How many calories in cottage cheese: calories in 100 grams of product, the energy value 5% cottage cheese, nutrients

Since ancient times one of the most useful and amazing products is the curd, it contains proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and minerals. Pediatricians even recommend to enter it in the diet of children from the first month of their lives. It is believed that he was an accident, much earlier cheese or butter. Once, on a hot day milk separated from the whey and curd clot. People started to eat cheese every day, but called him first cheese. In Russia it has learned to extrude and bake until dry condition. I wonder what dry was estimated much more than moist and soft.

How many calories are in cottage cheese?

The calorie content of any cheese depends on its variety. Buying a rustic, you can’t doubt his quality, but it is impossible to guess how many calories it contains. Most likely, fat it is approximately equal to 18%. Rustic and grainy – it’s fatty and they are not suitable for people on diets.

It happens that the manufacturer of cheese has not indicated its calorie content on the packaging. In such cases, you first need to determine its grade. Basically it is low fat varieties (0% — 3%), bold (4% — 11%) and fat ( 18%). Information about fat can be found in the description of the characteristics of the curd and easily calculate its caloric value.

The number of calories in 100 grams of cheese:

Product with different fat content is obtained by different technologies of its production. Known acid, acid-rennet and combined methods technology. Following the acid-rennet method are made bold and extra bold varieties, but the acid helps to diet product.

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  • Low fat diet contains zero percent fat, and 71 calories.
  • Dietary (0,1%) – 76 kcal.
  • Diet soft (1,0%) – 79 kcal.
  • Fat-free (0.2 percent) is 81 kcal.
  • Fat-free (0,3%) – 88 kcal.
  • Low fat (0,6%) – 90 kcal.
  • Lithuanian classical (3%) – 97 calories.
  • Table (2,0%) – 104 kcal.
  • Soft diet (4,0%) – 106 calories.
  • Low-fat (8,0%) – 138 kcal.
  • Low-fat (9,0%) – 159 kcal.
  • Bold soft (11,0%) – 178 calories.
  • Fat cottage cheese (18,0%) – 236 kcal.

This dairy product is a supplier of a whole group of b vitamins. the Most vital vitamin B 12 is composed of 1.32 µg.

What is the caloric value 5% cottage cheese

Curd 5% fat is the most popular and favorite product, because it contained nutrients, great flavor and moderate calorie content. The amount of useful minerals contained in 5% milk products are not inferior to other varieties. Even if you fill this dish with cream and fruit, its calorie content will range from 145 kcal per 100 g

Dairy product 5% is also known for its cosmetic, medicinal properties, many Russian women made him a non-greasy mask for sensitive skin which nourish and tone the skin. Useful substances in 5% cottage cheese:

The content of microcells on 100 g:

  • Sulfur 200 mg,
  • Phosphorus 180 mg,
  • Calcium 120 mg,
  • Potassium 78 mg,
  • Magnesium 24 mg,
  • Iron 0.3 mg,
  • Selenium 30 mcg.

Tips losing weight

To feel the lightness in the body and to be healthy you should stick to the following rules:

  • Daily consumption of cottage cheese – 300 grams, do not exceed this norm.
  • Choose a fermented milk product with low fat otherwise there is a risk of exceeding the daily requirement of calories and unpleasant surprises in the form of a few extra inches at the waist.
  • Arranging the cheese fasting day, refrain from consuming coffee, better to drink herbal teas.
  • Try to eat less cottage cheese glazed curd and weight – sugars they contain higher than normal, and it is those nutrients that contains cheese. For example, in composition of cheese curds in addition to the main ingredient is administered starch, emulsifiers, thickeners, flavourings and vegetable fats (corn oil or palm oil).
  • Doctors recommend eating this product to people with brittle bones and for those who is on treatment after various fractures. It promotes rapid healing and fusion of the bone tissue.
  • The elderly, children and pregnant women should consume this milk product, regardless of how many it contains calories.
  • Sportsmen he in the diet as allows you to restore after a workout stocks of muscle tissue and energy. Eating helps to build muscle, due to the high content of casein.
  • For vegetarians this product will be a useful alternative to the consumption of animal proteins, it doesn’t irritate the stomach.
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Nutrition includes the consumption of cheese. However, try not to abuse it. To eat dairy product can be no more than 300 grams a day, otherwise it threatens to overload the liver. To the caloric value of food is not increased, try instead of sugar or jam to mix it with fruit and fill with honey. Remember to comply with proper nutrition count of calories is necessary not only losing weight, but every person.