How much should people to lose weight: the number of steps per day to lose weight

Most people tend to have slender body and strong health. To this end, they visit gyms, ride bikes, swim in the pools. Hiking are the most affordable kind of sport and for any person. For these classes do not need to have sports equipment enough in the morning or evening to walk several kilometers on foot.

We can only find out how much you need to walk per day to lose weight and stay in excellent physical shape? How many km need to walk for health benefits?

Use Hiking

For healthy weight loss by any means, and regular walking can be for many of us an indispensable tool in the fight against excess weight. It is quite clear that to lose 10 pounds fast does not work, it requires time. Hiking has many advantages for the body:

  • to raise cheerfulness;
  • to improve muscle tone;
  • to burn extra calories;
  • to improve the condition of musculoskeletal system and blood circulation;
  • lungs to enrich the blood with oxygen;
  • get rid of stress and depression.

Walking to lose weight is different from a step. You need to walk at a brisk pace. Walking for weight loss should not harm the health, but to meet normal physical activity. Under the conditions of a correct walk is a month to achieve good results and lose approximately 5 lbs. after six months, you can achieve remarkable results, to have a beautiful toned body if you regularly go Hiking for weight loss.

How much should you walk per day?

The number of people wishing to walk is not so great, because the slow pace will not give positive results in losing weight. To maintain the tone of the walk shall be not less than an hour a day. Experts recommend adults per day to make 10 000-12 000 steps, but it should be done without harm to health. In old age the number of steps should be reduced to 8 000-10 000.

To lose weight need to walk daily for 1 hour. Best Hiking to break in several stages. For example, during the day to do walking for 20 minutes alternating between medium and fast walking. It is impossible to begin immediately with large distances and very fast paced, the body needs to get used gradually.

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It is best to walk in parks and squares, along the waterfront, it is important that the place for walking was the least polluted. Definitely need to remember that we are all different and the norm of walking, the load can also vary. The benefits of walking will only be the case if it does not harm health and will not cause discomfort.

It is believed that the benefits of the walk will be the case if the speed is 7 km/h. Each has its own step width, so the average speed is measured in steps per minute, rather than miles. You can walk even at one location, activating the whole body. There are several parameters of the walk:

  • very slow — 60 step/min;
  • slow — 80 step/min;
  • average — 110 step/min;
  • quick — 130 step/min;
  • very fast — 140 strides/min.

Using these data, you can count your steps for 1 minute while walking.

Perfect figure and health

Already have been counted that each of us in one day is about 3000 steps — the road to work and back, shopping at the store, steps around the house. The remaining 7 000 can be reached during the day at an accelerated pace, to have a slender figure.

You need to realistically assess their health status, is Important not speed, and the total number of steps per day. Often it happens that due to weather conditions or other reasons people can not go out walking. In this case, it is possible to practice walking in place. Then the number of steps is reduced by half, but to do the walk in place at home it is advisable only in extreme cases. While walking on the spot you need to step on the heel, not the toe, to raise high the knees and vigorously wave your hands.

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For home walk the stairs and the pace of walking the steps will be different from regular walking. The first time is only 4 flights on each step. This is followed a little to catch my breath and continue to rise to body time to get used to the loads. While climbing stairs you can’t hold the railing.

Need to monitor your heart rate and breathing. During intense walk can happen shortness of breath and if this happens, you should stop and recover your breath. Heart rate is calculated by a simple formula:

  • 220 minus your age and minus 50.

The walk will benefit only in case, if you do not bring your performance to the maximum level.

A few rules for a healthy walk

If you decide to make walking to lose weight need to know a few basic rules. They will not only lose weight but to be healthy and active.

You must take into account the condition, it is very important to walking pace consistent with the fitness level.

Very tedious in the solitude of long walks to make them, you can take a player and turn on your favorite music.

There are special pedometers, it is advisable to buy it to know exactly the steps taken. There are several option is a special device, apps for smartphones and fitness bracelets. They will help to calculate the distance and steps to trace a positive result. The device for the entire day will be counted the steps and give a signal when the digit reaches the desired level.

We must not forget about proper clothing and shoes for walking. It is advisable to wear breathable fabrics and comfortable walking shoes.

It is best not to go on one road, and to choose new places for walks. While walking in the new area you will discover something interesting and the time will fly by.

To get the maximum benefit from these sessions, it is necessary to monitor posture, walk straight and gracefully.

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An important component is proper breathing, it is considered that the need to breathe through your nose and exhale through the mouth to do. While driving need to stop talking to catch his breath.

Only regular exercise will contribute to weight loss and good physical shape. In addition, do not forget throughout the day to be more active. For example, instead of the Elevator, take the stairs, get up a stop early on the way to or from work.

Adhering to the basic rules of the walk, after a month will be noticeable positive results. The body will be more resilient and strong. Through time will take excess weight and appear lighter in my body and a positive attitude. Good luck and good health!