How to do cardio at home to burn fat, what exercises there, their features

One of the ways to get rid of excess weight are cardio. They weight loss will accelerate, and the result of a long will provide. If the gym is not always available, fat burning successfully you can carry out at home.

What are the benefits of cardio training

Feature classes in the specificity of the exercises. With increasing heart rate to 120 beats per minute, instead of fuel the body uses the fatty tissue. But pick up training is important individually, and continuously monitor pulse rate.

In the course of cardio quickens the pulse, increased heart rate. Therefore, the selection is important to consider the age, level of fitness, and features of the physique, and health.

The body gets the flow of oxygen, reduces levels of «bad» cholesterol, pressure stabiliziruemost, and tone improves. Improves mood and normalizes sleep.

Kinds of load

Start classes with the usual walk. In the absence of opportunities to engage in the fresh air, designed aerobic exercise. Among them:

  • fit and Tae-Bo;
  • aerobics dance;
  • exercises with elements of yoga, Boxing.

For beginners suitable for jumping and running in place, dance movements to music. Professional home fitness machines successfully replace the rope.

To speed up the process of burning fat will help you exercise at a high pace. The main condition is continuity of execution without overloading the heart. For home designed cardio and special exercises, which became a classic.

To reduce the load on the joints is walking, ideal weight loss for beginners. Training duration should not exceed one third of the hour. When reaching a heart rate of 120 beats can go on running.

A special training is not needed. But for those who weight more than 120 kg of this exercise is contraindicated. Excessive stress on the joints and, as a consequence of foot problems.

To start training cardio recommended a small movement speed for a large duration of the training. With time running accelerated, the time remains unchanged.

  • Will accelerate fat loss at home running with high lifted legs. Contraindicated option for weak joints and ligaments.
  • Running «vnahlest» and cross-country exercises for the private sector and rural areas.

For stepping, you will need a low bench. On the top of it without using their hands. The intensity of home loads is enhanced by increasing height of lift, speed and time.

Initially the loads are small. To increase the intensity of your workouts is possible with weak joints to the availability of other options for cardio.

The variation of the stepping exercises at home — climbing the stairs. You can jump over a step, not reducing its pace with the addition of the downhill. A month of classes and a few pounds down.

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If you have problems with the spine will help to reduce weight Cycling sessions. Classes begin with a half hour cardio with monitoring of heart rate at 120 beat. Installation is important to losing weight, not speed. In hot weather, from taking more prudent to refuse.

Permanent loads jumping rope is not allowed. But as the initial stage of the workout or the warm up is a good option. The class is suitable for people without the ability to leave the house. The first workout is optimal to spend no longer than 5 minutes. In a week you can increase the time to half an hour.

Varieties useful lessons a lot, squats, walking, running, swimming, aerobic exercises . Regardless of the choice of the type of complex to do useful three times a week for 35-45 minutes.

How to conduct successful home tutoring

Pre-workout – bends, squats to warm up the joints. High temp is not necessary: jumping for a few minutes, then March on the spot. The time increase for a couple of minutes each time. Complete set for weight loss should stretch.

When push-UPS are recommended to keep feet and body on the same line. To descend it is necessary to touch the floor with the nose, then push the body upward so that your palms off the floor. Perfect to make at this point cotton. It is important to land softly.

To perform squat jumps out, not bending over, pulling the pelvis back, heels on the floor. Push their legs, pulling them like a frog.

Exercises complex «cardio» is divided into low — and high-intensity. The first is a five-minute warm-up of the body. The next stage consists of selected cardio.

Strength exercises are added gradually. To increase the intensity of home exercise is only valid after the adaptation of the organism to a new level of activity.

To train best in the morning before eating, after strength training and evening. Classes before the power load is a waste of time. Muscle contains glycogen, blocking fat splitting. It burns up glycogen, only after half an hour weight training. The muscles prepare for an efficient cardio experience instant relief from excess fat.

