How to cook dinner healthy and light salad: recipes for the whole family

Not every woman can boast of ideal skills in relation to cooking. However, to start you still need, best of all – simple dishes. For example, with light salads that can be prepared for dinner. Today we will share with you the recipes of these dishes that are prepared without difficulty.

Features cooking salad

A simple and delicious salad for dinner can cook itself even active and working housewife, thereby presenting himself and his family. In many light meals involve products that do not need a long processing, they are easily cut. They are prepared simply and quickly, it can be very tasty and nutritious.

Most often, they include about 5 ingredients, and cooking for dinner, this salad takes less than half an hour.

In the article you will see recipes for light salads, but if you want you can cook, and more delicious dish where you can add in different proportions ingredients such as:

  • sausage;
  • ham;
  • the meat is ready;
  • eggs;
  • fish;
  • mushrooms;
  • cheese;
  • fruits;
  • vegetables;
  • crackers;
  • greens.

It is important not only to correctly mix the ingredients, but to find a sauce that would highlight their flavor. This files most often for refueling in addition to the specially prepared sauces use such components, which can also be mixed in the proper proportions:

  • mayonnaise;
  • sour cream;
  • vegetable oil;
  • herbs;
  • bow;
  • spices.

Light evening salads are simple and sophisticated. It is recommended to use at dinner, because in contrast to the more hearty they will not be the cause of insomnia and other sleep problems.

Below are the recipes of some light salads.

Easy beet salad

This dish is a perfect choice for a hearty and healthy dinner. For its preparation you will need;

  • 0.5 kg of fish fillets;
  • beets;
  • three ripe apples;
  • two salted cucumber;
  • dill;
  • green onions;
  • salt.

To prepare it is like this:

  • boil the fish in lightly long for salty water;
  • ready fillet cut into pieces and put in a salad bowl;
  • boil the beets, peel and cut into cubes;
  • cut the cucumbers into slices;
  • apples are cleaned, and we protect the core and the flesh RUB on a large grater;
  • all mix and salt;
  • add chopped dill and chopped onions;
  • at the end pour the sauce into mayonnaise or sour cream based and again mix everything.

Salad for dinner with seaweed

For dinner you can submit a delicious and nutritious salad of useful seaweed. The ingredients for it are:

  • 150 grams of cabbage of the sea;
  • bell pepper;
  • 300 grams of fresh cabbage;
  • three cucumber;
  • mayonnaise;
  • parsley, dill, salt.

The cooking process is this:

  • white cabbage cut into fine strips, add salt and pound until the juice;
  • wash cucumbers and cut into bars;
  • put them together with the cabbage on the plate;
  • wash peppers, free from seeds and cut into small pieces, add to the cabbage and cucumbers;
  • strain seaweed, slice and add to salad;
  • add salt and season with mayonnaise (you can substitute sour cream or vegetable oil), stir again.
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Easy squash salad

Following the salad easier he will enjoy as dinner the girls who count calories and strive to eat healthily. To cooking take one pepper, a few zucchini, onion, a little sugar, vinegar, garlic, salt and pepper.

Zucchini need to take young, before cooking they are washed and cut in any form. Onions cleaned and cut into half-rings. Pepper clean and cut in straws. In a bowl mix all the vegetables and add the minced garlic, salt, sugar, pepper and vinegar. All mix and let stand. It is better to cook it in the morning or afternoon to serve for dinner.

Evening chicken salad

And this dish is perfect not only for lovers of diets, but also for their men. The ingredients for this salad are:

  • 400 grams of boiled chicken;
  • five pickles;
  • pickled onions;
  • low-calorie mayonnaise or other dressing;
  • spices and salt.

First you need to boil the meat in salted water, then strain the water and cut the meat into small pieces. Cucumbers cut into cubes, and onions marinated in water with vinegar and leave for a few minutes. Strain it and mix with chicken and cucumber, mix, season and add mayonnaise.

Light salad with shrimps

Another dinner option for lovers of tasty, healthy and light meals. This salad is prepared very quickly. You’ll need about 300 grams of shrimp, two pepper and two onions. Also prepare ground oregano, chopped garlic, ground black pepper and a couple tablespoons of olive oil.

Preparing the salad is very simple:

  • boil shrimp and peel them;
  • mix in a bowl for the salad with oregano and garlic, add salt and pepper;
  • pour a tablespoon of oil and mix;
  • let the salad a little brew;
  • onions wash, clean and cut into half rings;
  • wash and peel sweet peppers, free from seeds and cut into strips;
  • in a steamer put the onion and pepper, brush with oil, and spread on top of shrimp, seasoned with garlic and oregano;
  • cook the dish is steamed for 20 minutes before serving, pour the remaining olive oil.

