How much waste of calories: if you live an active lifestyle, in a state of tranquility and during the day

Scientists around the world are sounding the alarm, because overweight people become more and more. This problem didn’t just appear. If you take the average man in our time, we can see that his diet per day is 2,200 calories.

These figures can be compared with the ancient people, who day consumed about 5,500 calories or soldiers from the army of Peter the great, who consumed more than 4,500 calories. A large intake of food, does not lead to the fullness of the ancient people or the soldiers, but now excess weight for many has become the norm.

Calories that is the main cause of weight gain. People have less to move, and the calories that they have learned during the day, not converted into energy and stored as fat. Such is the nature of the human body. Considering this feature it is possible to achieve a balance between calories and their burning during the day, but how to do it?

How to increase calorie consumption?

For normal functioning of the body requires constantly to be nourished with food and water. Many believe that excess weight is a large amount of food and will no doubt be right, but the fat tends to accumulate for other reasons. For example, you can often notice that in the winter days people gain fat mass, but their activity during the day is not reduced. The reason lies in the temperature. As a rule, the body in the fall and in the summer spends on sports and other active actions only carbohydrates, but in winter it’s function is slightly different.

Low temperatures cause the body to waste to heat the body more calories. Actually burning fat and carbohydrate reserves on the street in subzero temperature is increased in 3 times. For this turn the body well prepared, so in the fall there is an accumulation of fat. In winter, this process only accelerated. People are constantly sitting at home, with zero temperature contributes to the rapid accumulation and formation of overweight.

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Lowering the temperature is always a reason for the formation of body fat, but it is possible to change in their favor. The body you can just cheat. The temperature change allows the body to stop the process of fat accumulation, but we must not forget that it must be optimal and comfortable for life. Experts recommend to stay at room temperature of 20 degrees.

How many calories do people spend per day?

Calories is a necessary resource for the normal functioning of the body. The energy is expended in three directions:

  1. The functionality of the body (breathing, support of body temperature, digestion of food).
  2. Constant physical activity.
  3. Extreme situations, which include stress and illness.

Without the energy efficiency of any person, is greatly reduced, increasing the risk of diseases and also begins to decrease fat and muscle mass. In order not to harm the body and keep your body in shape, you should calculate how much body needs calories during the day and not exceed this amount.

Any person the amount of energy consumed in a day, but this figure differs not only due to physical activity. Sex, age, health, lifestyle have a direct impact on calorie consumption during the day. That is why certain formulas calorie consumption and diet just don’t help, because for all requires an individual program.

Before you start the calculation of their own consumption of calories a day, should be considered principal activities, which also takes energy.

  1. Even without active operations, during the sleep the person spends energy. During sleep per hour takes about 65 calories, that is, 7 hours of sleep the consumption is equal to 455.
  2. The morning preparation before work takes about 70 calories and the same amount of energy a person spends on Breakfast to work.
  3. Work requires about 60 calories.
  4. In the working time each person indicators of energy consumption are different, but the average activity, the body spends 1 thousand calories.
  5. A walk in the evening, lunch, dinner, spends another 500 units of energy.

This is just averages, but they are suitable for most people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. The power consumption is 2200-2500 calories a day.

Energy consumption during walking

People who lead an active lifestyle or just love to walk, can pass a day more than 10 kilometers, it does not feel fatigue. Such a lifestyle promotes the burning of excess energy. A little physical activity leads not only to overweight but also to go to become much more difficult. To lose weight simple walking, if only to use special techniques. A simple walk consumes few calories.

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How much can you throw, if you do a simple walk? This question is difficult to answer because of the individual nature of the body. For example, the high people spend less energy while walking. Low people consume more calories due to the number of steps. That is, the flow rate of energy at all different, but the walk in any case reduce the amount of calories.

  1. Ordinary walking for two hours burns about 50 calories a week, with constant walking, you can spend up to 1100 calories.
  2. Consumption of calories can be increased to 1500 in a week, if you increase the intensity or complicate the walk. For example, up and down the stairs.

The advantages of walking for health?

Even if the person is not overweight, walking will still be a huge plus, and the push for improved health. Rising tone, improves the function of the cardiovascular system, the respiratory function return to normal. The walk has virtually no contraindications and is suitable for everyone, regardless of age and gender. The main thing is not to forget to maintain water balance, because during this exercise the body spends a lot of fluids necessary for normal functioning of the body.

How many calories to spend in the summer?

On a summer day the power consumption is not much different from winter time. Extreme temperatures cause the body spends more calories for cooling down food in the stomach. An active lifestyle at such a time, promotes rapid burning fat, but it is worth remembering that to keep the calorie intake to become more difficult. Due to the temperature changes, your body may need more energy to maintain normal functioning. Furthermore, it requires more and more quantity of liquid.

In summer, the liquid can be a tool for weight loss. For heating fluid inside the body spends 0.2 kcal, so the water is not only a way to quench their thirst. A dip in the pool or river where the water temperature is below the body, promotes rapid incineration of subcutaneous fat.


How much is spent calories a day? This question arises out of nowhere. Alas, the modern way of life of many people leads to the fact that they simply grow fat due to minimal activity during the day. The balance between calorie intake and discharge per day, to become a key not only to a beautiful body, but a healthy lifestyle.