How thin Polina Gagarina and what diet she chose to lose weight fast, photos before and after weight loss

Polina Gagarin – a famous Russian singer, who listened to many people in Russia and other countries. However, many people are interested in not only her professionalism in terms of vocals, but also how lost Polina Gagarina. Diet if it’s special, or any other methods, — all these questions often asked by those who are amazed at how quickly the young singer was able to lose weight more than 30 pounds.

This is what we will discuss below. Also the article you’ll see a photo of Pauline before and after weight loss to understand what effect she has achieved with its proprietary diet that will certainly help you to lose weight and others.

How much of Polina Gagarina weighed up to weight loss?

At a young age Pauline was hardly slim. She had a round and curvy, though her figure is not upset about the weight loss she has not yet conceived.

But after the birth of a child, the singer has recovered significantly, 30 pounds of excess weight were the impetus to go on a diet and lose weight. Now you can compare photos of the singer before and after weight loss and see a significant difference.

Features diet Gagarina

To lose weight, especially if you have long been a curvy shape, not so easy. To follow a diet and to adhere to special rules is extremely difficult, but Polina got it, so she decided to share the principles that helped her to achieve the intended purpose:

  • after six do not eat. Go to sleep on an empty stomach;
  • practice smaller meals and comply with the existing rules regarding the combination of proteins, carbohydrates and fats;
  • from roasted refuse completely;
  • other products should be sparing processing;
  • exclude from the diet all fatty, starchy and sweet food;
  • exercise regularly and lead an active lifestyle.

Gagarin tried different diets to lose weight, but noted that even strict restrictions in food will not give tangible results if they are temporary. When you return to the previous diet, all the efforts will be in vain, in some cases, you can gain weight, which will exceed that of the original.

What you enter in the diet?

It is best to increase the amount of fresh vegetables and fruits. Choose the products saturated colors that are rich photonutrients. These are substances that slow down the aging process and remove toxins through the fiber. All fruits and vegetables must be of high quality and do not contain in the composition of pesticides and nitrates, which can be hazardous to health.

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Heat treatment of the food can only be boiled or steaming. They will help to keep most of the useful properties of a product. Steam treatment does not exceed 100 degrees and does not degrade the properties of the product.

Fried foods Polina Gagarina excluded from the diet forever. But not only because fat does not promote weight loss, but also for frying products emit hazardous substances (carcinogens, free radicals and poisons), also kills all the beneficial properties of the same vegetables.

Singer recommends eating broths and soups. They have a good property to saturate the body and not let the hunger take you over the top. Warm liquid and food helps produce the gastric juice and normalize the process of the bowel. And the nutrients contained in the ingredients of the soup are digested much faster. This is very important in winter, when the body is particularly in need of immune support.

Diet Polina Gagarina – this is not a temporary solution, but permanent, which completely changes the habits and way of life. Before you decide to lose weight on this system, verify whether you have the power to change. In return, you will not only get your dream figure, but improve your health.

The only negative of this diet that said Polina Gagarina itself – is the impossibility of combining with breastfeeding. So either wait until the baby away from the breast, or put it into the mixture. The first option, of course, preferable.

Sample menu for a week diet Gagarina

To lose weight according to the method Polina Gagarina, it is necessary not only to include in your diet certain products, but also to follow the rules of their combination with each other, to share their techniques.

In this regard, the diet is not different from many others. Here is an example menu for a week:

  • 1 day. Eat boiled brown rice, which is prepared without sugar, salt and spices. Is, it must at any time of the day, when you feel the hunger. Also during the day you should drink up to 2 liters of water without gas;
  • Day 2. During the day, eat a chicken breast without the skin, steamed, or boiled. As in the previous case, no gravy, salt and spices. The amount of water remains;
  • Day 3. Resolved any vegetables that have no starch in fresh or processed form. Can make a salad based on the vegetables and season it with lemon juice. But salt is not added. Drink water as before to 2 liters a day;
  • Day 4. Prepare yourself a vegetable soup made of carrot, celery, cabbage and tomatoes. You can season with fresh herbs, lemon juice and some spices. Eat when there is hunger. Drinking regime of the former;
  • Day 5. On this day, the diet consists only of dairy products. Make a cocktail based on low-fat yogurt, green apples and skim milk cheese. You can use a blender to smooth consistency. Take a drink at the famine. During the day do not forget about water.
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When pass 5 days, start again. And so it went until, until you reach your ideal weight. Also do not forget about sports.

Then it is possible to diversify the menu, but in such a way as to effect after weight loss didn’t disappear. The menu may be as follows:

  • Breakfast: vegetables without oil and salt, oatmeal on the water, fresh fruits or vegetables;
  • lunch: boiled or steamed fish, steamed vegetables, Apple;
  • afternoon snack: fruit, herbal tea or fresh;
  • dinner: boiled or steamed white meat, salad vegetables, low-fat yogurt.

Results and follow-up diet

Thanks to its signature diet Polina Gagarina in just a few months got rid of as much as 30 pounds of excess weight that she gained after giving birth. Then she dropped another 10 pounds. However, she feels healthy and confident, her weight is 47 kg and height 164 cm Hard to believe that before losing weight she was a girl with a curvaceous.

By his own admission Pauline, now she’s not so strict to my diet as in the period when she sought to lose weight faster. But despite this, she observes a 4-course diet, as stated above, does not use harmful products and not eating anything before bed.

She frankly admits that not always manages to observe the proper diet and lifestyle, but she tries to stick to the diet, which was developed for weight loss.

What they say about diet Polina Gagarina

Now on the Internet you can find a lot of different diets from domestic and foreign stars. However, not all of them is safe for health and do not all fit. In the case of diet Gagarina specialists, nutritionists have nothing against that. On the contrary, they believe that it is appropriate for the majority of women who have excess weight.

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Such a versatile and balanced diet, it can help you to restore your health and figure after childbirth. It is effective and simple, you need only willpower to give up all the culinary temptations that we did not useful.

In most cases, diet Gagarina yielding results. The only exceptions are severe cases of obesity, which is treated under the supervision of physicians. And the extra pounds could be removed if you want, by diet and an active lifestyle.