Light salad with fennel

The following salad is a godsend for those who are on a diet and want to indulge for dinner something tasty and original. You will need the following ingredients:

  • two of fennel;
  • shallots;
  • 450 grams of lettuce;
  • three apples;
  • teaspoon tangerine peel;
  • lime;
  • pepper and salt;
  • white wine vinegar, and olive oil.
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The flesh of the fennel cut into half rings. Peel the apples, eliminate the core and cut into thin slices. Then they need to sprinkle with lime juice. Chop the onion finely and chop the green fennel.

To prepare the salad dressing should be using the whisk to whisk together the vinegar, zest of tangerine and lime, and chopped shallots. In the end add pepper and salt. The dish turns out with:

  • dry the lettuce leaves;
  • fennel;
  • apples.

Then wash it down with dressing and garnish with greens. The dish can be served to the table.

Summer salad with cauliflower

In the summer you always want to diversify your diet easy and delicious seasonal dishes. We bring to your attention the recipe is a delicious salad with cauliflower. For its preparation take:

  • the head of cabbage color;
  • the olives are pitted;
  • capers;
  • marinated anchovies;
  • three stalks of celery;
  • four tablespoons of olive oil;
  • salt and red pepper.

Preparing the salad:

  • clean head of cauliflower from the outer leaves and cut out hard stem. The head also divide into florets;
  • inflorescences boil for five minutes to long for salty boiling water. Strain them through a colander and place in a container for salad;
  • drain the marinade from the jar with olives and finely chop them, add to the cabbage;
  • finely chop the anchovies and coarsely the celery, add to bowl;
  • finally add capers, sprinkle with salt and pepper. After just pour the salad with olive oil, stir and put in refrigerator.

They are served chilled.

A light salad with sun-dried tomatoes

Everyone knows that lunch must be hearty, but the dinner it is better to prepare low-calorie meals. Offer you a recipe of salad with minimum calories and maximum vitamins.

Prepare the following products:

  • 8 pieces sun-dried tomatoes;
  • 10 radisav;
  • 4 fresh tomatoes;
  • 100 grams of feta cheese;
  • a couple of bundles of lettuce;
  • half of lemon juice;
  • fruit vinegar;
  • salt and ground black pepper.

This salad is prepared in the following way:

  • wash the radishes and cut into slices;
  • sun-dried tomatoes cut into strips, and fresh, respectively, of the segments;
  • lettuce wash, dry and coarsely torn;
  • add chopped into pieces FET;
  • mix ingredients, sprinkle with salt and pepper;
  • sprinkle it with the juice of half a lemon and vinegar, then stir again.

Potato salad for dinner

This salad is a great dish for dinner regardless of the time of year. Ingredients for cooking are:

  • four potatoes;
  • two carrots;
  • some green onions;
  • 300 g of sauerkraut;
  • five sour cucumbers;
  • two beet;
  • 100 g of green peas;
  • vegetable oil;
  • dill;
  • salt, black pepper.
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Boil unpeeled beets, potatoes and carrots. After cooking let them cool, then peel the vegetables and cut into cubes. If desired, beets can be grated. Finely chop green onions and cucumbers cut into cubes. With canned green peas previously drained liquid.

Mix in the vessel all the ingredients, add salt and probertite, drizzle with oil, unrefined is better. At the end of the dish sprinkled with chopped dill.

Light salad with avocado and beans

This salad also can be made at any time of the year, it is lightweight and very original. You will need:

  • half Cup boiled beans;
  • one avocado;
  • two large red tomatoes;
  • 100 grams of black olives;
  • 2, 5 tablespoons of olive oil;
  • 70 g of lemon juice;
  • parsley, black pepper, salt.

Before cooking the beans overnight soaked and boiled in the morning long for salty water. After cooking her recline on a colander.

The rest of the vegetables washed and sliced: tomatoes cut into slices, and avocado first, peel, remove the seeds, then dice it. Then it is sprinkled with lemon juice, so it is not dark. Olives cut into small pieces.

Spread on a plate avocado, boiled beans, olives and tomatoes, sprinkle all with salt and pepper.

For the filling use a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil, pre-whipped until smooth. Pour over it the contents of the tank and garnish with finely chopped parsley.

And this is not a complete list of easy, healthy and nutritious salads that can please for dinner themselves, their family or friends. But even they can be fun to your evening table.