How to cook the soup diet of celery: use, rules, diets, recipes and reviews of doctors

In recent years, more and more people have become concerned about the problem of excess weight, so they are regularly busy finding effective and simple ways that will help them achieve a slim figure. And for many, it is important to tool for weight loss not only helped them to achieve the desired goal, but at the same time not cause harm.

Plant celery

Well-established celery, from which you can cook very healthy and tasty soups to get rid of extra pounds. If you regularly eat this dish, use the recipes, it will help to prevent the accumulation of fat that comes from food, and also to existing the fat reserves in the body.

Unique celery is doing what to eat any part of plants — not only leaves but also roots. Many draw attention to the fact that this product is very affordable, so in addition to use have the ability to save a lot on solving the problem of overweight.

Eating celery can be the most various kinds, because today has created quite a lot of different recipes for cooking a variety of dishes from this plant.

So even eating some celery, you can diversify your diet, and even after a month of this diet you will not feel aversion to this product. You will notice as you will lose up to 1-2 kg per day.

The benefits of eating celery

In ancient times people were acquainted with the beneficial properties of celery. And even then it temporarily began to use for medicinal purposes — primarily, it served as a tool that improved the functioning of the body.

A mention of this plant in the writings of Hippocrates: he called this plant a remedy for all ailments. In ancient Greece also knew the celery, which is mainly used as a rejuvenating and cleansing agent.

To include in the diet of celery in the soup is useful because it contains many nutrients and vitamins, therefore, providing them the body, you will not only heal it, but also provide the opportunity to begin to burn fat. Its composition includes the following ingredients:

  1. Calcium.
  2. Potassium.
  3. Minerals.
  4. Vitamins B, C, And K.
  5. Protein and so on.

Useful properties of celery soup is not limited to only the effect of weight loss. This dish involving lots of delicious recipes, allows for greater tone the body and strengthen the nervous system, restore normal sleep, relieve insomnia, relieve tension throughout the body.

To the greatest extent healing properties expressed in stems and root celery, which is related to the presence of the juice which contains many vitamins and useful nutrients.

Special attention to this dish is to draw not only people who dream to lose weight 1-2 kg per day, but diabetics and people who suffer from diseases of the stomach, kidney and other ailments.

If you will regularly attend the soup from this plant that you can cook with different recipes, you will clean your body from toxins, restore hormonal balance and metabolic processes.

Celery soup helps to get rid of excess fat, which in conventional terms tends to turn into excess weight in a variety of problem areas. In addition, you will very soon notice how you begin to improve a chair. Thus, not only will you become more slender, but also provide your body a rejuvenating effect, help him to readjust to the new mode.

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How to cook celery soup

If you check out the reviews of the people who prepared the celery soup for weight loss then driven them recipe have small differences. However, for the most part they involve the same scheme of the preparation.

The difference between them lies only in the individual approach of the hostess making this dish. To prepare celery soup classic recipe and start to lose weight 1-2 kg per day, you need to prepare the following products:

  • celery — 400.;
  • potatoes – 2 PCs.;
  • carrots — 2 PCs.;
  • cabbage – 300-400.;
  • onion medium size – 1 PCs.;
  • Bulgarian pepper — 2 PCs.

Initially, all the products you need to prepare, and they cut into cubes, then put them in a pot, pour water into it and put on the stove. When the soup comes to a boil, there is need to put small amount of salt and allow to simmer him approximately 15 minutes.

Given the list of ingredients is not strict, so you can add there and other products that are not in the list. So, you can replace the cabbage with potatoes, having taken in double quantity. Will not be a big mistake if you put in the soup section of the tomatoes, zucchini and other vegetables of your choice.

Some fans of celery soup before serving, turn it into a homogeneous mixture using a blender. The result of celery soup begins to resemble a paste. It is possible to put milk or cream and boil well. But note that the presence in the soup large amounts of fat is unacceptable. Then you can quickly begin to lose weight.

Diet based on cabbage soup

It diet cabbage soup has a lot of fans. It is especially popular with women who want to start to lose weight 1-2 kg per day. The fact is that against this dish has no special limitations.

So you don’t have to adhere to a strict schedule of celery soup, as well as certain portions. This will save you from stress, which often encounter those who adhere to conventional diets. So you only get hungry like once I can organize the next meal.

What matters is that your diet has too much fat and unhealthy ingredients. Only in this case diet will help you to achieve your goals and you will not have long to wait when you acquire a slimmer waist.

In the list of prohibited foods which should be excluded on the diet, including sugar, salt, flour products, and also spicy, fried and fatty foods. While diet will have to forget about alcohol and tobacco. Do not get too often use coffee within this diet are allowed to drink no more than 3 cups a day. But best of all, if you refuse completely from coffee and drink green tea.