The morning run would be unprofitable. The body is still awake, and is already receiving a shock load. The result is reduced muscle mass, and body fat increasing. At first, the allowable mass increase due to the increase consumption of calories by the muscles.

In the morning the heart is not working at full capacity. Because overload can provoke tachycardia, cardiac failure, and even serious pathology at work.

Features of the organization of home workouts

3-6 lessons per week – mode «drying», in which accelerated burning fat. But in the beginning it is important not to overdo it with quantity, focusing on quality training and prepare the body for higher loads.

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To the classes were beneficial, it is important to observe the «conditions of effectiveness». Before the start of the training room, it is important to ventilate to ensure the flow of oxygen. Then when you exercise do not have to make unnecessary breaks.

The diet need to include protein foods for the expenditure of only fatty tissue. We must not forget about anti-cellulite action and beauty, massage treatments after completion of the course to reduce stretch marks.


Optimal class time is 45 minutes. Then the risk of burning muscle along with fat zero.

First, class time should not exceed quarter or third hours. The training duration increase gradually.


Oxygen is the main component of the effectiveness of the training. When there’s a lack amount of fat burning is impossible. Because it is important to breathe correctly during class.

The rhythm of breathing depends on the speed of exercise. Pick them up individually. The best option – the rhythm of the breath under cyclic movement, the steps, the rotation of the pedals.

For short-term load should be breathing frequent and superficial. If the cardio is intense and prolonged, and breathing is essential to deep, but infrequent, with full inhalation and exhalation.

The intensity

Equally important is the intensity of the exercises cardio. There are low, medium and high degree. To start losing weight recommended low level.

Cardio exercises at home allow you to rapidly burn fat deposits. In the end, the figure becomes slimmer, and the health improves.


Dehydration in the cardiac complex should not be allowed. A deficiency of fluid leads to an overload of the heart. Water enhances performance, speeds up fat burning.

To accelerate weight loss proper diet is important. The caloric content of the usual diet is reduced by 5%. Meals do not 3, and 5, provided that water intake to 5 glasses a day.

Muscular fitness improves increased consumption of protein products. Exercise causes protein deficiency, eventually the fat is burned actively.

The recommendations of experts

But there are also disadvantages of classes. The load on cardiosystems quite high, and in some types of exercises increases until the maximum strain on the ligaments and joints.

It would not like to do home workouts, before you begin it is important to be screened. Under certain conditions the classes prohibited.

With cardio diseases and diabetes, infectious diseases, Oncology, postoperative and postpartum periods do not.

The body gets used to loads over time, but fat burning slows down. Therefore, when the maximum duration of employment is important to reduce the intensity to half an hour a day. After habituation of the organism to easy mode time increase to the maximum. Then cut again.

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Cycle intensive lesson lasts 3-4 weeks, the recovery period is a week or two. Then the risk of overload of the heart and the weight-loss results securely fixed.

To control the pulse rate, it is important for the entire class. Exceeding 140 beats leads to ischemia and microreserves connective tissue.

When the pulse of threat level intensity classes are reduced to working standards. If the pulse rate does not go down, need a break.

Exercises for cardio are changing regularly. Without the adjustment the results were improved. If the first month is Jogging, then the second to do the stepping.

Before training warm-up required. Simple stretches, exercises of Pilates will help to prepare the muscles and heart to the load and to avoid injuries.

To increase the load on the heart is gradual. Even the most effective exercises will not give the desired results if:

  • the training lasts too long and exhausting.
  • taken at a very high tempo.
  • not observed the treatment sessions.
  • only runs a standard set of exercises without the addition of complex new species.
  • there is no right diet, not followed a healthy lifestyle.

Visible results can be achieved only with systematic studies. The first results are noticeable after a few weeks, and to secure the result they wanted. Skipping a single workout and the weight loss stops completely.

The implementation of the recommendations will help to lose weight in a month. But without complying with the conditions possible and a waste of time, and overload of the heart with increased risk of disability in the future.