How many calories in a boiled egg: calories and usefulness 1 piece boiled eggs and fried, the amount of kcal

A lot of nutritionists recommend to eat in the morning, hardboiled eggs. It is believed that 2 such eggs give strength and energy for the whole day, and hunger will not disturb you.

But how useful are they, how many calories in a boiled egg and cooked differently? All of this is of interest for those who are on a diet and not only. About their calorie content and healthy properties and will be discussed in the material.

The caloric value of boiled eggs

100 grams of eggs contains about 160 calories, on average, one piece weighs about 70 grams. Accordingly, one boiled egg will have a caloric content of 80 calories, two pieces – 160 calories, respectively. This amount of calories is considered optimal for Breakfast, also you will saturate your organism with the necessary amount of elements such as:

  • vitamins;
  • carbohydrates;
  • proteins;
  • trace elements.

Egg white is good even when dieting, because it is absorbed almost entirely, and is of great benefit to the body than the protein of meat, milk or fish. The calorie content of the product in boiled and raw form is virtually identical.

Many people mistakenly believe that these products are harmful for the body due to the fact that they have a lot of cholesterol, but it is not so. Its in the to 2 percent, but the lecithins much more so if in the morning there are boiled eggs, you will not be afraid of atherosclerosis.

Hard-boiled egg can be stored for 10 days, but fresh they are more useful, so it’s best to cook them just before ingestion. Cooking takes about 5 minutes.

The most useful considered raw foods, but nobody can guarantee that they will not be salmonellosis.

The number of calories in the yolk and protein separately

The caloric value of yolk and albumen is also different. Most of the calories in the yolk, as protein. three times less.

We all know that an egg is composed of albumen and yolk. So, the caloric value of protein per 100 grams is only 17 calories, it equals a quarter of the total calories. Protein almost no fat it contains all the beneficial amino acids and b vitamins.

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But the caloric content of the yolk is around 50 calories. It contains:

  • proteins;
  • fats;
  • carbohydrates;
  • vitamins a, C, E;
  • manganese;
  • calcium;
  • zinc;
  • iron and other trace elements.

It is not recommended to use egg yolk along with other animal fats.

Components of cooked product

Contrary to popular myths about the harmfulness and high caloric content of these products, they are perfect for the diet for weight loss.

Thus, they contain a total of 12 types of vitamins. The amount of vitamin D the egg is second only to cod-liver oil. And yet it has a lot of minerals, for example;

  • phosphorus;
  • copper;
  • iodine;
  • calcium;
  • iron.

The number of calories with other methods of cooking

We considered how many calories in hard-boiled egg, and below we will consider what will be its energy value, subject to the other cooking methods.

How many calories in boiled soft-boiled egg

If it to cook a soft-boiled, its usefulness will be the same as the calorie content of one piece will be about 70 kcal. Digested this product for about 2 hours. To cook a soft-boiled egg, it should cook up to 5 minutes. The yolk should be semi-fluid condition, a soft boiled egg must be eaten only hot.

Value fried eggs

A lot of people love in the morning to fry an egg, of course, the question of its calorie content for some is still relevant. One fried egg without oil has 110 calories. But their number increases, if it is fried in fatty oil.

Therefore, when calculating the amount of calories fried egg be sure to consider not only the egg, but the batter that you prepared. As a rule, the calorie content of the finished dish is more than 170 calories, this rate is more than twice the caloric value of the cooked product. Therefore, grilled meals are not included in the diet when diets for weight loss, they are too high calorie.

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But if you watch your figure, but unable to deny myself the pleasure to eat for Breakfast is fried eggs, cook the whites because they are low carbs and zero fats.

Scrambled eggs and its nutritional value

Omelette is one of the most common egg dishes that are prepared for Breakfast. Cook it very simply:

  • whisk 2 eggs with milk;
  • pour the mass into the pan, heating it before a little oil.

Calorie ready meals is 118 kcal, if you cook an omelette with one protein, it will be only 85 calories. The number of calories increases dramatically, if in an omelet, add tomatoes or cheese, both ingredients it is 342 kcal.

Table of caloric content of eggs in different forms

Below is a short list of the caloric content of this product in one form or another, indicating the utility of:

  • fried – 125 kcal, if was roasting in vegetable oil. More calories just in the yolk, but the protein not at all. As such, the product is the least useful;
  • raw – 80 kcal (one unit), but it is recommended to eat only the checked products (for example, private or private farms);
  • omelet of two pieces – 120 calories, if you prepare only from the proteins 85 kcal, respectively. The product is healthy and nourishing, you can add cheese, tomatoes or other vegetables;
  • most low calorie the product boiled – 50 kcal, but if it is the store, if it is a rural product, this figure may be 70 calories.

The beneficial properties of eggs

This product is an excellent choice to include not only diet for weight loss, but in clinical nutrition, with the aim of strengthening the overall health. It has the following useful properties:

  • the substances present in it, is able to protect the nerve of the eye, which does not form cataract;
  • the presence of substances which help in the blood;
  • lecithin from egg yolk helps to strengthen memory and improve the ability to cope with mental tasks;
  • stimulates the immune system;
  • helps with weight loss;
  • strengthens bones and teeth;
  • vitamin E preserves the youth and beauty.
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Naturally, there are many useful products that contain less calories than a boiled egg, but it is not only useful, but also incredibly delicious, especially for Breakfast. But if you want to enjoy the taste of this product and to double the amount of vitamins, try quail eggs. But remember that their calorie content is higher than that of chicken is about 150 kcal per piece.

Boiled eggs – confident in terms of caloric product, healthy and tasty. Eating 2 pieces for Breakfast, you will permanently retain a feeling of satiety.