How to do exercise to women to remove belly fat

Every woman wants to have her stomach was flat and elastic. Many suffer due to the fact that their belly fat. This often occurs after pregnancy or improper nutrition and lifestyle. In solving the problem of how to remove stomach fat, the first is getting rid of the causes that contributed to its emergence.

To quickly get rid of the big belly you can, if you follow simple recommendations:

  • To pump up the abdominal muscles;
  • To remove bloating;
  • Watch your diet;
  • To remove the fat on the stomach.

Proper nutrition

In order to remove fat from the abdomen, it is necessary acceleration of metabolic processes. To provide it can diet and balanced diet to remove belly and flanks through diet, adding exercise, can be very fast.

How you can quickly remove fat from belly?

Balanced (or proper) nutrition is when the body burns more calories than they do with food. Then, the metabolic processes go efficiently. You need to follow the rules of nutrition:

  • Breakfast is obligatory;
  • Eat at least 5 times a day in small portions (no more than 250 gr.);
  • To give up all sweets, flour, fatty;
  • Not eating late (meal must be no more than 3 hours before bedtime).

These rules can help to make metabolic processes more active. And accordingly, you will very quickly get rid of the belly fat. For sustainable results a proper diet must become a habit.

Active lifestyle

Not only proper nutrition helps to increase metabolic processes in the body. It is useful to start the day with morning exercises, which lasts half an hour, and a contrast shower. Due to this the beginning of the day you will feel confident and cheerful throughout the day. A great way to remove belly fat is a regular exercises.

Exercises to remove belly fat

Of course, the most effective way to remove fat is to attend classes at the gym. But if, for whatever reason, impossible, then we can do various exercises at home. These sessions can help to strengthen the abdominal muscles, to pump them up and get rid of fat.

Exercises for the abs

Toes lying on the floor, fix the sofa, 120-160 times raise the torso. The first attempt is to perform difficult, but the stronger the abdominal muscles, the easier it will be to do this task.

Great exercise how to get rid of lower abdomen – lifting your legs at a right angle in an inverted state (on the bar or the gym wall).

As the Hoop helps to remove fat?

For reviews of physicians, even those people who diet do not help, remove fat using the Hoop quite a feasible task. When you spin the hula Hoop, turns out involves many muscles in the body: hips, back, calves, buttocks and belly. But, most importantly, playing with a Hoop frighten direct and oblique muscle press.

Hula hooping not only burns calories, it improves blood circulation. And this, in turn, brings water and makes metabolic processes in the body that results in the loss of excess pounds. Thus, you will be able to model perfect figure and solve the problem of sagging belly.

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If you decide to perform the exercises with a Hoop house, exercise must be regular, ranging from 20-30 minutes, and bringing up to one hour per lesson.

In order to do everything correctly, you must first learn how to hula Hoop. Start with a light wrap, and then have to buy weighted to remove fat. Certainly protect the abdomen during the rotation of the Hoop, or maybe bruising.

Helps to pull the stomach with the help of hula hoops, spin in a static condition. Legs at this time are United together and do not move. The hula Hoop spinning for a few minutes in one and a few minutes in the other direction. Exercise is very complicated, but the result is worth it. When you learn to own the correct Hoop, the belly fat will come off at high speed.

How to remove belly fat with the help of cosmetic procedures?

Simultaneously with exercise and diet I’ve fat burning in the abdominal area cosmetic wraps. If you make 25 of these sessions, then a layer of belly fat will disappear quickly. To process of fat removal took place faster for the body wraps use natural ingredients: honey, red pepper, seaweed, mustard, herbs.

The meaning of the wrapping process: the problem area is applied liberally, the active component, after everything is wrapped in cling film. In terms of skin care clinics connect the micro-pulse device. This gives the opportunity to greatly reduce waist size in one session.

But wraps can be performed at home. Apply to abdomen ready mix necessary substances. After all is wrapped with foil for about 45 minutes.

How to remove belly fat after pregnancy?

During pregnancy some women put on body weight as overeat. With the increase of the abdomen are stretched and the abdominal muscles. Among other things, is the hormonal change of the body.

After pregnancy do not abruptly start losing weight. Initially, you just need to do more Hiking and try to eat right. In this case, does not impair the alteration of an organism occurring at the mother with the birth of a child.

If the pregnancy was normal, you are healthy, still in the hospital is recommended to pull the belly diaper or wear a bandage. But some girls experience pain because of this option they will not work. To quickly solve this problem, you must follow the recommendations:

  • To motivate yourself how to remove unwanted belly fat;
  • To perform light exercise;
  • Eat right and try not to overeat.

