How many calories in bacon: calculating the caloric content of smoked, salted and other pig fat in grams

Lard – the product is not a diet, however, it is still very fond of both children and adults. This product in salt, smoked and the other kind has a large amount of calories. However, this does not mean that this part of the pork is fatty and unwholesome product, because it contains a lot of minerals and vitamins.

The usefulness of this topical product with proper consumption, you need to know your daily intake in grams and to calculate calorific value of lard is based on your diet. This product can be both beneficial and harmful to health. How to use salt and other bacon with the mind, and we will tell below.

What nutrients are there in pork fat

Despite the high calorie and fat product, it has a lot of vitamins that are so beneficial to health, for example:

  • beta-carotene, vitamin a – these substances are necessary for our body to function normally the epithelium and there were no problems with vision. Thanks to them, growing cells and the immune system;
  • vitamin D – this ingredient helps the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, participates in the regulation of cell reproduction, as well as in the synthesis of several hormones;
  • vitamin E – helps to protect cell membranes and helps to repair damaged blood erythrocytes.

Despite the fact that the caloric content of this product is higher than butter, the availability of nutrients more than makes up for it. And vitamin E helps restore the body after negative effects of alcohol, as well as long-term illnesses and other substances help to work properly the digestive system.

Acid in fat

In addition to vitamins, it contains fatty acids beneficial for the body:

  • oleic;
  • linoleic;
  • arachidonic;
  • palmitic.

All these acids actively participate in cholesterol metabolism and the immune response, they are also good for heart muscle. Therefore, despite the high content of calories, this product contains many fatty acids, which have need of almost every person. Another question – how much exactly do you eat it all at once in grams.

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Many fear that the salty fat has a high calorie content and I try to avoid this food. But have no fear. One of the most useful substances contained in this product is the antioxidant selenium. Thanks to him, a person’s immune system is working properly, it also helps to rid the body of free radicals. A lot of people in Russia suffers from a lack of selenium.

A make up for his lack of Badami and drugs, however, you can combine pleasant with useful and to afford regularly tasty bacon. Selenium is also contained in large amount in garlic, so eating it with the garlic, you will also be able to compensate for the lack of selenium without different medications.

How many calories in fat

Assuming the caloric value of fat per hundred grams of product, it all depends on the type of product and its preparation:

  • salty bacon contains about 800 calories per hundred grams of product. How much of it you can eat, decide depending on their needs. Salty bacon is most useful because it retains the greatest amount of vitamins;
  • boiled product contains approximately 500 calories per 100 grams of product. It can be stored for a long time, so it is often canned for the winter. A number of vitamins during heat treatment is destroyed, so the beneficial properties are less than salty fat;
  • the calorie content of smoked product lower than salt and makes about 767 kcal per one hundred grams. 100 g contains about 1.5 g of protein and as many carbs and 50 g fats. When Smoking of the fat drips, but when losing weight such product in order not to slow down the weight loss process;
  • fried (cracklings) – many people love is a product like this, some are interested in how many calories it contains. The calorie content of fried bacon is almost the same as smoked, but the fat per 100 grams of product will be much more. It is strongly recommended not to consume this for weight loss and those who are inclined to corpulence;
  • fat with a meat layer. Meat layer increases the amount of protein, respectively, is fat – more calories than usual.
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How to eat fat

Now, we find out how many calories and nutrients it contains lard, and you can easily calculate how many a day you can use this product to avoid problems. There are also a number of recommendations regarding the consumption of this product, without subsequent harm to health:

  • it is best eaten together with salads made from fresh vegetables dressed with unrefined vegetable oil and Apple cider vinegar. The vinegar contains antioxidants which this combination will reduce the damage from low density lipoprotein, which is in animal fat;
  • the greatest benefit of the product is obtained in winter, when heating of the body the body spends a lot of energy, and the fat will act as an additional source of minerals and vitamins;
  • it can not be abused, it is best to eat little by little up to 3 times a week. It is very important to strike a balance in terms of consumption of other foods, because the fat has a very high energy value.

Recommendations and contraindications

There are categories of people who do not consumption of fat. He should abstain in the presence of diseases such as:

  • obesity;
  • liver disease;
  • problems with the pancreas;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Conversely, it is better to introduce into your diet this product in reasonable quantities in the following cases:

  • with the active lifestyle;
  • those who work hard physically and doing sports;
  • in the presence of pulmonary diseases;
  • in diseases of the blood.

Fat has the ability to rid the body of heavy metals, helps to build the immune system and promotes the excretion of bile.

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So if you do the calculations about calorie fat and calculate your own energy requirement, you will be able to add this product to your menu and not worry about health and body shape. This product is healthy and tasty for everyone – thanks to it you diversify your diet with nutrients and savour its taste.