If you exactly follow the recommendations of this diet, within a week you will notice how your weight will be reduced to 5 kg. should Not hold yourself, if you want to eat celery soup more than 5 times a day. It will do you good, because soon will appear a slimming effect because your body will be in greater numbers, to obtain nutrients.

Weekly diet based on cabbage soup

  • First day. Are allowed to eat besides celery soup, all fruits except bananas and grapes.
  • The second day. Need to increase the amount of raw vegetables.
  • The third day. The basis of the diet should be raw vegetables are allowed to include in the menu one fruit potatoes baked in their skins with a teaspoon of oil.
  • Fourth day. Allowed to drink no more than 1 liter of yogurt low content of fat, and to eat no more than 3 bananas.
  • The fifth day. In diet can include chicken, fish or beef not more than 700 g. it is Also allowed to eat 5 tomatoes and fruit. Be sure to drink water at least 10 glasses a day.
  • Sixth day. The menu include meat (350 years), however, it is recommended to replace it with chicken breast. It is also necessary to increase the amount of raw vegetables, it is recommended to drink water at least 2 liters.
  • Seventh day. Menu add boiled rice, raw vegetables or fruit.
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The correct completion of the diet

If you follow all the recommendations of sendereihe diet minus 5 kg per week, then you pretty soon will get rid of excess weight however, you will in the future solve a very complex problem — how to keep the achieved result for a long time.

For this you will have to limit their consumption of certain foods. First of all you should exclude from the menu of high-calorie dishes, sweets and pastries. You also need to follow a diet. These requirements will give you confidence in the fact that the initial weight you won’t come back.

However, it is not always diet soup from celery minus 5 kg per week brings only benefits. Some people it may be contraindicated because it can exacerbate certain health problems.

So do not make their own decision about treatment celery. Those who suffer from chronic diseases, you can go to it only after approval is received from the physician.

Tips on proper diet

People who had the opportunity to sit on a diet of celery soup and removed the minus 5 kg, give broadly similar recommendations. During the diet need increase the amount of citrus fruits and vegetables, containing no starch.

Beans, corn and potatoes can be on the table only on allowed days. For the rest of time you should avoid them. Any dish of meat or fish can be consumed only when serving with fresh vegetables. Celery is useful not only as a soup, but raw, eating different parts of plants. Healing is the juice from the stalks of celery.

Carefully follow the time at which you eat the last time during the day. It is not recommended to eat after 7 PM. If you follow this recommendation, you pretty soon notice an improvement of your body. Then you won’t have to complain about the problems with health. Also, you need to understand that in the day you need to drink at least 2 litres of water.

During the diet minus 5 kg per week it is advisable to refrain from physical activity. You may return to them only after it’s finished. At the first sign of sickness or weakness you should include in your menu more nutritious food.

Especially careful need to be people who have a chronic illness. In this case, before starting to undergo a course of treatment with celery, you should discuss this with a specialist dietitian.

Celery soup for weight loss: reviews

Three days ago I went to sendereihe diet. Unfortunately, I still have nothing to boast of. With the soup I’m really not in a good place now, since the taste I’m not happy. In principle this dish could be improved if all products grind in a blender, and in the end put a small amount of salt. I hope that at the end of treatment I will see some positive changes.

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Alena, 22 years

This unusual diet shared with me my friend, that is just a matter of weeks were able to become slimmer. I decided to follow her example. Over the last 2 years I periodically turn to celery soup and I can’t get enough of her results.

After my previous 65 kg weight decreased to 50 kg. with these settings I feel good and comfortable. To lose weight then I do not expect, however, if you notice that my weight starts to grow, then again start cooking for myself vegetable soup.

If you haven’t tried this tool, then do not miss this opportunity. It is worth to mention the side effects that I was not able to face. Given all this, I can say that the diet I am fully satisfied. However, this does not mean that other people will be exactly the same. So don’t hurry with the transition to this diet, and it is better to first consult a doctor.

Vladlena, 28 years

From diet I only got a lot of joyful emotions. I passed on it a week ago, and during that time my weight was minus 5 kg. Now I am very happy, because I have no more extra layers on my belly.

In the nearest plans to throw a few pounds, then I’ll take a break. Because of this delicious diet, I began to feel a little weak in the body. Most likely, this is due to drastic weight loss. However, I don’t care, because I really like how celery helps to lose weight.


Celery is known to many not only as a useful product which can often be found on the table of vegetarians. In recent years, he has managed to become popular as an effective means for weight loss, which is presented in many different recipes. And mostly this effect is achieved through the soup of celery.

This dish favorably with many other options, because one does not need to remember about certain restrictions on this diet. Celery soup can be consumed in any quantity and at any time.

If you regularly eat celery soup, you can not only get a slim figure, but also improve the entire body. So if you want to lose up to 1-2 kg per day, start to cook this healthy dish.