How to do a body wrap for weight loss at home: recipes honey wraps and other ways

The number on the scales is not always a perfect indicator of the figure. In addition to the weight, an important role have and the volume of the body. The «logic» of weight loss, by and large, it is sometimes very hard to understand: in certain periods the weight well out in certain places on the spot, and the dimensions of the shape are reduced.

To reduce the volume of the body and weight loss girls ready to go to the expensive treatments in salons, such as body wraps and massage. But home remedies are not worse in its results. Honey body wrap at home shows excellent results of weight loss and does not require anything special to perform this procedure.

What is the effectiveness of honey for weight loss

Due to its unique composition, honey is a and effective beauty tool for weight loss and good medicine, and a sweet treat.

Honey, due to its composition, it is considered a panacea for health and beauty. This product contains large amount of amino acids, vitamins and trace elements, improves the appearance of skin and nourishing it. The sauna effect, which occurs when the skin and gives you the opportunity to obtain the greatest benefit from honey.

No wonder, it is a med used for body wraps. This is a universal product, since it contributes to the large number of positive effects on the body. What honey is useful during the body wrap for weight loss? Honey has on the skin the following effects:

  • nourishes the cells with micronutrients;
  • helps skin toxins;
  • improves microcirculation;
  • activates metabolic processes;
  • enriches with vitamins;
  • improves tissue respiration;
  • moisturizes;
  • rejuvenates;
  • helps the regeneration of the epidermis.

Honey wrap activate metabolic processes in the subcutaneous fat and the upper layers of the skin. Due to this well of excess fluid, blood flow promotes the alignment and to dissolve the fat layers.

Cellulite are not so noticeable and problem areas get more accurate contours. Honey wrap for weight loss, preferably combined with a balanced diet and a course of massage.

Honey wrap for weight loss belly

Any way it is impossible to force to lose weight specific areas of the body. Massage of the abdomen also it’s not clear. Just in the abdominal area are located the vital organs that react negatively to the extra stimulation.

At the same time near the navel are lipoprotei, to influence them is also quite dangerous. Honey wrap is a great compromise. It’s a pretty gentle way of exposure, giving a significant effect in reducing volumes.

Often in women it is the stomach is the most problematic area. Adjustments can be produced in the same manner wraps with honey.

It is important to honey wraps for the stomach on an empty stomach. In this case the procedure will operate much more efficiently. In this day you need to limit yourself in eating. It is best to choose drinking water — tea, kefir, yogurt.

To wraps is not recommended to eat approximately 2 hours. Best suited to the evening. For example, you can make honey wrap before you go to bed.

Hot and cold wrap

Given the fact the procedure itself and what is added to honey, the wraps are hot and cold.

  • Cold wraps don’t cause any «sharp» sensations, their action is more gentle. It does not require any additional layers of heat.
  • Hot packs have this name because of the strong effect. These wraps are especially good to use of cellulite. In addition, hot packs require additional wraps for improved results.
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Honey body wrap at home it is advisable to alternate with other methods of influence on problem areas. It is best to wraps 9-12 courses for procedures, performing them in a day with the addition of massage for weight loss.

If the pace is bringing the figure in order for you very fast, the massage can not be used, but wrap the means necessary to carry out through the day.

Contraindications to body wraps

Despite the fact that honey wrap is a simple process and in their action are not aggressive, even for him there are certain contraindications. For starters, it is allergic to honey. If the consumption of honey inside has allergies, it is advisable to abandon its outdoor use.

Caution should be treated with hot compresses, as these procedures have a active effect on the body and the skin in General. It is desirable to abandon the wraps, if there is a tendency to vascular disease and on the body are vascular enlargement: hot wrap can exacerbate this process.

So, proceed with caution need to perform hot packs on the abdominal area. We are not all the time can be completely confident in your perfect health and about any illnesses may simply not know.

If the pelvis be any inflammation, hot packs will be able to provoke them further.

That is, body wraps for weight loss have contraindications that need to be taken into account:

  • Allergy to components of the composition;
  • varicose veins;
  • kidney disease;
  • pregnancy;
  • cardiovascular disease.

How to run and honey wrap — step by step instructions

If you want to pamper yourself honey body wrap, it is necessary to begin with skin preparation. Honey solution which is applied to clean and warm skin, will impact much more effective.

You can just stand under a hot shower or a hot bath, and then go scrub on problem areas. Then dried the body with a towel and you can start to perform a body wrap.

  1. Before the actual wrap is required massage those parts of the body, which will be corrected of the body. Massage will help lymphatic drainage, warms the skin.
  2. After you take a shower and treat the skin with any scrub. This will give the ability to remove dead skin cells, which complicate the achievement of the desired result — the exit of fluid and harmful substances from the pores.

The application of the honey composition

Problem areas coated with the honey mixture, zamatyvaem in plastic wrap so that all the layers were overlapped on the previous, and remain in this position 50-80 minutes.

It is advisable to spend this time quietly, for example, bundle up under a blanket and listen to music or watch a favorite show. Classes household chores, and physical exertion with honey wraps is prohibited.

