How tall is Vera Brezhneva and how much she weighs: secrets of harmony celebrity

Vera Galushka, known under the pseudonym Vera Brezhneva, is a former member of the musical group VIA GRA, singer, actress and TV presenter. From the article, you will learn how increased the celebrity, as he sang in a musical group VIA GRA, what’s her height and weight and how to look after themselves to be as beautiful, healthy and sexy?

As living Faith Brezhnev to popularity?

Vera Brezhnev was born in Ukraine, in city Dnipropetrovsk, in a normal family. Her father, Viktor Galushka, was a worker at a chemical plant, and his mother, Tatiana Permyakova, employee of metallurgical plant. The family had 4 children:

  • older Galina,
  • twins Victoria and Anastasia
  • and Faith.

When she was 4 years old, together with his family went to rest in a sanatorium, and as the father put the girl to the platform and asked her to dance any dance. The audience was rife. Since that time, the girl got sick of the scene: it is recorded in the dance section, and the dumplings began to speak at school events.

When Faith was 11 years old, my father was hit by a car, and then she had to become an adult. Girl got a part time job in a cafe, then sold stuff on the market, even was a nanny. His salary was given to the mother. But not broken, the girl character, on the contrary, becomes invincible. When she paid much attention to appearance and self-development. In addition to dance and stage productions, the future star was interested in sports and went to music school. She liked it to make dumpling never thought about that in the future will become a real star. Entered the correspondence Department of the economic faculty of railway transport, Faith went to Secretary school and studied foreign languages with Tutors.

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Music band VIA GRA

First Vera Brezhnev was seen in the group VIA GRA in 2002 during the summer at the time Ukrainian touring bands — future star was a normal spectator, which wanted to come up on stage and sing a song Attempt number 5. Then the producers noted it, and in November, Brezhnev successfully passed the casting and became a soloist instead of Alena Vinnytsia. And here began her musical life. The girl moved to Moscow. The producers didn’t like her last name is dumpling and decided to change it to Brezhnev, as the aspiring singer was a countrywoman of former Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev.

In 2003, Brezhnev along with Reliable Granovsky and Anna Sedokova successfully performed in a musical group. When was the sensual video for the song «don’t leave me, darling» in a few months he was able to lead the Russian charts. In the opinion of the audience, the song became the best in the last 10 years. American astronaut Mark Foley so liked the song that he was listening to it in space. Each new song became a hit.

Popular songs with the participation of Vera Brezhneva:

  • «Don’t leave me, darling.»
  • «There is no more gravity».
  • «I’m here».
  • «Don’t run over me.»

Life after Vera Brezhneva VIA GRA

After Vera Brezhneva left the band, taking a sabbatical, and suddenly she was depressed, she wanted to travel again, to be back in this frantic pace, which the star called life, and the members of the band were like sisters, and Brezhnev at him desperately. In 2008, Faith has decided to return, just as a TV presenter. In the fall she was invited to the TV project Ice age 2 where the star rolls back the program with Vazgen Azreena. Alas, to the finals they reached, however, the audience appreciated its first-class appearance, plastic. More recently, Vera Brezhnev acknowledged the sexiest woman in the country and a stylish celebrity.

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How tall is Vera Brezhneva?

You probably want to know how tall is Vera Brezhneva and how she manages to keep an amazing figure? Once she had gained three pounds. At that moment Brezhnev reduced the food intake and stopped eating sugar, bread, pasta and potatoes. And three pounds instantly disappeared. Faith carefully watch their diet. To calculate calorie intake you can use a free online calorie calculator.

In addition, Brezhnev is constantly engaged in the fitness center for cardio, enjoys Pilates and-fitness. Consistently twice a year goes to the dentist. Height and weight adds literally 2 cm and 5 kg. So to look slim in life you need to be very thin. Growth of Vera Brezhneva is 1.78, see What the stars weight? With this increase of her weight is 67 kg.

Diet Vera Brezhneva

The singer admitted repeatedly in interviews that he loves meat and fresh juices. Vera Brezhnev takes food four times a day in small portions. Also Brezhnev admitted that doesn’t like sweet yogurt, and dessert uses cheese.

Pasta and flour products do not like. Cakes and pastries — weak stars, but trying to control myself. In the morning a bowl of oatmeal, a glass of water and fresh juice, lunch, seafood and cheese, and for dinner a light salad — all this makes a cheerful, healthy and slim. Celebrity never eat before bed and drink only mineral water.