How to do spinning to lose weight at home: exercise for weight loss and slim belly

Does training on a stationary bike for weight loss? This shell will truly help on the way to a slim and beautiful figure. As it can help to throw off unwanted pounds and supports the tone of the body, and you don’t even need to leave your home.

Exercise bike for weight loss is quite compact, it will fit easily even in a small room. Practicing on the simulator, you can simultaneously listen to music or watch your favorite movie.

How to lose weight by using exercise bike at home?

Classes for weight loss on exercise bike aimed at quality muscle, as well as creating a highly aerobic workout. This simulator enjoys the great demand among a large number of other sports devices.

Use and benefits of exercise bike for weight loss:

  • Exercises on the stationary Bicycle focuses on the core muscles in the lower body: the leg muscles, hips and buttocks. As a result of active training it is possible to quickly get a toned and slender body.
  • Develops endurance, and you can very quickly see how easily overcome long distances on foot.
  • Exercises on the stationary bike provide excellent strain on the cardiovascular system because of the very high activity workout. With constant practice, one can normalize blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Periodic exercises for weight loss on exercise bike lower the amount of «bad» cholesterol and reduce the onset of atherosclerosis.
  • To lose weight, you need to do on the bike, since exercise significantly increases metabolism, which in the future will contribute to the dumping of unwanted pounds. This shell, calories burned, equivalent to the treadmill. Practicing for an hour, you can burn more than 400 calories.
  • Classes in a sitting position will give the opportunity to make less stress on the knees and ankles. This criterion is important for people who suffer from arthritis or have an injury.

How to choose an exercise bike?

Difficult to find a suitable bike. Not venturing into different versions and properties, this simulator can be distinguished by the setting of resistance.

System resistance:

  • The electromagnetic system used in modern and expensive machines, equipped with computer with special software, that enable to carry out proper exercise. The resistance is regulated automatically. Taking into account the stage of training program picks up the load.
  • The magnetic system has an average price category. Set magnetic series with the flywheel to create resistance. The load can be adjusted manually. These simulators have advanced design, they are ideal for exercising at home and has a built-in computer.
  • Mechanical. Is the cheapest and easiest option. This system is made in the form of a belt, providing resistance. The level of tension regulates the load. Such a system is characterized by noise, low durability, limited additional capabilities of the simulator.
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Fit on the bike

Before you purchase shell you need to choose the variations: vertical or horizontal. In the horizontal landing you can take a reclining position. This model is more secure because in the process of exercise can stretch the entire back against the back of the bike. So, reducing the load on the spine and lower back, reduces the pressure on the joints. In the vertical version of the simulator used in the same direction, like a simple Bicycle.

Choosing a trainer for weight loss, you need to pay attention to:

  • the functionality of the computer;
  • the mass of the projectile – it must match your weight. So in the case when the mass is involved in 60-90 kg, the bike must be at least 90 kg;
  • the size of the simulator. This parameter plays an important role at the time of purchase;
  • the manufacturer and quality. Before purchasing you need to check the settings, pedal.

How to do spinning to lose weight?

It is quite possible if you follow certain rules:

  • individual circuit training, which involves the preparation, depending on the degree of physical fitness. If you need to choose a very sophisticated program, it is possible to quickly obtain physical fatigue and severe pain in the muscles;
  • the regularity of workouts. Only regular exercise will contribute to good form, otherwise you can quickly lose the effect achieved weight loss.

Before class, it is imperative to warm-up: gently massage the knee, do squats, bending. So, muscles ready for the load and warmed up. Training must begin with a program of low intensity, gradually increase. If in the process of exercise, there are unpleasant sensations in the form of weakness, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, need to complete training and to move the load level of the exercise bike.

How to run to lose weight? The key to an active splitting of fatty layer – a certain heart rate. Adipose tissue begins to burn, when you turn on 65-75% of heart rate of specific age groups. For a comfortable exercise bikes you need to find the time with your biological rhythms. «Lark» is better suited to classes in the morning, and «owls» – in the early evening. It is undesirable to do classes earlier than 2 hours after bedtime and two hours before him. Also, you can’t do 2 hours before and after eating, Smoking and taking drugs. If in the process of training you receive dry mouth and thirst, you only need to refresh your mouth, but do not need to drink.

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Weight loss programs

To lose weight on the treadmill is possible, choosing a particular program for different levels of physical activity: for beginners, intermediate and professional athletes.

For beginners:

  • duration is half an hour;
  • classes are held three times a week;
  • frequency steps no more than 55 per minute;
  • the intensity of the pulse of 65-75% of maximal age.

This level is used to physically unprepared, its specificity consists in a smooth increase of the load duration up to 40 minutes. Newcomers need to adhere to the program 1-1,5 months.

Intermediate program:

  • duration 40 minutes;
  • classes are held to 5 times a week;
  • the frequency of 55-65 steps per minute;
  • the intensity of the pulse is equal to 75-85% of the maximum age.

This program is more effective and can all the time to observe even when thin. This load will not allow to gain pounds and will keep in tone the body.

Program for athletes:

  • the training duration of 45-70 minutes;
  • classes up to 6 times a week;
  • frequency steps 65-85 per minute;
  • the intensity of the pulse is equal to 85-95% of maximal age.

This program is perfect for athletes who want to build muscle and restoring the lost form. After training is done «hitch», which in itself includes stretching. It relaxes the muscles and contribute to a decrease in the formation of lactic acid. You need to stretch very gently, and stopping in the stretch position for about 15 seconds. During the exercise must calm breathing through the nose.

Stretching exercises:

  • tilts. Feet shoulder width apart. Then bend over to the floor with a flat back, fixing this position for 16 seconds.
  • for working the side abdominal muscles slowly raise up both hands. First right and then left up in the sky;
  • lifted alternately left and right shoulder;
  • stretching the surface of the inner thigh is held in a sitting position. The feet are tightened to the groin and held for 16 h;
  • quadriceps stretch back, you need to stick to the wall. Then a hand takes the foot, and the right heel is pulled up to the buttocks on the left.

To lose weight on exercise bike quite simply

Any intensity of exercises and resistance level on a stationary bike burns calories. If the main goal is not muscle building, and weight loss, you need to focus only on the intensity of your workout. Bicycles equipped with counting kilometers, because it is possible to adjust the time, load and distance, constantly improving the result.

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Many exercise bikes are equipped with a screen, which shows the amount of calories you burn, but you need to pay attention to the fact that the intensity of burning calories depends on the weight of the body. In order to correctly count the calories necessary before each session to add in a special program of your weight.

Is it possible to lose weight by using exercise bike for a short time, and how much to do? To achieve a rapid effect you have to follow these rules:

  • set yourself a goal. For example, to drive the same distance on the bike, but in less time;
  • workouts have to be directed to a gradual increase in speed;
  • apply the interval cycle. For example, do 30 seconds very quickly, but 50 seconds is slow;
  • experiment with the resistance until the best balance of speed;
  • to find the optimal time for the comfortable classes;
  • to train at a time, standing and sitting.

In the struggle with excess weight use the bike as invaluable. It is enough to learn how to pick up the necessary model of the simulator and constantly to perform all the exercises, according to all the rules, and in this case, a slim and beautiful figure will be provided in the shortest time.