How to determine the PFC for products: the essence of the power system, the main sections of the table of caloric content

The modern man has completely different values that were important a few decades ago. Now, many embraced the desire to look beautiful and healthy. But not everyone can achieve this goal. For some people this becomes especially difficult, and the cause is laziness, unwillingness to spend time or experience certain limitations.

But in any case an indicator of health is not appearance, and diet. It depends on the state of our internal organs, and this, in turn, determines what we look like.

Today created a lot of diets and other methods that promise to help people become beautiful. But, given the large amount of information, not everyone can understand which techniques are best suited for a particular person. And unites all diversity of healthy food that they are based on the table of calorie foods BDIM. So to see it will be useful to everyone.

What is PFC?

At the time, all products were assigned a caloric value, that is, a certain amount of energy that a person receives as a result of using a particular product. You can learn it by reading the packaging to any product. To measure it use calories and joules. The caloric content of a product is ensured by the presence in the composition of various types of substances — proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This explains why the table is called PFC.

It provides products with an indication of the caloric value for 100 grams of product. Having at hand a table of PFC, each can independently determine the number of substances used during the day and also to make certain changes in the diet, if the need arises. All this will help to strengthen health.

The correct ratio of elements

If the person is your menu using the table, he cares about your health. Under a similar diet serving has a balanced composition that positively affects the health of overweight people and relatively healthy people. Even despite the fact that the person has no serious illness, eat the right and healthy food never hurt anyone. Table BDIM in this regard helps because it allows you to create a menu, where the optimal ratios are proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

  • The main source of energy for humans are carbohydrates. Therefore, the diet, their share should be around 45-65%.
  • Without proteins it impossible to increase muscle mass, they must occupy in the diet to approximately 20-30%.
  • Need to be fats, which should be 10-20% of the daily amount of nutrients.

Although the above recommendations are approximate substances, each person is free to independently determine their optimal proportions, given their own features.

A convenient table

The time has come to meet you, how does the PFC table. It proposes a list of products that are present every day on the table. And each product provides information on the amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and also the level of calorie per 100 grams of product. Every person is able to make such a table. You need to take a leaf, split it into meals, and under each to indicate your approximate caloric value per 100 grams amount.

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Using this table, a person can be on every day balanced menu, adjusting it to fit your needs if, say, he used to eat more sweet or fatty foods.

To better imagine the overall picture, it is possible to determine in advance their anthropometric data:

  • weight;
  • growth;
  • floor;
  • age.

This information will help to determine the deviation from ideal. Those who pays special attention to his diet, you should make a table in excel BDIM. This document will help you to quickly count the calories, enter notes in the margins, and then you can constantly track changes in your menu and adjust it in the right direction.

The main sections

This table has traditional design. Basic position — products and liquid, each of which is allotted a separate column. This significantly simplifies their search. Mandatory for tables are the following groups of products:

  • alcoholic beverages;
  • soft drinks;
  • bread and bakery products;
  • cereals, grains, legumes;
  • vegetables and greens;
  • fruits and berries;
  • nuts and seeds;
  • meat, poultry;
  • fish and seafood;
  • eggs;
  • flour, starch, pasta;
  • milk and dairy products;
  • butter, margarine, fat;
  • confectionery;
  • mushrooms.

Focusing on the above list, you can easily make an individual diet, and it is very easy to do, because this task is facilitated by the clarity of the table, PFC. Just need to clearly define for yourself what products are you going to cook dinner. But keep in mind that here you have to specify only eaten your portion. So you need to push off of the total products, and only their number, which you will use for cooking.

Calculations for culinary delights

It is not always possible to correctly determine the caloric content of a bowl of soup or pie, based on used for their cooking ingredients. Because they can contain a filling of different vegetables and fruits. It can make only an experienced mistress, and in this case the result will be approximate. This point is not left without attention of the compilers of the tables and added a column indicating the most common dishes. It includes traditional Russian dishes, set of soups, hot dishes, desserts, salads, pancakes, pies and pizza.

Most of us eat mainly cooked foods which are sold on the shelves of supermarkets, and food from cafes and fast food outlets. The table BDIM you can also discover a lot of canned food and food from a network of catering establishments. Useful this table will be athletes in the diet which contain special additives. For them there is a special column, which shows useful data about the gainers, protein shakes and bars.

A guide to action

BDIM table is a versatile assistant for a person who watches his diet. Because it presents a whole list of foods that we consume. To determine daily caloric intake, just need to lay down the amount of each consumed during the day dishes. Those who have set a goal to lose weight, you have to limit your calorie intake. People who adhere to an active lifestyle, you need to focus on protein products, which must be greater than fatty foods. If you do not pursue the special purposes, in the process of drawing up this table in any case you will get a lot of pleasure.

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The advantages of PFC in the table will appreciate every person regardless of their goals. A distinctive feature of this table is that it can help control your weight. That’s why experts suggest in the first week of treatment excessive weight record information about all the dishes that feed the people during the day. If you’re going to see not only what you eat, but how much calories goes into your body when you eat certain vegetables, you will be better to imagine what can cause such a power supply system.

Addition to the tables

Opportunities BDIM tables are not limited to only calculating the calories of foods and daily diet. It also allows to solve other tasks. For example, you can determine the number of calories which you consume during the day. For this you need to know the types of activities that you do at home, at work or in the street, their level of activity and the time you spend on them. As a result, you will be very easy to determine the optimal ratio of incoming to your body of calories and a real waste of energy.

Many people, for which great importance is their health, actively using special sites, where there is a handy search function by name. In them it is sufficient to enter the desired item and the system will give a suitable match. This eliminates the time-consuming process to study the whole category. The table can also help to get acquainted with the kind of function is the caloric content of certain ingredients, and what results can be achieved if instead of some fat to start to use in cooking other.

Similar information can be obtained in relation to sweets. Once you realize that present in your diet treats are harmful to your health, you can find a more suitable replacement, in order not to experience discomfort and have less cause for concern for their health.

Everything is in your hands

With PFC table everyone can develop for themselves the most balanced power system, supporting good health. If you care about what you eat, you should focus on her, picking up the necessary products for cooking.

Remember that the attention we pay to his body, has a direct impact on his work. If a person deprives himself of a certain amount of sleep, eats fatty foods, gets enough vitamins, can not give up coffee and alcohol, then he is sure to be a weakened immune system, low stamina, and he will be forever unhappy.

Everyone can change his life to bring him joy. To do this, not so much – regular exercise, fresh air, sleep and rest in sufficient amounts, regular psychological discharge, the use of healthy and natural products.

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Then he will feel like his body is filled with energy, inner strength. The desire to reduce the number of calories will bring even greater health benefits — it will help each organ to work effectively.

The table of calories — a necessity for every person regardless of what goals he pursues. Remember that there is no rigid framework, so you can add your own recipes for delicious and healthy meals to make in your diet changes. The main thing —watch for the size of your portions, because eating is only possible harm. And if you are able to find in themselves enough strength to change your diet, you will soon notice how wonderful life is.


The main reason why man has a bunch of different diseases — poor diet. And if he is not paying enough attention to their health, every year it will only feel worse. But today more and more people appear that new beginning to look at your diet. To make it easier to make a healthy menu every day, now you can use a special table BDIM. It helps to develop such a diet, so he was not only most useful, but also took into account the individual characteristics of a particular person.

Moreover, its use can not only people that have the sole purpose of getting rid of excess weight. This table is suitable for athletes and people who just want to maintain your current weight and avoid problems in the future. This table does not imply a transition to a new diet, here is the man himself around the diet, adding necessary products. The only guide is the caloric daily intake on the basis of which formed the menu for each day.