How to choose the pilaf rice which varieties are needed to prepare

The main ingredient of risotto is rice. The taste of the finished dish, and its flavor depends largely on what you select. To make the pilaf was nice and loose, you need to choose a specific rice varieties and the right to prepare.

What do you need to know about rice before you cook rice, let us know.

General guidelines

It is important not only to choose the right rice for cooking risotto, but also strictly follow the rules of cooking this dish, it turned out delicious and flavorful.

If the opportunity to choose a rice grain long have you not, in the store you can always find Vietnamese or Italian rice that is used for cooking paella. And the other option is slow, but when pilaf is ready, it remains separate.

In the case when you cook pilaf in Tajik, give preference to the present Tajik rice «Kenja».

When this is not possible, then choose the seeds are oblong and moderately transparent. It can absorb water, but steamed rice is perfect for pilaf.

Classification of rice

When you select should pay attention not only on the appearance of grass, but its name. What types of rice can mainly be found in the sale:

  • long grain – this type is ideal not only for risotto but also for side dishes and other dishes. Best variety is basmati, which is grown in Pakistan and India, good grade Jasmine from Thailand. Cook rice 20 minutes;
  • round – used for preparation of dairy porridges, as well as Mediterranean dishes (soups, risotto, and more). This cereal has a great stickiness and therefore it is used for cooking sushi and rolls. Grown in Italy. Cooking time – 20 minutes;
  • wild – the so-called perennial wild herb of the genus Zizaniya. This cereal is rich in vitamins, fiber, different specific taste and stiffness. Refers to the most expensive rice varieties;
  • unpolished – this rice is widely used for preparation of dietary dishes. It is rich in minerals and vitamins;
  • steamed – is a special steam treatment in which the minerals and vitamins from the shell of the grain moving in him. It has a yellow tint, which disappears after cooking. Grains do not stick together. Cooking time – 25 minutes;
  • brown – in the processing of beans is preserved shell, so that it has a light brown hue. Unlike other types contains more nutritional properties;
  • white rice has undergone all the grinding stage. Has a sleek white and translucent grains. However, vitamins in it is less than in many other species. However, this species is the most consumed worldwide. Cooking time is about 15 minutes.
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What you need to crumbly pilaf?

To cook a delicious pilaf turns out not everyone. Inexperienced cooks will likely be rice porridge with meat, not full of loose rice, how it should be. Naturally, the first thing you need to choose the right rice, the dish turned out.

Remember that if the package with the products is written «Crushed» or «Rice porridge», for pilaf to take it is not necessary. Cereals when cooked will turn mushy, but not crisp. For pilaf need to opt for rice: long grain or round.

In this round cook rice so that it was crumbly difficult enough. In addition it needs before it is difficult to handle. With this I can not handle even a very experienced Housewives. But long grain rice in the porridge will not turn. It is recommended to buy pilaf. It has a huge number of varieties, the choice in this respect, you have to be decent.

Special varieties.

Your risotto turned out delicious and unforgettable, it is better to choose special plavnye varieties of rice. There are a large number, this basmati and Jasmine, and a mixture of varieties, and more.

However, the chef not only recommend for this dish to use Devzira – a variety that is bred specifically for cooking pilaf. It is grown in the Ferghana valley in special climatic conditions. It is aged for one to three years in special circumstances where alternate wetting culture with aeration and drying.

Also this grade is processed in a special way. Grain flakes, in the process it appears the powder is creamy-brown. The rice gets a special and unique flavor and taste. He is sweet and has a pronounced hint of malt. This rice is not sticky, not mushy, able to increase several times and has the creaminess that you expect from this pilaf. And Devzira incorporates high spices, fat and water, making the dish rich and very tasty.

Grain Deviry thick and elongated. Most often it is the ribbed red or brown color and after washing the grain has a pinkish hue, after getting rid of the dust in threshing. From other varieties Devzira is characterized by a density and heaviness.

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Devzira is considered an elite rice variety, of course, quite often on the market you can find it fake. How to distinguish the real from the fake rice Devzira, let’s find out:

  • when buying, take one grain and try him out. If it is sufficiently dense and not crumbled when you bite, then you can take. If not, pilaf is a grain not suitable;
  • heavy and ridged rice Devzira, when you RUB it on your palm has a distinctive crunch. This suggests a dry and high water absorption. Than the grain becomes heavier, the better;
  • pick up a few grains and wipe off cream and brown powder. Look closely at him. The grains shall be longitudinal reddish-brown stripe, which is not wiped nor hands and disappears after cooking and even when the pilaf is cooked.

There are people who believe that cooking pilaf on the basis of special varieties of rice need special skills or knowledge. But this is not so, moreover, Devzira specially designed for pilaf, which is cooked on its basis is much easier than on any other variety of rice.

Selection rules plavnogo rice

There are some criteria for choosing the herb for cooking pilaf. There are also reverse the criteria by which it can be easy to understand that this rice is not suitable.

For pilaf need to choose not just the white rice or fresh in terms of specifying the expiration date on the package. Requirements for buying are:

  • good rice for making risotto should not burn and stick together, we need to keep the shape and were crumbly;
  • during cooking, it needs several times to increase;
  • choose long-grain or medium-grain varieties, they are oblong;
  • the surface grain pilaf should be ribbed, not smooth;
  • during cooking, the product is supposed to absorb the spices, fat and water. Due to this the taste of food will be much better.

Now let’s list what kind of rice for making risotto can’t be used, so as not to spoil the dish. That we are not fit:

  • cereal with an unpleasant odor;
  • grains of different shapes, textures and shades;
  • damaged grains with the contents of the debris and other impurities;
  • with GMO content (study the packaging of products).
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Processing rules when cooking rice pilaf

So, if you choose the right sort of rice pilaf for the future, consider that half the job is already fulfilled. But the dish is even good ingredient can spoil, if it is wrong to handle it. First you need to remove the unnecessary starch. Do this by soaking the rice in hot water. If you got too starch grade, the soaking procedure need to be repeated up to five times until the water is clear.

In boiling water, you can add saffron or turmeric, these ingredients is impregnated grain to the intestines and will help the rice to retain the desired shape. And that they swell, you should leave them in water for a while, it all depends on the variety. For example, Devzero soaked in water for about half an hour or forty minutes.

Also, always pay attention to the shelf life of rice pilaf. Typically, it is 5-10 years, but it is advisable not to buy those products, shelf-life which are about to come to an end. It is best to purchase the cereal that is on the counter is a maximum of a year. She still retained the maximum amount of nutrients, and this rice will be tastier.

To surprise family and guests with delicious pilaf is very easy if you follow simple rules: choose the right rice and prepare it the way you want. Your guests will be very pleased.