Food rules:

  • the food required to cook, prepare steamed, baked, braised;
  • try to avoid fatty foods, salty and smoked, fried;
  • purees and porridge to add milk instead of butter;
  • careful to use vegetable oil, it has a large amount of calories;
  • to reduce the consumption of baked and flour, remove from the diet of mayonnaise, you can substitute with sour cream;
  • to eliminate the sweet;
  • to eat less sunflower seeds and ice cream.

Exercises to remove belly fat after pregnancy

Exercise to perform only after 1.5-2 months after pregnancy:

  • Twist the Hoop (well, when he’s massage).
  • Lying on back (knees bent, hands behind the head) to stretch the elbow to the opposite knee. It is necessary that the blades away from the floor, and the back was in the same position.
  • In this position lift the torso (legs lock under the sofa).
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Very carefully to physical exercise need to take the girls after cesarean section!

Tummy tuck after cesarean section

There are some rules and exercises how to tighten belly after cesarean section:

  • download the press, but only with a doctor’s permission, gradually increase the load;
  • sleep on your stomach, it is better to strengthen the abdominal muscles as well as reduced the uterus;
  • go to yoga or in the pool;
  • use masks, creams and scrubs, which tighten the skin of the abdomen;
  • certainly wearing bandage;
  • walk in the fresh air;
  • eat little but often.

How to remove belly fat in a week?

Of course, all the time want to lose belly fat in a very short time. But we must understand that for this weeks very little. In this short time, substantial weight loss unlikely to succeed. As any weight loss must be safe. But there are some recommendations that can help at least reduce the belly:

  • Preferably fractional to eat, that is, about 5 times throughout the day, but small portions (up to 200 gr.).
  • We need to adjust the diet, removing from the diet of harmful products. Sutra it is better to eat cereal with water and fruit.
  • There are up to 18:00, and later – only herbal or green teas, yogurt, low fat kefir and green apples.
  • Choose dairy products or vegetables, add to salads with olive or linseed oil. The menu have to be fiber.

If you know that it’s not possible to tighten up the belly, you can use strict diet. But it is quite hard for the body. There are lots of those diets that give the opportunity to lose weight in a week stomach: Apple, buckwheat, kefir, etc. and, of course, without exercise, any diet will not give the desired effect.

It should be noted that these guidelines and rules you need to adhere to, when you decide to lose weight 2 weeks or 1 month.

During this period, you must not only exercise and watch your diet, but also, if funds allow, apply to beauty salon. Special devices – a great tool to remove wrinkles on the abdomen and give the body a healthy appearance for a couple of weeks using ultrasound.

Also in hospitals you can perform body wraps with chocolate, white and blue clay, seaweed, coffee or honey. These procedures will give you the chance to make the desired effect faster than one month. But it is better to let it all wizard performs, as active elements can affect the internal organs.

How to remove the lower part of the abdomen?

Some women of inconvenience caused by deposits of fat below the stomach that make unattractive figure. They are formed due to insufficient physical activity and, as a result of muscle weakness.

Exercises for lower abdomen

The first step is to begin to strengthen the muscles of the lower abdomen. What is special exercises. They seemed to perform very complex. But after 1-2 weeks will show results. Here the complex of these exercises, according to numerous reviews, have a significant effect:

  • Lie on your back, hands under the buttocks. On straight legs pull your toes, pull on 15 cm legs off the floor and do scissors (3 sets of 8 times).
  • Resting his hands behind him and sitting on the floor, lift the straight leg and keep them to 15 seconds. (so 15 times).
  • Sitting in the same position as in the above exercise, feet off the floor at 12-17 cm and slowly pull up to his chest knees. The heel should not touch the floor. To make 12 to 17 times.
  • Sitting on a chair, back straight. Slowly lift to the chest the knees 12-17 times.
  • Make the initial position as during push-UPS, take turns feet off the floor and pull them towards your chest (25 times each leg).
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Before you start exercise, do not forget to do warm-up. Doing constantly for a few months, you will see how the muscles of the abdomen less hang up and strengthened. But if you are not able to cope, it is advisable to consult a professional instructor and he will tell you how to get rid of the abdomen, and will be able to help.

How to eat to get rid of belly?

In addition to exercise in solving the problem of how to remove fat from the bottom of the abdominal cavity, can help normalization of diet. There is only need healthy food. It can be various salads of cucumbers and tomatoes, dressed with oil and lemon juice, beets, carrots, sauerkraut, and fresh seaweed.

Dried fruit, fruit and sweet berries in the diet is obliged to be more 220-320 g., unlike the sour-sweet and sour, there can be any number. You need to eat natural dairy products, boiled fish and meat.

Quickly to lose weight in stomach area only when you seriously study this issue and to combine physical exercise, healthy eating and beauty sessions. In this case, the first result will appear very quickly — and for a short time the stomach is elastic and flat.