How to deal with expander at home: rules exercises for buttocks exercises for women

Expander is a fairly common sports equipment available in the Arsenal of many beginner and professional sportsmen. But not everyone knows how to use them correctly. This device is perfect for training at home, and the main positive effect is to gain muscle groups. If you recently purchased this bike, you will be helpful to familiarize yourself with the basic compound exercises.

Among the advantages of the modern swimwear in the first place it is worth noting their small size. Therefore, this device can fit easily in your pocket and go with him on vacation. This is much better than taking a set of dumbbells weighing 1 to 10 kg if you want and away from home to do lunges, squats, exercises for the arms. Unlike many other modern devices expander stands out by the mobility and versatility. Having only this rubber, you will easily be able to work the whole body, including the buttocks, choosing the suitable load with regard to its level of training. To effectively use this accessory for isolation and functional exercises.

Exercise with chest expander: General rules

For best effect it is necessary to observe the number of repetitions: exercise to do for 15 times, and Mahi 20-25. If you are going to do with the expander, I limit myself to only one approach. Also continually monitor their condition, paying attention to fatigue. If the next workout you come in good health, you can take two approaches. But if you have pain in the muscles, keep the same number of repetitions.

Every workout should begin with warm-up, and attempts to fulfill them «cold» can seriously hurt you. A set of exercises completed basic stretching, which is necessary to reduce heart rate to a normal level, and muscle strain. When working with a large and obligatory transition from active exercise to the resting phase. It is difficult to predict how the body will react, if after excessive activity will be dormant stage. Therefore, when you exercise with a chest expander is very important to not only training, but access to and from the workout.

During exercise the necessary control with rubber shell, which constantly needs to be tight. If you will notice it’s sagging, it means that your body does not receive any load. If your level of training allows for leg exercises choose a more rigid fixation of the expander, this will help you to quickly achieve the desired result.

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Exercise with chest expander: complex for beginners

This set of exercises is pretty simple, so they are easy to handle even beginners.

Exercises for the legs

  • Squats. You need to take a position on width of shoulders, hands to the shoulders to sum up, the expander is mounted for hands to make it easier to perform the exercises. In the moment you breathe in you need to do incline to parallel the hips off the floor, and in the moment of an exhalation, return to the initial position. Difficulties with this exercise should arise, but be prepared for high loads, since the brushes are located at the shoulders. If you find this too difficult, you can use a lighter option — in this case, the brush is placed on the belt.
  • Attacks. For this exercise, you will need to make special provision «splitting» — for this feet should be placed so that one was located one step behind the other. Rubber shell need to be fixed under the front leg, arm take in hand, holding them at shoulder level. Start slowly bend both knees, making sure that the brush remained on the shoulders. The knee of the supporting leg should not leave the line of the foot, the thigh must remain parallel position relative to a floor surface, the lower back should be bent a little. All the time follow the position of the hands on the back of the leg should bend at the knee, the body to maintain an even position. Pay attention to the fact that the back didn’t bend. Take the initial position. For this exercise there is a 15 lunges for each leg.
  • Mahi. This exercise is performed, taking the position of lying on its side. The upper leg should be raised slightly above the floor surface, the foot closer to himself. The correct position is when the body and leg is parallel. Rubber shell should be placed under the knee of the bent lower leg, he needs to provide support for this arm of the expander need to thread your arms and locked in that position. Try to stretch as much as possible, as this will increase the load on the body. To avoid a possible jump-out of the expander, it is recommended to fix it using the extra ring around the foot. Working position of the legs when it is slightly above 45 degrees from the height of the hip joint. Take the initial position. Repeat on the other side.
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Exercises for the back

  • Thrust up against the belt. For exercise, you need to take a sitting position on the floor, a rubber strip to take up. It wrapped feet and every arm need to take it in hands, elbows slightly bent, with the palms looking at each other. Knees slightly bent during the exercise, the body must rely on the heel. Ensure that the spine was straight, and bending at the waist should be as natural. Your elbows should be bent so that are free to move parallel to the body and the hands necessary to bring the lower ribs. Take the original position, repeat the exercise again. Note that the knees must not straighten up until the end: this will make it easier to maintain the correct position of the body. The rubber band should wrap around the stop, it is an error to throw it for them — in this case you will fix it and minimize the risk of accidental breakdown.
  • Deadlifts while standing, elbows to the side. The point of this exercise is to fix a rubber band on the outside unit. In our case, was selected as the Swedish wall. The apartment has an alternative it can be a massive table or Cabinet. This exercise can be done standing on the knees, placing the hands at the same distance. However, the need to ensure that it fulfilled the requirement of alignment. During class, the expander should be mounted on the wall that he placed on the same level as the elbow joint. Start to walk away from it, keeping the straightened arm. Usually quite a distance at which rubber is easily stretched. The correct position when performing exercises — when one leg is slightly in front of the other, the body slightly protrudes forward, his chest smooth. At the time of exhalation rubber handles need to fail to your chest, raising your elbows to the sides and shoulder blades. In the moment you breathe in you have to gradually take an initial position. In this exercise involved the upper body and upper back.

Exercises for breast

  • Press one hand forward. When you perform this exercise, grasp the Central part of the rubber arm bend behind your back. Two handles need to bring the second working arm. The elbow should be placed along the surface of the floor, matching the level of the shoulder joint. We are required to straighten the arm, bring it straight to the sternum. The exercise ends when the arm reaches the middle of the chest. Then you need to take an initial position and repeat.
  • This exercise brings additional benefits because it allows you to test the mobility of the shoulder joint. Are you sufficiently well developed that it is able without difficulty to collect hands in the castle behind? If you find this difficult to do, then using the expander you can increase the flexibility of your limbs.
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Expander is a simple sports equipment, which is often acquired not only professional, but also beginners. Because of the simple, almost primitive design, many begin to engage them, not realizing that they are doing everything wrong. Because this fixture is very versatile and allows you to work out any muscle group. However, each woman if she wants to pump up the buttocks, you need to know how to use it in a given situation.

There is a special complex of exercises for training with expander, designed for beginners. They should start to learn to work with this device. Workouts with expanders are useful in that they allow not only to increase muscle mass in the specific area of the body such as the buttocks and increase flexibility.