How to clean liver from toxins in the home, what medications and drugs to choose

The liver is the organ which works as a natural filter. That is why he is one of the most vital organs of the human body. Daily passes through the liver all the blood here and leaves unwanted impurities and dangerous toxins. Often, it is able to neutralize dangerous poisons. To function on will be the time until failure. All waste neytralizuya in the liver and excreted.

But we should not forget that for some reason dangerous substances sometimes accumulate in this body and make it impossible to function smoothly. The most dangerous are:

  • mercury;
  • iron;
  • fats;
  • glycogen.

In addition to the filter functions, the liver produces the necessary amount of glucose, glycogen and vitamins. Regulates the metabolism of fats and produces enough bile for proper digestion. Given all this, it is important to remember timely cleaning and maintenance.

Symptoms of slagging

Speaking about the phenomenon of clogging or otherwise, the slags of the liver, it is important not to ignore some of the signals that the body sends to the body, saying that he urgently needed help. The symptoms that you need to pay attention:

  • nausea and poor appetite;
  • nagging pain in right side and bloating;
  • common fatigue;
  • bitter taste in the mouth;
  • the sharp smell of sweat.

All these symptoms can cause serious diseases such as jaundice and intoxication. All of the above reasons may be different. This excessive consumption of sweet, starchy foods, fat, alcohol and nicotine addiction.

Who is a liver cleanse

The natural cleansing filter should not be a spontaneous decision. So serious cleanse vital organ shows people with metabolic disorders. This is manifested by obesity. Note that diabetes, as well as urolithiasis, refers to indications for purification. People suffering from this unpleasant disease, as gout, can also benefit from the purification procedure. In any case, we should not forget about the maintenance diet, otherwise all the efforts will be reduced to zero.

All kinds of intoxication, not associated with liver disease are also the reason for its purification. This could include frequent intake of alcoholic beverages and the ingestion of various poisons with which the natural filter will not be able to cope on their own.

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Ways on how to clean liver from toxins

Thinking about cleansing the liver and gall bladder, we should not forget that you still need to consult with a good specialist. It will help to pinpoint the problem and prescribe the best course of purification, in need of treatment.

However, the purification process can be carried out independently. Important rule, nothing happens, as if by magic. It is important not to throw the begun business and then, with a probability of 100% is possible to achieve the desired result.

Purification of the vital body takes place through the excretion of toxic substances along with bile. Drugs designed to solve the first problem, are cholagogue means. The second is the defense of the liver and its cells.

Choleretic drugs

All bile products are divided into two categories:

  • natural, otherwise the preparations on vegetable raw materials;
  • synthetic.

This group of medications easy increases the volume of bile and helps its excretion into the small intestine. Choleretic drugs work as follows. First, make the liver cells in greater numbers to produce bile. Second, they enhance its synthesis in the small intestine. Third, these medications thin the bile, making it easy to do water and electrolytes in the bile duct. And another point, which must be mentioned is the increase in the bile flow.

So, to cleanse the liver at home you can use several medications. Most of them have herbal ingredients that will help to adjust the enzyme activity. They will also increase the resistance of liver cells to toxic agents and will successfully cope with the intensive production of bile.

  1. Allohol. It is composed of bile acids, garlic extract, nettle, and activated carbon. An important advantage of this drug is to increase intestinal secretion and motility. The drug is taken course to one month. Repeat should be three times a year.
  2. Nicodin. It’s more of an anti-inflammatory drug, which in addition to the desired effect choleretic and antiseptic action. Accepted course from two to three weeks.
  3. Keptra Light. The drug is actively detoxifying. It has a substance that actively influence metabolism. Convenient because it is sufficient to take 1 capsule per day.
  4. Hepatotropic. Drops to cleanse the liver and increased formation of bile. He successfully improves its properties and composition. Composed of only natural components: an extract of agrimony, corn silk, oats, and Bupleurum. The daily rate is calculated as follows. Per liter of pure water of 20 ml of medicine. Taken 4 times a day, in portions of 250 ml.
  5. The drugs of plant origin. They improve and support liver function. Are issued in the form of herbal teas and fees. In any such tea is often possible to find dandelion, rose hips, thyme, yarrow, celandine and peppermint. The effect of their use is achieved due to the content of vitamins, essential oils and flavonoids.
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Today it is possible to find many drugs that can effectively handle this problem. You can always find them in pharmacies any city.

Medication for recovery

Medications — medications designed to increase the resistance of liver cells to the effects that could be toxic in nature. They also trigger the process for the release of toxins and help cells to recover faster. In the composition of most of them contains milk Thistle. List of medicine with this plant, enjoying the greatest popularity among the people.

  • Essentiale Forte;
  • Karsil;
  • HEPA – Merz;
  • Heptral;
  • LIV-52.

Alternative methods of purification

It is also known that, to withdraw the slag from the liver is possible without pharmaceutical drugs. There are proven simple and affordable tools. The first way is the use of mineral waters which work as a natural stimulant of bile. They thin it, because bile is easier in the large intestine. You can name a few well-known types of mineral waters. Most popular — «Essentuki» №17 and №4, «Izhevsk» and «Slavyanovskaya».

To take mineral water before meals. The dosage is half of glass, and the reception frequency with good tolerability can be up to 4 times a day. However, here too one must be careful not to think that the water can not cause any harm. Reception of mineral water is absolutely contraindicated during acute exacerbations of the digestive system, kidney problems, or if there are urinary and cholelithiasis.

Good helpers for home cleaning the liver can also be a sorbitol, a solution of magnesium sulfate, capsules containing oils of olive and mint. All these are not aggressive, they can gently clean any slag.

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To summarize, remember the liver is a natural filter of the human body and to take care of her needs regularly. However, we should not forget the fact that any interference in the body, even if it seems harmless, can incur serious consequences. The described methods will be useful only if the right approach to them. Start applying one or another method of purification is possible only after the recommendations of a qualified professional.