty and healthy product. All grains have a high content of carbohydrates. The caloric value of dry oatmeal is 100 grams of cereal 342 calories:

  • proteins and 12.3 g; 49,2 kcal;
  • fats — 6,11 g; 54,9 kcal;
  • carbohydrates — 59,5 g; 238 kcal;
  • dietary fiber — 8 oz.

BDIM, the ratio by weight in dry form:

  • proteins and 15.3%;
  • fats — 6,0%;
  • carbohydrates — 78,8%.

All the cereals in the cooking process increase in size, so after cooking, their energy value is reduced. Now consider how this happens with oatmeal, cooked in water and cooked in milk and how many are calories.

Calorie oatmeal cooked in clean water, is 88 calories per 100 grams of the finished product, including:

  • proteins — 3.0 g;
  • fats — 1.7 g;
  • carbohydrates — 15,0 gr.

Currently, many manufacturers of oatmeal produce products of fast preparation. In such a fast meals nutritional value is much higher, for example in the mess five minutes of the caloric content will be 350 units per 100 grams, including:

  • proteins 56 kcal;
  • fats of 67.5 kcal;
  • carbohydrates — 224 kcal.

Judging by the figures calorie fast cereals exceeds the nutritional value of cooked with water 5 times. To think about it fans kas-updates. It is better to spend some time preparing traditional oatmeal and eat a product with lower caloric content.

Oatmeal, cooked in milk, has a little more calories. 100 grams of milk oatmeal has 105 calories, including:

  • protein — 3,2 g;
  • fats 4,3 g;
  • carbohydrates and 14.2 grams.
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With the help of this cereal in the body gets complex carbohydrates. They for a long time to be metabolized into glucose to maintain the stock of active functioning of the body.

Milk and porridge on the water can be even tastier if you add them to raisins, apricots, prunes, nuts, season with butter. With such additives to increase the energy value depending on the type of product.

Useful properties of oatmeal

Boiled in water oatmeal is rich in vegetable protein, which gives the body a high energy value. High rate of nutritional value is the main feature of oatmeal. Oats have a large amount of dietary fiber, Cereal oatmeal — an excellent adsorbent of heavy metals, so it is very important to include in the daily diet of people living in industrial regions.

Among cereals, oatmeal is a leader in content of protein and fat. The protein contains many essential amino acids, they are absorbed by the body. Nutritional value of oatmeal Supplement starches. Unsaturated fats in oatmeal are unstable and for this reason, during long-term storage Krupa spoils quickly. It is rich in valuable vitamins and minerals, it most:

  • b vitamins, PP and E;
  • salts;
  • phosphorus;
  • iron;
  • magnesium;
  • silicon;
  • zinc;
  • calcium.

Doctors recommend consuming oatmeal in the prevention and for many diseases:

  • the liver;
  • digestive organs;
  • atherosclerosis:
  • to support the work of the heart and vascular system.
  • diabetes.

Especially useful to use oatmeal for those who have various problems with the digestive system. Porridge has a shielding property, and in the process of digestion it covers all the walls of the digestive organs, cleaning them from the accumulated «garbage». For this reason, it has become an indispensable dish in the diet of losing weight. People who have constipation, it is recommended to regularly eat oatmeal.

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Oatmeal is included in the menu of many diets and it is administered in the diet of many severe diseases, it reduces the cholesterol in the blood. It is advisable to use a dish for people of any age because 1 bowl of cereal is able to give the body a 1/4 of the daily requirement of fiber.