How to correct your figure without harm to health: how to lose 10 pounds in a month, the menu for the day

As you approach the warm season and the opening of the beach season, many girls begin to worry, because few have a perfect figure. All this is forcing them to look for a special diet that would help in the short term remove the extra pounds. However, whatever the reviews effective weight loss method, it will always find pitfalls.

Is it possible to lose 10 pounds in a month?

In principle, this goal is achievable, because this figure is not so big. Although such a result can be achieved only by very extreme girls who are willing to expose themselves to different tortures, just to get their way. However, even if you already have in mind any way that will help lose a specified number of pounds, you should remember that the weight which you get rid for a short time, as quickly returned. So carefully think about whether or not a month of torture, to within the next six months you are once again faced with their former weight, which may come back to you with the appendage.

You can find diets that allow for 4 weeks to remove 10 pounds.

  • any mono-diet, with a maximum duration two weeks;
  • the Japanese diet (two weeks);
  • protein diet ( for two weeks);
  • a salad diet with a calorie restriction;
  • liquid diet (max 7-10 days);
  • low-calorie food combining diet ;
  • diet «Six petals».

But even if you are determined to lose weight, to use Express you need to diet with caution. In order not to harm their health, they need to be combined with regular exercise. However, this does not mean that you will have every day for many years to go to the fitness center. In order to endure the rapid loss of body weight, you can pick out any appropriate activity that will help you to effectively spend accumulating calories.

  • a daily walk at a moderate pace (30 min.);
  • exercises on problem muscle groups: push-UPS, «Bicycle» etc. using «disk health», exercise bike, treadmill;
  • swimming;
  • Cycling.

The choice here can be absolutely anything, so give some a recommendation difficult. However, keep in mind that to lose weight you will be able only on condition that you will perform the exercises at least three times a week, and regularly for many months.

You will save your health, if you refuse ideas to remove 10 pounds in a month. Even if you have a great desire to go this year to the resort with beautiful shape or to impress all the guests at the wedding of a friend. Makes sense again to consider whether the result of those sacrifices you will have to go.

It is best to do as the doctors advise and recommendation to describe a famous wise saying goes: «Slowly but surely». To lose weight without harm, it is recommended to use a system of gradual weight loss, which may last for several months. And it is better if you stretch it for a year. This approach is useful because it increases your chances to maintain the achieved result for many years.

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How to lose weight in a month 10 pounds?

In principle, 10 kg — not such great weight that it was impossible to lose him for a month, and especially year a strict diet. However, this task is complicated by the fact that it is important to lose weight without harm to health. Not all on this account adheres to the same opinion. Some believe that to solve this problem is quite simple, while others think that 4 weeks is very little time to be able to lose about 10 kg. After all, not everyone can and to remove such weight. Besides, there is always a risk that the body will suffer.

What you can be sure about is the fact that in order to avoid health problems weight must go slowly — about 1-1. 5 kg a week. But before embarking on a diet, you need to assess the overall weight of the person. If its mass is 100 kg, he can lose weight and more weight. Very different will be the process of losing weight people whose weight is 80 kg. In this case, changes will occur not so fast.

According to experts, weight loss in the short term creates a risk for the body, which begins to experience severe stress. Also keep in mind that during fast fat loss immediately begins to SAG skin. But not always the women who have set a goal to remove 10 kg, remains sound thinking. Many decided to go on a diet, no matter whose advice and guidance.

What and how to eat to lose weight fast?

If you want to quickly remove the 10 kg, but be sure that they will never return, you must adhere to the following principles of weight loss:

  • You need to maintain optimal water regime. To do this in the day to drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water. And it must be water, not soup, coffee and other beverages — they increase the calorie content, because they contain fast carbs. You have to give up sweets and carbonated drinks as they do not promote weight loss, but only to hinder him.
  • Your menu should not be high, and products that have high levels of fat and sugar. In the list of prohibited foods also need to include pastries, cakes and fatty meat;
  • You will also have to give up drinking alcohol.
  • From the menu it is necessary to exclude canned, salted and pickled products.
  • Before you go on a certain diet, you should check that your body responds well to its component substances and subsequently you will not appear Allergy or worsen the psychological condition;
  • You’ll have to change the diet, which should consist of 5-6 meals;
  • You have to get rid of unhealthy habits such as night snacks and late dinner: eating right involves last meal at least 2 hours before bedtime. The basis of the diet should be only light meals.
  • Of great use to the body you bring, if you will go on a separate power supply. But be careful to not combine protein and carbohydrate foods. Meat is best served not with cereals, potatoes or pasta, and with fresh or steamed vegetables.
  • Try instead one of meals there are vegetables or fruits.
  • Those who fail to exclude from the menu of bread, it is recommended to replace it with black, wholegrain or bran.
  • Be sure to prepare your body to receive food, this drink 15 minutes before him a glass of water.
  • Refrain from fried foods, instead start products to put out on the water to boil or, in extreme cases, bake. It will also benefit your body because it will decrease the amount of calories.
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For Breakfast better to eat carbohydrates for lunch — mixed food, and the dinner should be light, protein. Those who cannot give up sugar, you can replace it with sweet honey and fruit. However, remember that the success of weight loss is determined by caloric balance — you have to spend more than you consume. To determine your calorie range is very simple — you need to use any system of calculation of calories.

However, in trying to adjust the calorie content should not lower it. This is a couple of days will lead to significant changes: you can lose weight not as active, in addition to this you have a disturbed metabolism. Regardless of the diet that are going to stick, you definitely need to take vitamin complexes.

Diet for weight loss

You will be able to confidently move towards your goal, if you often eat low-calorie foods that will help you not to feel hunger. Then your diet will look like the following:

  • chicken meat without skin, preferably breast;
  • cheese and curd;
  • natural yogurt;
  • vegetables, steamed or stewed ;
  • eggs boiled;
  • boiled lean veal, beef, rabbit;
  • fruit ( except grapes, figs, bananas);
  • cereals;
  • whole grain, black, branny bread, or diet bread;
  • vegetable oil (olive, sunflower, etc.).

For Breakfast it is recommended to cook oatmeal, you can add a spoon of natural honey, fruits or vegetables. For dinner it is recommended to eat a piece of meat with a small amount of vegetables or cottage cheese with fruit. As part of a healthful diet are allowed once a day to eat 60 grams of animal fat and 30 grams of vegetable. But given that your goal is to lose 10 kg, you will have to reduce that by 30%.

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Sample menu

Each person is able to compose a menu for each day. So from the early days to control the number of calories, you will need to have a kitchen scale.

  • Basic Breakfast: steamed Cup of oatmeal with half an Apple or a spoon of honey.
  • Second Breakfast: fruit salad seasoned with a spoon of natural yoghurt, which you can replace with fruit.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup or broth made the chicken with half of the egg; a serving of vegetable salad and a piece of meat.
  • Afternoon snack: a Cup of coffee, some cheese and nuts, be sure to damp or salty.
  • Dinner: boiled fish, salad from vegetables.

Wrong those who believe that during the diet you should exclude starchy vegetables, forcing to abandon the potatoes. All of this is possible, but in small amounts — a couple of pieces of boiled or baked potatoes. However, do not need too often to use them — can be limited to one time per week. They can also be eaten as garnish, served with green vegetables and a spoon of vegetable oil.


Attempt to put on your body experiments for weight loss never ends positively. So, if you want to lose 10 pounds in a month, think carefully, is it worth it end result. Although if you discuss this with a specialist who can advise you on suitable diet, then you can take the risk, not thinking about anything. You only have to follow exactly the advice of a nutritionist to monitor your health, so at the first sign of deterioration to stop her.