How to deal with girls at the gym without the trainer: exercises to lose weight, tips

So you’ve decided to lose weight. To achieve this, it is necessary to develop the correct diet and pay special attention to physical activity. Many girls wonder how to do without a coach in order to significantly lose weight?

The first time he saw in the hall many simulators, and you can get lost. To understand the intricacies of their work and to learn how to correctly perform exercises difficult. However, not all so is terrible and the duty instructor will always come to you for help. But remember that it will show only the basic exercises, but proper preparation of programs for weight loss it comes.

Causes of weight gain and fitness

Experts identify three main causes of extra pounds:

  1. Low energy consumption — sedentary life, passive recreation, and is just lazy.
  2. High intake of high-calorie food into the body.
  3. Disturbed metabolism caused by pregnancy and childbirth, feeding, endocrine disease, hormonal therapy and genetic conditions.

After the girl determined the cause, it is possible to proceed to the selection scheme to lose weight at the gym. The most rational solution is a combination of proper diet and exercise.

Principle gym is learning the correct lesson at the gym to acquire a slim and beautiful figure. If weight is over 20 kilograms, during training without a coach load will be large, and therefore the possible negative reaction of the body.

More reason not to overdo it and need to deal with carefully. With these precautions, experts advise to pay attention to fitness. Only after that is allowed to transition to the sports institutions where the use of yoga exercises to lose weight.

The selection of exercises for proper weight loss

To pick up without a coach the right exercise for weight loss at the gym very difficult girl. For competent selection of exercises in advance is to decide on certain points: how to deal with at the gym; fit load at the gym.

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You should also identify problem areas for proper placing of emphasis in the classroom and identify contraindications.

If the loads to get rid of excess sediments in the lower part of the body, should pay attention to bicycles. With their help, heavily straining the front surface of the thigh and calf muscles, and it promotes active weight loss.

When a girl has strong muscles on the back, the coach may recommend to perform exercises with vertical landing on a stationary bike. Weak muscles assume a horizontal landing on the simulator.

Lovers of running will help lose weight training on the treadmill. Correctly working out in the gym, you can ensure a great strain on the body and stimulate the heart muscle. In order to properly use the machine on the track you can run different tempos.

Effectively fights with excess weight stepper. This simulator is the simulation of walking on stairs, and it will be more useful for those who are not moving at a normal life. Extended exercise accelerate metabolism and effective weight loss.

People with severe obesity should pay attention to the use of elliptical machines. Engage them, means to heat the muscle groups, and effectively train the heart.

Best exercises to lose weight involve atypical approach to skillful training in the gym. For example, with a body vibration machine you can relax all muscle groups and create the effect of massage.

General recommendations for correct use of exercise equipment

  • Performing strength exercises at least two times a week.
  • To start training in the gym need with a sparing mode, and to perform each exercise, one approach is not more than 10 times. A week later you can increase the number of repetitions two times a week — up to three times.
  • Strength exercises to lose weight do it slowly.
  • For a workout in the gym properly — so, to pick up the weight weight.
  • The right exercises allow you to achieve a positive result. Exercises include how to work out at the gym effectively. Before the training we must not forget about the warm-up in the form of twists, squats, swings limbs.
  • Half an hour later you should eat, for example, low-calorie fruit or drink a glass of juice.
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After teaching General tips on how to work out at the gym, you can start implementing them.

Strength exercises

If you are a beginner, you are allowed to do no more than 5 minutes, and then the duration of employment increased to 20 minutes. The bending of the knee to the chest:

  • sitting straight torso bends backwards and the person leans on his hands, bent at the elbows;
  • further, even the feet lift off the floor and pull forward;
  • in order to properly train in the gym to lose weight, the output slowly pull your knees to your chest and send the body forward;
  • in this position the legs are delayed for some time, and the output slowly returns to the original position.

First, strength exercises done without weights with many repetitions is not less than 50 times. Further, it is allowed to complicate the process, making the pace a little faster.

Squats using barbells.

  1. At the waist wear a weight lifting belt, and then in the hall carry out the following exercises.
  2. The rod is removed from the rack and placed on his chest, taking a step forward.
  3. Head goes up, feet divorced at shoulder width and the knees are bent to provide shock absorption.

When you run such power exercises the back must be straight, and squat not very deep. Thighs come parallel to the floor. Output rise a little to stop the movement in its upper position.

The vertical thrust. Correct exercise implies:

  • To take up the fingerboard straight grip, and then sat down on the seat, thighs to rest against the stops, arching your back and body, turning him back.
  • Pulling up the neck to the chest on the exhale.
  • The delay voltage.
  • Return to the starting position exhale slowly.
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These exercises strengthen the muscles of the waist and the effect on the blood supply to the body.

How to eat when losing weight

Most people are not able to carry out yoga exercises due to health problems. For this category of nutritionists has developed a well-balanced diet required for compliance during training.

  1. Ban on a false sense of hunger — the diet is divided into 3 main meals and 2 extra.
  2. Powered exclusively with natural products.
  3. Completely excluding any type of oil, and for salad dressings to apply lemon juice.
  4. Break between meals should not exceed three hours.
  5. Half an hour before Breakfast drink a glass of water, with the aim of removing harmful elements from the body.

The problem of deep nature require to enlist the help of professionals. They will learn to do the exercises and pick a diet for healing the body.