Before you apply thick honey, it is necessary to prepare: melt on a steam bath. This liquid thin layer is applied to the area where you will be wrapping. Honey must be rubbed into the body with massage movements.

Wrapping is done as follows:

  • Cling film wrapped areas on the body where the honey was applied the composition.
  • You should try to wrapped up the body so that it was not uncovered places that will leak air.
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The duration of the procedure should be 50-80 minutes After you want to remove the wrap and take a shower.

Recipes and variations of body wraps

Ingredients for the wraps it is desirable to prepare in advance. Next, we present the best recipes of wraps with honey at home.

Cold pack honey. The most simple, that is to say, the classic recipe is a cold wrap with honey. In addition to food wrap and honey, this treatment won’t charge. Even the honey can not warm.

Honey is a thin layer applied to the skin. After treatment with med body, a little massage problem areas with pats and strokes. When you wrap, you can deal with current Affairs, to do some homework.

Upon completion of the honey is removed with warm water. After RUB the body with a towel, and treated with a moisturizing cream. Quite useful to handle anti — cellulite cream this will enhance the effect after this treatment. To keep the film must 60 minutes.

Honey and mustard wraps

This recipe is a pretty radical way. Mustard, due to its composition, accelerates the metabolic processes, increases blood flow. What contributes to increased burning of fat deposits.

  1. 4 teaspoons mustard, add warm water, stir slowly. As a result, should get the consistency of thick cream. Composition allow to infuse for half an hour.
  2. Then this mixture should add 3 tbsp. of honey and stir until smooth.
  3. The composition is applied to the body massage movements.

It is necessary strictly to these proportions, so the procedure was effect. If the composition very much bakes, you should not tolerate. You can complete the wrap before. Keep the composition on the body must be no more than 45 minutes.

If skin sensitivity, we suggest that to add to the composition during preparation, 2 teaspoons of vegetable oil. You can also add to the mix a little bit of any moisturizer, it can help to reduce the burning sensation of the mustard.

Honey-coffee wrap

The combination of coffee and honey is a feast for the skin. Great coffee tones and creates a massage effect, due to which good fights cellulite, honey moisturizes and nourishes the body, removes toxins and activates metabolic processes.

Naturally, coffee requires only natural, finely. Pre-heated dry coffee and honey are mixed in a ratio of 1:1 and treated with the composition on the body. After the procedure, do not rush to remove of honey coffee composition.

Massage your problem areas, it is the additional stimulation and, consequently, the process of reducing the volume and cellulite removal will be faster.

Essential oils and honey. Heat the honey and add few drops of essential oil (40-50 gr. honey 2-3 drops of oil of tangerine, pine, orange, grapefruit). Remove after 45 minutes.

Pepper with honey. To make a mixture for application to the skin, will be necessary for the red pepper and honey. 4 teaspoons of honey needed 1 tsp pepper. Honey wrap with peppers is performed by the same rules as honey mustard: with a strong mixture of discomfort should be immediately removed. When problems of the female to use a mixture on the stomach is prohibited.

Milk and honey body wrap

Quite a gentle method for weight loss — milk-honey body wraps. The results of this procedure is a gentle and well-groomed skin. Both ingredients moisturize the body, remove harmful substances and toxins.

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Recipe milk and honey body wraps for weight loss are quite simple: cream or milk mixed with honey in the ratio 1:2 and treat them the skin.

This wrap is very relaxing and soothing, because during the procedure it is necessary to abandon any activity. Keep the mixture should be about an hour.

Vinegar and honey wrap

Apple cider vinegar is a great tool to fight unnecessary weight. During ingestion, the vinegar activates the metabolic processes and for external use excellent tones the skin, the breakdown of fats and creates flow to the tissues of the blood.

Vinegar-honey wrap for weight loss involves preparing a mixture of Apple cider vinegar and natural honey in the ratio 1:2. The components are thoroughly mixed and applied on the problem areas.

As this method hot wrap, after applying the composition and the film being stifled to hide with a blanket. While wrap can be a little pinch. Keep the composition for about one hour.

Cinnamon with honey

Cinnamon with its properties is simply amazing product for weight loss. It may speed up the metabolic processes, its use for wraps without any burning sensation and discomfort leads to increased blood circulation.

In addition, cinnamon is an excellent natural antioxidant, it significantly improves the condition of the skin.

To wrap the cinnamon with honey should be mixed in a ratio of 1:1 and treat the skin. Keep this mixture under the film need to 90 minutes. This method is ideal for the abdomen, because it has warming properties, and its performance is not inferior to the hot treatments.

During the preparation of any composition for weight loss, you must strictly adhere to the rules on the amount of honey and proportions. Honey should be applied on the skin in a thin layer. Under heat the honey begins to melt quickly, and if you put a thick layer — it just flows.

The results of the wrap — firming of the skin, its rejuvenation and renewal. Excess liquid comes out, which will contribute to weight loss, and also helps to remove cellulite.

The results of the wraps with honey are already visible after the first procedure. During one session of body wraps can throw in volume to 3-4 cm Between courses you need to take a break not less than 3 weeks.