How many kg in obesity grade 3: calculation rules, methods of treatment

In recent years the problem of excess weight has affected thousands of people around the world. Therefore, even in our country today, you can find a lot of men and women with obesity grade 3. Although they differ in the number of pounds each person with the right approach can again become slim.

What is it?

First of all, I would like to elaborate on the term, which will be discussed in this article. Obesity is a disease, the chief symptom of which is the accumulation of fat reserves in the subcutaneous tissue or other tissues of the body. Therefore, overweight people not only look unattractive, but put at great risk their health. Most of them at some point develops a dangerous disease that affects different organs and systems of the body.

The degree of obesity

In the framework of this question, decided to allocate several main degrees of obesity: first, second and third. Any person who gets at risk, does not hurt to know how to determine the degree of obesity.

First degree

Also called as normal. To determine this stage is very difficult because of the lack of medical health complaints. But people in this state can be upset by his appearance. At this time, the spine, joints and bones begin to experience increased load. So at the first suspicion on obesity is necessary at this stage to begin to act, otherwise it will allow the disease to progress further, then comes the next stage of the disease. Usually the people who are in the first stage of obesity, gain weight not more than 5-10%.

Second degree

A characteristic feature is the weight, which is 50 to 99% different from the optimal weight in a big way. At this stage of obesity the person complains of constant fatigue, weakness and irritability. Many people have noted the constant presence of a sense of thirst and hunger. Some deliver a considerable discomfort, shortness of breath, nausea, pain in the joints. Some groups begin to develop diseases of the internal organs, there are important pathology of the body systems.

Third degree

To determine this very simply because at this stage the person begins to weigh at least two times more than in normal condition. An additional signal to the development of grade 3 obesity is the presence of many diseases.

Calculation of the mass of

Quite interesting is the method of determining the degree of obesity. It would first have to perform preliminary calculations. One of the essential indicators is the index of Brocka, which indicates the presence of a healthy weight the individual. Calculation scheme is as follows:

  1. The baseline is the growth from which you want to subtract 100.
  2. The obtained values need to subtract 10-15%.
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Similar calculation method can use people who are in growth correspond to the range from 155 to 170 cm

Let’s see how it will look on the example.

Imagine that human height is 163 cm, then the calculations will look as follows:

  • 163 cm — 100 = 63.
  • 15% of 63 – 9, 45. 63 – 9, 45 = 53,5 (kg).

The output will be the following: to avoid problems with the health of the people, whose height is 163 cm, should have a weight of 53.5 kg.

You can then do calculations of the degree of obesity. To do this, as the base value is obtained actual weight of the person, from which is subtracted the perfect, after which it remains to estimate the percentage of residue. Based on the received value, it is possible to know the degree of obesity of a person.


You can offer another method of determining the degree of obesity, which is based on the use of body mass index, was developed by Belgian Adolphe Ketele. This figure is calculated using the following formula:

I = m / h2, where:

  • I is the index of body weight;
  • m – body weight in kilograms;
  • h is height in meters.

Consider as an example the following situation:

For example, human height is 163 cm and weighs 70 kg. After a simple calculation, obtain

I = 70 / 2,66 = 26,3.

Then we need to use a table interpretation. In the result, we can obtain the following indicators:

  1. 16 and less – underweight.
  2. 16-18,5 – norm.
  3. 25-30 is overweight.
  4. 30-35 – these indicators say about the first degree of obesity.
  5. 35-40 is the second degree.
  6. 40 or more – third degree of obesity.

To calculate the weight of a person for obesity 3 degrees, only need to calculate your BMI. It must be done without fail, because in each case these figures will be different due to the difference in growth.


An additional hint about the presence of grade 3 obesity are symptoms that also need attention. How feels sick, are in a similar condition?

  1. Typically, a person with a similar degree of obesity it is very difficult to perform a household operation, and therefore it needs outside help. Such a simple for the average person actions as bending the arms at the back, it is very difficult to do. Even ordinary movements are for the patient with 3 degree of obesity a real meal.
  2. Common symptom is shortness of breath. And it is frustrating, as during physical activity and at rest.
  3. Along with the above symptoms often begin to develop diseases, affecting different organs. The most common atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and pancreatitis.
  4. Such as, in most cases accompanied by weakness and sleepiness. Also this person has a very low efficiency.
  5. People at this stage of obesity, often suffer from headaches and pain in the heart area.
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With the development of the person 3 the degree of obesity the first thing he should do is to change your diet. For this condition the best would be table No. 8.If you follow this diet, you can not only significantly reduce weight, but also to normalize the water-salt balance in the body. The basis of the diet are low-calorie foods. Prerequisite — frequent smaller meals.

The power of such a person during the day will look as follows:

  • For Breakfast you can eat a little meat (90 gr.), vegetable salad with vegetable oil (150 gr.), coffee with milk without sugar.
  • After two or three hours you can eat a small Apple (100 g.).
  • For lunch you can eat a Cup of soup or veggie soup (200 GRS.), braised cabbage (10 oz.), a piece of boiled fish (100 g.), a glass of juice without sugar, be sure to dried fruit. If desired, add sweetener — fructose.
  • In the afternoon you can drink low-fat milk ( 3/4 Cup).
  • For dinner allowed to eat baked meat loaf (100 g.), half the deviled eggs, drink a glass of green tea.
  • A few hours before sleep, allowed to drink a half-full glass of yogurt.


The characteristic feature of the development of grade 3 obesity is the stability of the fat reserves. In most cases, are not limited only to diet but also carried out a number of additional events.

  1. Exercise. People diagnosed with grade 3 obesity, it is useful to do aerobics and gymnastics. For the first time are recommended for any sport, over time you can increase the load. Go in the first week to exercise power is unacceptable. Otherwise, it may aggravate the condition.
  2. Hydrotherapy. Quite effective technique for getting rid of extra pounds is a power shower or water massage.
  3. Psychotherapy. In some cases people require the help of a specialist-psychologist. Many bring themselves to this state on the background of the depression, which to win on their own often cannot.
  4. Medication. The decision on its implementation taken by the endocrinologist, provided that diet and exercise have not helped to improve the condition.
  5. Surgery. To this unpopular method is resorted to only in extreme cases and make the decision about surgery should only be a doctor.
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Traditional medicine

Sometimes, even conventional medicine cannot help a person who has 3 degree of obesity. So they often have to turn to folk remedies of treatment. Among known drugs, the most effective are the following:

  1. The infusion. To prepare it you’ll need 100 g of mistletoe, Rowan berries and bark of a Linden. They need to add 75 grams of water pepper and lime flowers. All components should be well mixed. For infusions, you will need 3 tablespoons of the mixture. In the evening the specified number of the collection pour a glass of boiling water and leave overnight for infusion. In the morning the infusion is filtered. Treatment regimen: 4-5 times a day 3/4 Cup of hour before eating. The course duration is one month.
  2. Caucasian hellebore. This tool also helps to remove the symptoms of obesity 3 degrees. It will require two tablespoons of the collection that you need to pour half a liter of boiling water and put for infusion for 75 minutes. Ready medicine take 0.5 cups for 30 minutes before a meal three times a day. The course duration is 6 months.


Obesity 3 degrees is a very dangerous condition for the person. It usually occurs in those people who do not look after their health and nutrition. It is therefore not surprising that in addition to pronounced obesity they have a large bouquet of various diseases. To treat obesity of the third degree would not only have to change the food, but also to actively exercise.

The third degree of obesity